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Can we have a space thread? What's your favorite thing about space or astronomy in general?

Also dumping.

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I annoy telescopes and astrophotography. It occurred to me about a year and a half ago that I didn't know the sky at all, and I had never properly inspected it. I made a telescope out of some crappy lenses that i had and I used it to view last year's lunar eclipse. The telescope was shitty as hell so I went on Craigslist and bought myself one for $60. I liked it but I couldn't see much with it so I later bought a five inch reflector. I could see more and it was cool. I used it to look at the sky. This persisted through winter and this spring I bought a ten inch reflector that I have been using since. Now I drive out to a dark site to do observing every few weekends or so. If any of you guys live in Illinois I'd be happy to do a meetup. The observing site I go to is pretty much smack dab in the middle of the state.

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Space is too big

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I dont live in illinois but if you have extra lenses you wanna send me thatd br great. I have a dobsinion refractor (skyquest xt6 i think. Yea im a noob i know but i love it)

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I'm going to do this. It seems reasonable. $


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>choose deep space option
>faraway super intelligent alien civilization finds your remains in 10000 years, studies you and recreates you in a lab

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Absolute genius. Thank you.

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Would there just be a bunch of carbon left and nothing else at all, no dna or anything?

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Cremated remains look like fine bone fragments to me. I imagine there would be some DNA in there somewhere but that's a good question.

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The question is, would those off-planet beings even deal in DNA? Or carbon? They may be non-carbon based.

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Depending on how intelligent they are they could figure it out. Maybe have a picture of the human genome and also another picture of your sequenced dna. Some hints

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I love the idea of traveling FTL.
And distant alien civilizations.

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one ugly motherfucker.


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>tfw there might actually be life on the smallest world in that picture.

It'd be like finding a lifeboat drifting in space. Pretty fucking cool.

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Reminder that Ganymede is the best moon.
>Dat magnetic field
>Dem subsurface oceans
>Dat molten core

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Titan's where it's at, t.bh

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>all those manlet planets

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Actually didn't know that Enceladus was that tiny.

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So how hard would it be to create a genuine alcubierre drive? Is it even possible at all without blowing the spaceship up?

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Space Engine is pretty cool.


Damn you tiny

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Possibly silicone based

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>Daylit Saturn
>Stars are visible

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Who /UniverseSandbox2/ here?

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Gentle reminder that most of the cool new stuff that happens in astrophysics does not happen in the optical spectrum.

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I'm finishing a space related undergrad and starting postgrad september.

I prefer doing projects about planets in our solar system. Gravity/magnetic fields/anomalies along with their interior structure.

It's really a subject a lot of current projects are about in terms of ESA/NASA.

I like X-Ray astronomy and deep space topics too, it's just very limited what you can do practically.

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