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Have you ever cheated on your tests, /sci/?

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>tfw ive never cheated and i unironically think youre doing yourself a disfavor if you do
im to pure four this world

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I can't think of the last test I didn't cheat on in some way or another.
Well, actually I didn;t cheat for my accounting class tests.

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Too much effort

Looking answer sheet of the person next to me isn't possible as I usually wear glasses, and I hate wearing them during tests.

So I'll have to carry something on me, a paper or something. With enough planning anyone can pull it off but you're better off just learning shit during time.

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I did once last semester. First time I did that ever but I was left no choice

It was in a 3D Geometry and intro to topology class and at some point in the semester we touched upon regular polyhedra and it was a fun one-class exploration of how you can generate shapes by constraints but then in the final there was this one question:

What is the name and the number of faces of the convex polyhedron such that at each vertex converge 5 segments and all faces are triangles?

It was easy to figure out what it was but the fucking name? Holy shit.

At that moment I took out my phone, in a final no less, and googled the name.

Good times. I had everything else correct so I didn't have to risk it but I like the smell of a 100% in the morning, you know?

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Only in high school

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All the time. I would pay off the exam invigilators to look the other way while I just copied from a one page cheat sheet I used to bring for each exam. They would never refuse because they were earning shitty min wage anyway. Money can truly get you places in this world ;)

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in class tests?


take home?

all the fucking time. The very concept of take home exams is baffling to me.

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i never looked at other people's tests because it's obvious, and because in the vast majority of classes i took most if not all of the class scored below me.

the only did i did was input the equations into my calculators memory. by doing so i usually memorized them in the process, so it only served as a safety net and i rarely checked it, and when i did it was usually after i already used whatever equation i needed and just wanted to double check.

most professors were actually good about giving us all the equations we need, too. however, after one professor telling us he will give us everything we need, and then skipping a few important equations only to tell us during the exam that we should know them i learned my lesson and never relied on professors' again.

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Cheating is for brainlets and scumbags

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Sometimes I'll go to the bathroom to look up a formula on my phone

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You should have called it the 20-face and been done with it

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I am sure no one would give you marks for calling it the 20-face

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It's pretty hard to cheat on the tests I do. The exam halls are heavily supervised so cheating off of others is not doable. It would probably be possible to smuggle a phone/cheat sheet into the bathroom if one were to try, but I almost never have issue with remembering something. I lose marks because the problems are something I don't know how to approach/formulate properly, and it's very unlikely that my notes or any phone search quick enough would be about the exact problem I'm facing.

The only reasonable way I see would be to go to the bathroom right after your friend who left you a note about how to solve the problem in there, but it would be highly suspicious if they saw you doing that several times (all our exams are within a week or two of each other and invigilated by the same people), so you couldn't really do it for many problems.

Further, if they catch you cheating they will give you zero marks in that test and a shit grade for the whole year no matter your other marks.

All in all, there isn't that much to gain and a whole lot to lose. So no, I've never cheated in university exams and I don't see myself ever doing so.

In middle school I scrawled some formulae on the cover of my calculator but I really didn't even need to look at them because lol middle school.

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Usually not, didn't need to.

My last final of Senior year in HS though (Physics), my senile teacher left the complete answer document sitting next to my friend and I's desk in plain view. We were usually shitheads together so we wrote down the answers before the period started and (fatal mistake) passed our answer sheet around the class.

Then it somehow got to the other class section, and one of them snitched. There was a big investigation, it came back to my friend and I. I was scared shitless and convinced I wasn't going to be allowed to graduate.

The Principal was cool enough though, let the whole class re-take the exam and made my friend and I come back an extra day to clean the school with the retards.

Graduating college soon, never once even considered cheating again, even sharing homework answers in study groups.

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This. But, it's mostly for brainlets - the same ones who would quibble over points with the professor after the exam, rather than trying to understand the material.

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tfw test is submitted if I leave the room for any reason.

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If it's online I will. Besides, tests these days are all about guessing what they'll put on it.
>Tfw professor gives us practice questions
>The practice questions make you focus on shit that wasn't even when on the test
I hate fuckers that do this.

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In high school, cheating where you could get away with it was life. There wasn't even an ethical angle to it at all, just a risk of getting caught. I owe quite a few of my good marks in French to the people next to me.

In university, things were completely different. I was there to study the things I wanted to know, not because it was mandatory. Cheating would have been completely pointless, and counter to the goal I was trying to achieve.

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>tests these days are all about guessing what they'll put on it.
You should have a full grasp of all the material. That's the point.

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As a teacher, I know that take home assignments are going to be copied
My point in assigning them is to get the students to work together
I also catch cheaters every semester
I hate these fuckers

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How can we combat this? I know how easy it is for students to be able to do this.

We can't prevent them from going to the bathroom. We can't strip-search them to make them hand over their phone if they leave. We can't monitor them in the bathroom.

But then again, why are students doing this in the first place? This may be incredibly naive, but I thought higher education was about "students respecting professors, and (to some degree) professors respecting students as well." Yet, many colleges just want to funnel students through and make money from them - and this idea of respect gets lost on both sides.

Cheating is still abominable, and is a major sign of brainlet status.

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If looking up a formula or two on your test has a significant impact on your performance then I'd argue that it wasn't a particularly good test in the first place.

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That's true. I'm usually in favor of "formula cards," because asking students to memorize shit like that is a waste of time. The test should focus on critical thinking with that stuff.

But still, the method of cheating is still there - they are going to the bathroom to cheat. There could be a case where this does significantly give them an advantage.

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>We can't prevent them from going to the bathroom.
I can and do, unless they have IBD or something
>make them hand over their phone if they leave
I do this too, although nothing is preventing them from getting one from a friend waiting in the bathroom
>We can't monitor them in the bathroom
But I can leave the TA in the classroom and make sure the student is going to the bathroom and not the library

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If you cheat because the class is bullshit waste of time with zero use to you
AND the teacher sucks dick, then fine, but if it's something that matters AT ALL, then you're a turbo brainlet that is shooting themselves in the foot.

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>tfw to pure too cheat

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>I can and do
If anyone would have tried that with me, I would have pissed on the floor.

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>But still, the method of cheating is still there - they are going to the bathroom to cheat.
That is true. But yeah, short of a strip search/metal detector I don't see a way to prevent smuggling a phone into/out of the room. And that would be ridiculous to implement.

I suppose you could make tests short enough (or break it into segments) that people shouldn't need a bathroom break and just do >>8681996 but that also seems a bit extreme.

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I tell students there are no bathroom breaks and they need to go before the exam.
I have only had to do this a couple of semesters when there was an obvious problem

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Actually, this is quite reasonable.

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>eat mexican food before test
>duck tape notes/book on closest bathroom's comfiest toilet
>alternatively place your papirus inside plastic bag on toilet's water tank
>fart loudly during test
>"sorry, I have to take a shit"
>easiest 100% score of your life

Fuck cheaters though.

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The floor it is, then. There are bathroom breaks when I say there are bathroom breaks.

Also, how long are your exams? This sounds by no means reasonable on a three-hour exam.

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Lower division classes have more cheaters and shorter exams
Upper division classes have less cheaters and longer exams

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Cheated myself once in the fourth grade on a test of the names of state counties.

Let someone copy my answers a couple times in fifth or sixth grade.

That's about it, although if we have to take lab safety exams now I keep the quiz open in one tab and the presentation open in another tab.

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practice questions are meant to show you the type of questions you'll be expected to know so you can practice problem solving strategies, not a clue to the material covered on the exam.

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You sound like the type of brainlet who asks "Is this going to be on the exam?" after every new topic.

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All the time.

>midterms come around and whenever I'm too lazy to study I do the ol' double phone trick
>borrow my cousin's cell phone, but also take mine
>finish the midterm and leave questions I don't know how to do, blank
>go up to the professor and pull out my cousin's phone and nicely ask the professor if I can go to the bathroom if I leave my phone there
>sometimes I'll empty my pockets to show I have nothing (when my phone is actually hidden in an obscure compartment inside my jacket
>they happily oblige, every time
>go to the bathroom and look up the answers to the ones I don't know
>get 100


This only works for GEs and natural science undergrad courses, though.

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Meant lower div, not undergrad sorry

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congratz for finishing special school

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>the class is bullshit waste of time
>with zero use to you
>the teacher sucks dick
Probably every college student says at least one of those things about 99% of his classes. It doesn't mean it's actually true.

What, do you just want to hand-pick a few classes that you (who is already an expert in your major!) know will 100% be applicable in the future? Actually, scratch that. You probably just want them to hand you a diploma for taking a single class that you actually "enjoy."

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i'd tell you to piss your pants, faggot.

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In my class, I would ask you if you have a note from your doctor that says you have IBD or incontinence
Then sit down and finish your test or turn it in

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Yeah i did. First three years at least. Then i've stopped cheating completely and what's funny i got better marks from it.
It's actually not worth it. More stress and it's harder than just knowing everything or at least everything.
>t. physics phd student

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If the test questions can be answered by quick googling in the bathroom then the test was shittily written.

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You either go to a brainlet uni, or a really elite one

This is at Berkeley. No one cares, here.

EECS, by the way

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