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Do you guys ever feel like its weird that we are animals living out our natural life cycle?

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science =/= philosophy

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In the same sense it's weird that a fire burns out, sure dummy

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>do you guys ever find it weird that 1 assaulted by 3 becomes 4?

No, I don't

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I like staring the mirror until what I see becomes so deconstructed that all I see is a primate and not a human. Kind of like when you repeat a word three dozen times in a row and it loses meaning. Shit's trippy. Weed helps.

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Suh dude

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Do you guys ever feel like its not weird that we are animals living IN our natural life cycle?

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keep doing that

the word THREE will become TREE

and trees were the only things besides fear of being eaten that boosted our evolution and let the primates way open to the form we are today

maybe chanting that mantra will free your brain into next phase

so with me guuys THREE THREE TREE TREE

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now swich the 2 letters



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philosophy =/= stoner talk

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normally i would give ashit what you say but

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No, why would that be weird?

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>implying nature is perfect or preferable

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Horrible thread

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All the time OP. It gets crazier when you look at what everything is on both a cosmic and micro level. Life's weird and without meaning so do what ever the fuck you want.

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