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I want to go and study a semester as an exchange student and these countries are my possibilities:


Any anons from these countries? How is higher education and what are some good universities you would recommend someone studying Robotics should look in to?
Also how is it being student in your country like school, price and sparetime wise?

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Why only those? Doesn't Erasmus give you access to most of Europe?

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I don't know how it is in your country, but don't you have a specific list of universities that you can choose from?

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I dunno, I never looked into the program in detail. I was under the impression you could take courses pretty much anywhere in Europe offering an equivalent degree.

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There are more countries that the ones I listed but so far I am only looking at. Basically im getting a good education at where I am now but the courses for my next semester is doesnt seem appealing to me and I would also like to try some different for a bit culturewise and the countries seem somewhat culturally different from mine in a good way.

I have the list of universities but I was hoping for someone to mention a few before which they would recommend and hopefully it would be on the list

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Your best bet for anything that has to do with engineering (which I assume robotics does) are Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Obviously look into ETH Zurich and LMU Munich.

Learn the language, food is cheap, sparetime is jerking off to traps.

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I can't wait to go on this. The money they pay you monthly is bloody amazing.

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I'm from Portugal, but I need more specific questions if you want real answers.

>What's the full name of your course? / Is Robotics a subfield of Mechanical Engineering? / What universities did you see offering your course?
I ask these questions because I can't find any "Robotics" course on the higher learning's government website.

>How is higher education
In what sense?

>Also how is it being student in your country like school, price and sparetime wise?
These vary a bit depending on where exactly you're studying, so I'll answer them later.

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I don't know those places but I have some advice:

Go to a country leftist enough to have legalized and subsidized abortions (should you ever preggo a girl that way it will be easy and socially acceptable to kill the baby) but not leftist enough that the country has feminist social policies (you don't want to come in as an innocent man and leave as a serial rapist from touching a girl's boob at a party).

It is a hard balance to find but there are some countries like this.

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The only universities in Europe worth considering are Oxbridge, ETH, EPFL, Paris unis, Bonn, and some Russian unis.
The rest are meh.

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italy is shit don't come here

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Swiss brah from ETH reporting in

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Well, let's be honest, you won't really learn anything on your exchange semester that you can't learn at home. If you want a good selection of courses, probably Austria or Switzerland are your best bet. I don't really know much about Southern European unis. Switzerland is retardedly expensive though.

Are you a refugee or something? ~200 euros/month won't cover your expenses.

Do you study in Bonn by any chance?

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Our offer is 800 euros a month for Greece, 1400 a month for Austria.

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Switzerland. Alternatively, Spain. Forget the rest.

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What? I got ~270 Euros/month when I did Erasmus, and that was the highest payment tier. Did they change that?

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Dunno how it was before, but this is the offer now

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>What's the full name of your course? / Is Robotics a subfield of Mechanical Engineering? / What universities did you see offering your course?
These Universities are in the program from Portugal:
Instituto Politecnico de Lisboa, InsƟtuto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa (ISEL)
Instituto Politécnico do Porto, ISEP Engineering School
Instituto Polytécnico de Castelo Branco
Universidade de Aveiro

I have to get whatever courses I find approved by my Uni

>How is higher education
I am getting bachelor degree and I plan on going on the last semester before I write my bachelor thesis

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I think it depends on what country you are from. We just get our normal payment from the state

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>Well, let's be honest, you won't really learn anything on your exchange semester that you can't learn at home.
You'll learn Swiss and Dutch unis deserve their reputation. You'll also learn German unis are poor.

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Guy with zero knowledge about international education here. Out of interest, what would those reputations be?

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Oh, you know, rankings and general reputation that they have tough courses.

Anecdotal, I know a guy who failed his courses in a Dutch uni and moved to a reputable German uni. He pretty much got perfect grades in Germany.

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>preggo a girl
this is 4chan

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>this is 4chan

Yeah, this is what we all think but you have to remember that any day could be the day that you lose your virginity.

One day, that day will come and it will take you by surprise but that is not all. You'll be even more surprised when she calls you telling you that she is pregnant. So be ready. Either carry condoms (because believe me, you are not going to pull out your first time) or have some abortion pill dealer on the side.

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Be careful with how long you carry the condoms for. They can get fucked up in your wallet.

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Reviews on École polytechnique?

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I did my Erasmus in Spain in a University that had the reputation to be the country's top school for that field of study. It was absoluetely desastrous. Im German and it was nowhere near the standards of german unis. From what I've heard this is normal. Southern Europe tends to have much lower educational standards, than northern europe. So generally speaking the north provides better education. There are exceptions to the rule though.

Except that though Spain was absoluetely amazing. Best experienc of my life. Beautiful country and awesome people.

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not OP, but how do you get there? is it private?

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You cannot get in.

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Italian unis suppose to be alright.

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If I was "forced" to pick the least offensive country, this would be it. The pigs countries are in shambles, I would not go to any of them.

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Not from erasmus, just wanting a review

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i don't know where you live but in my experience austria switzerland and munich certainly aren't cheap

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that's how you know he's talking out of his ass

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good luck with finding a GF

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Universität Bremen. They are top tier in aerospace and robotics.

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Great reading comprhension.

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You cannot get in.

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It's easymode if you're Swiss. Finish 'high school' and you can get into first year (after which usually >40% drop out). It's not private

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It's also easymode for everyone else. The only problem is German and money. Which is great. You'll not admit poor people who are to lazy to learn German.

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he's right

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