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Is it possible to succeed in life with a low IQ /sci/?

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Yeah. People with a low IQ just have a high probability of having a shit life.

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Just believe in yourself and you can be anything, like an astronaut or the president.

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I'm in the Ma/PhD Biostatistics program at Brown University, I have an Assistantship that completely covers tuition and a $2,000/mo stipend. My job prospects are ridiculous, I'm on year 3 and I've been approached by a Philadelphia consulting firm that's offered by 150k based and 2% commission (the contracts range from 2 million - 80 million). I've been very, very successful in college.

And I procrastinate heavily. I look at /sci/ and /a/, I watch anime, I don't wake up until 11 am each day.

Do you know why this isn't a problem for me? Because I'm fairly smart AND I'm a 'normy'. I'm a 8/10 (realistically) with a winning smile. I scored a 35/36 on my ACT the first time, without studying or trying particularly hard. I never try. Everything I do is easy and everyone I meet loves me.

I'm not saying any of this to brag, I'm just adding context - if you aren't decently good looking, sociable in the extreme, and more clever than most - then you better be waking up at 5:30 am 7 days a week to hit the books.

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What does this have to do with having a low IQ.

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Look at Donald Trump if you need an example.

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That's a poor example since he has a well-above average IQ.

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No, you're thinking of George W. Bush.

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Not really. It's likely that Trump is at least two standard deviations above mean given his life outcome.

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He is not above average at all. He is a sociopath. That's how he makes everyone do what he wants.

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>He is not above average at all. He is a sociopath
These are not mutually exclusive.

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>Right Now I just got a 68 on a calculus exam
>No curve.
>It is the first dang exam... I expected a B or even A going in...

Why am I such a brainlet. I was depressed all day because of this.

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You mean Obama, you retarded leftist shit.

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Yes. You just have to try harder. IQ is not as important as /sci/ likes to think it is: you can waste having a high IQ or you can do a lot with a low one.

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sure a ton of stupid people are successful

just abandon your ethics and do marketing or business

but if you're low iq AND antisocial you're doomed

since you 're on 4chan, i would guess antisocial, so you may want to kys

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>cue D. Trump

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dunning kruger effect is a bitch

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you need to be positively oblivious to your own ability.

That's the key to success

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It actually makes it easier.

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>since you 're on 4chan, i would guess antisocial,

I have read many psy books: I do not fit the APD profile, to any significant degree.

I am social (empathetic and considerate) but I feel disgusted when I see the 99.999% who are seriously deficient in common sense. It's as if I'm in a world full of two-year-olds, and it is not pleasant. However, I sincerely appreciate when one of them thanks me for my wisdom or inspiration. They show promise that they can recognize wisdom tempered with humility and modesty.

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you're antisocial af

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want us to suck your cock or are 30000 girls already doing it faggot?

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I suppose it must be if you think there was something wrong with their word choice.

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It's not what we do (unless it's bad), it's do we feel content with what we do; our accomplishments or lack of them. Most people go through life asleep because it's the only way they can endure it.

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You mean men ?

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>Stating you're 'social' then coming out with patronizing shit like that

On the off-chance this post isn't bait, I was 18 years old too once. Grow up. You walk past dozens of people every day who are far more intelligent and successful than you can ever possibly hope to be. You will never achieve success in any way if you keep that attitude either, it's toxic and even those "two-year-olds" can easily sniff it out. You think you give a good impression of being a nice guy and that those dumb normies can't possibly see through your guise but they can, easily.

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>He makes everyone do what he wants.
>Low IQ
If he can manipulate people then he isn't that dumb.

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> look at /sci/ and /a/, I watch anime

Kill yourself.

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At least I'm not autistic

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study and move your lazy ass to school so you could higher up (you)r IQ.
i had the iq of 90 in middle school mainly because i rarely studied and worked hard. and guess what? when i got to high school i knew that i must work hard and study to get my dream occupation, THEN after awhile my IQ has increased to 115.
currently i am now at my fist year in physics major and i'm doing very well.

also please don't be the kind of person to blame everything on genetics.

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Just look at /pol/. It's impossible. I wasn't born an inbred white basement dweller, so life is way easier for me.

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This is true, you probably can't become Hawkings but there is no excuse for not trying

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You have an IQ at a given point in time, but IQ has built-in error. It's the best measurement of intelligence we have, but given the fact that you can improve it, it's objectivity is obviously limited.

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Sure it is, just look at the President of the United States.

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Yes, by committing suicide

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