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Anyone else here constantly afraid of becoming a brainlet?
My entire intelligence is based on the arrangement and number of neurons in my brain, and they are again dependent on getting the right amount of air and blood and I'm sure a million other things too at each instant of time.

But the body is a complex system, components break, and if just one of these things break then I could suddenly be transformed into a brainlet for ever.
I hate being trapped in this puny body which can break and destroy me at any time.

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If you're thinking like this, you're already a brainlet

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You can't become more stupid anyways.

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Yes, for the same reasons. I conked my head like 7 months ago and have had some mild issues since, but apparently from all of these studies I'm reading, it's because of my cardiovascular system being garbage, so I'm going to start jogging to fix all of it.

If you have a healthy lifestyle(aerobic exercise, balanced diet, a career/job/study that makes you think all of the time) you will probably be fine cognitively up until your death, which is my primary goal. I like seeing these old guys who are still all totally there and up to speed.

I feel like unless you literally get hit in the head with a fucking baseball bat and have severe brain damage, those things above will keep you up to speed for your lifetime. It seems that minor injuries like you are talking about and what I guess I experienced are easily remedied.

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>My entire intelligence is based on the arrangement and number of neurons in my brain
which is extremely complex and requires a severe injury to cause significant change, which should negate your worries.

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