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How many of you here have attended a private school? How many people in top Unies usually have?

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Frankly, I don't think /sci/ attend fancy schools in general. We are a bunch of rejects. Failures.

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Great job.

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my college tuition costs less than my highschool did, if that says anything.

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My uni is top 5 in my field, I went to small rural public schools for k-12

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Went to a pretty bad public school, mediocre public college (ranked above 100), and now I'm attending a private, top 20 uni for grad school.

Just gotta take baby steps, and you can get there eventually.

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I attended a retardedly expensive (looking back on it) fancy british high school (outside of britland).

I decided to go to a local public university because local private universities charged me 10 thousand dollars while this university will charge me about 200$ total. Private universities are such a fucking scam. Even with, luckily, enough money to probably even go to unis that cost 50k, I would not fall for that shit for a single day.

Disclaimer: Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucking inspect your public university of choice and check for accreditation, job opportunities, research opportunities and the rigor of the program you will attend before you decide to save money with a public uni. If your country is not shit then public unis should be higher ranked or at least equal to private unis.

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I think i will never attend to a private school desu, at best i will get into UCSD.

But i think /sci/ DOES have people that went into private but they are working their ass off studying right now and they don't have time for shiposting about IQ threads, see >>8594945

>10,000 USD
That's close to the average tuition of a X State University, Anon.

But wise decision on changing university.

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Simetamp or gfto

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Read filename, it's not him.

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For all you motherfucker's in private school, how was the institutional aid like? I plan on going to the best public uni near me (umass amherst) but am not excluding private unis like Boston University,Northeastern or Worcester Polytechnic Institute that I think I can reliably get in with a 3.5+ GPA but I'm afraid it might end up being too expensive.

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tell me: how'd you get in?

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Europe here, doesn't it go in USA so that, you'll get a free ride if your smart enough? Meaning private universities such as Ivy's?

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Public universities typically give merit based scholarships, especially to people in state. Big time private universities like Ivy's, stanford, MIT typically give need-based aid. So people below a certain household income a year that are accepted go for free. This is what my high school friend that attends MIT and is gaining massive amounts of debt has told me.

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and by massive amounts I just mean about $55k each year due to not qualifying for much need-based aid

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So if I'm a 17 year old from Romania solving a Millennium Prize Problem, and white, could I get a free ride through Harvard?

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Do students attending top schools really end up with over 150k just after their undergraduate studies?

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From what I know, Ivies only give out need based aid so no they wouldnt, but you could get other scholarships from outside sources that can pay for the fees

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>I think i will never attend to a private school desu, at best i will get into UCSD.

I'm not in the US so I guess even the standard for costs is different. Back then I was also consiering Texas A&M and Florida State Uni who both costed more than twice that.

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150k in debt? Yeah I'm sure many do. My friend is estimating to be about 170k in debt after her undergrad. With this debt comes access to world class resources and connections to some of the top professors in the country though. Internships, research, and coop opportunities are all around them as early as freshman year. This obviously gives a big advantage in getting into further opportunities and makes it easy to get into whatever field you want.

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I'm at a top 5 UK university and attended a private school here on a scholarship.
The top universities here are notorious for the disproportionate amount of people that attended private schools prior to uni.

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if you mean 150k salary then that may be a bit off. The median for undergrad bachelors of science is about $80k, which is better than state schools, but after a few years in industry people won't look at your university and will look at what you've done in your job(s).

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No, I meant in student debt after you walk out of school.

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Who the hell even wants to go to university if your expecting a 150K debt by the end of it? Wouldn't a skilled person in labour make much better? Taking in account all that time & money?

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Many people don't look at the price tag and just think of it as their dream college. It is expensive but attending a top universities gives more access to resources than other universities. Sure someone that doesn't utilize these can end up at the same job as some shmuck from stateburg university, but those that do can typically move up to management or other top positions much quicker. For those looking to stay in academia, attending a top college is huge as you can get research with the top professors in your field and if you get a good LoR from them, you can get in most anywhere for grad or PhD.

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Overall if your plan is to just get into industry and work I agree that the debt is not worth it compared to full rides obtainable at public universities

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So both of you would agree it's only for the grad school, if your going for the academy?

But why would people even invest money in universities? I'd rather invest money into a good high school with good clubs and extra curriculum activities, go to a proper college and go from there.

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Private school for my entire life
According to what I know its actually more lax than public because they don't have to strictly adhere to state regulations, although my area's public schools were superior to my middle school and just a little worse for high school.

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>going to decent uni
>at the end of this year when I graduate, I'll be ~20k in debt
>I've earned roughly 40k from uni so far
>ontop of the free government gibsmedats for housing/my parents are losers, so I've gotten roughly 30k from the government over these three years too
I mean, I know it's not a lot of money, but god damn.
The lack of interest on students loans means there's literally z e r o reason for me to ever pay it off faster than mandated. I'm literally losing money if I try to pay off my student loan early.

Thanks key.

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