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Is this scientifically feasible?

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No. Radiation from the reactor would kill the user.

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not yet, but if we had the technology to build that suit. Its only real use would likely be; just to lift and maneuver heavy things in situations where robots/AI would have issues. The technologies associated with it could be put to better and more effective use.

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More likely this is

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Nowadays it would be much bigger, we don't have such small and powerful motors in order to make it look like that. Moreover i think that it would need more aerodinamics to fly thus making it even bigger

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artificial exoskeletons exist

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I-I'm drooling

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For every action, there is an equal and opposite action. If superguy could do what he does he'd crush ground walking, as if weighing a thousand tons. Even if he used antigrav to float, the force would still be transferred to the ground. He'd crush anyone he floated over.
When he hit the ground or turned sharply, he would still feel the sudden stop or centrifugal force.

People wearing bullet-proof vest may not die immediately, but they get microfractures in their bones that kill them off early.

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>what is literally any type of energy source

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No it isn't.

Not now, not ever.

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so you're saying bullet-proof still contribute to an early death?

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The real issue with the Iron Man suit is the energy source : exoskeletons already exist and some of them are really promising, but we don't have powerful enough batteries to fuel them.

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Humans don't have the physiology for that.

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I have always wondered what exactly is blasting out of iron man's hands.

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real question is how does he dissipate all that heat? he is powered by a fucking reactor after all

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i believe in the future we will have the technology to build a ironman suit easily.

i hope we as humans are developed enough then to never use it military, but to explore space.

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Certainly not the colouring or specifics, like shapes and weapons, but sort of. Exo suits exist presently to alleviate the weight load of infantry, that's it. They are not in significant use due to the tech not being reliable or cheap enough. When they are in mass-use it will change a lot of things in regards to how infantry operate and are trained. When that happens it is likely the exo suite (which remember is purely for movement assistance) will extend into better armour. We could do better armour right now but it's too heavy, obviously the exo suit would alleviate that. Naturally the armour would be integrated into the movement assistance.

However it won't look like any of the images here and helmets are a long way away. For a full-head helmet to work you need to be trained differently and likely have targeting and situational awareness assistance through a monitor on the helmet. As it's harder to shoot with all that on (you can't get a proper cheek wield or stock positioning). You have to build the armour around accommodating that.

It's more likely you'll see an almost full body, heavier version of pic related.

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yeah that's completely retarded and won't happen. Actually the size bulkiness in this case is just the art style lol.

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>tfw you majored in physics because you wanted to build iron man suits and time machines and shit

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