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Who wins?

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Imaginary numbers vs lasers i dunno op you tell me.

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You're implying some kind of conflict here.

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>all our theories depend on two major assumptions: the universality of physical laws and the cosmological principle (the universe is homogeneous and isotropic)

What if our assumptions are wrong?

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Fuck you nigga

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Who wins *what*? fgt pls

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math + physics > everything else


.t non pleb

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maths - physics: maths with less advanced analysis and no quantum groups
physics - maths: we still don't know the circumference of the earth, or that america exists

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naither, both are virgin losers

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Bs in physixs ms in math

I prefer math

Tru but your mom gave me a nice handy once when I was stressed out from class :)

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Engineers, the rest are just bickering losers who never get anything done.

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inb4 >xkcd

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Engineer here. My dad told me after graduating:
>if you want a lot of talking and planning, you hire an engineer. If you want to actually get shit done, you hire a tradesman

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>not posting the first draft of this comic

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>maths - physics: maths with less advanced analysis and no quantum groups

What is your source for this? I'm just a stupid undergrad but doesn't physics use more differential geometry/topology and dynamical systems than advanced analysis?

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>a trilion of suns

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math, physics cant beat math because physics would cease to exist

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I'm a mathematician and I think engineering's the coolest.

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>3 male
>3 female

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I hope you know quantum groups (or algebras) have nothing to do with physics.

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Computer Science.

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[math]Math \subset Physics [/math]
[math] Math < Physics [/math]

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was your dad an engineer or a tradie, cos that seems like such a tradie thing to say. Particularly while taking smoko every five minutes and sucking from the sweet tit of penalty rates
.t working engineer

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woah bro how did you do that

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>Physics & Astronomy beats Maths
Dat is because of grothedieck fans.

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Physics is a subset of applied mathematics.
Applied mathematics is a subset of mathematics.

You are wrong.

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There is no physics [as a field of study] without math.

There is no math [objectively] without physics.

Physics wins, math is just his bitch.

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its the same, physics just gives connection between numbers and nature

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The one that isn't pseudoscience invented in the last 400 years

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and t-that f-field would be?

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>There is no math [objectively] without physics.


Physics is the science that describes the universe, not the universe itself. There could be math without physics if no one ever cared about the universe.

Also, there are those who argue that all of the mathematical objects we know and describe exist even without an universe and no one to think of them. I am one of them.

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>Math Vs Physics
>Who wins?


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math started by looking at our universe and trying to describe it with numbers

eg. pythagoras with triangles and shit

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Physics exists without math.

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Math <- Logic <- Linguistics

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Math average is brought down by people who go into it because they want to teach it or work on Wall Street but don't have much a passion for it.

When you exclude them Math is far and away number 1.

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every single time the exact same excuse

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Because it's a good excuse.

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Math exist without physics.

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Prove it

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>not understanding that imaginary numbers are prerequisite to lasers

typical brainlet

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then we should do the same for physics

take everybody who's below the average right now and just remove them so it increases in a fair way

>we should remove some math majors from the data because they don't comply with my bloated sense of intelligence from my major

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>be physicist
>let autistic people do the math, which is useless in itself
>apply said math to actually be of use to society
Feels pretty great.

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Proof is left as an exercise to the reader.

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What use are you to society? Have physicists already explained the universe properly?

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Linguistics < logic < math.

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It's not about removing below average people. It's about removing people who are merely using math as a tool for other fields and thus are less likely to have a genuine interest in it. It is not unreasonable to look at the data within context.

Honestly, the average mathematician is likely more intelligent than the average physicist if only because of all the boring, unstimulating research they do. Your average mathematician is basically just solving puzzles all day. It isn't a coincidence that the physicist most comparable to mathematicians, the theoretical physicist, is the most intelligent.

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I don't know what properly is, but the fact that you're able to post here is all thanks to us.

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>Honestly, the average mathematician is likely more intelligent than the average physicist

see your elitism is the reason why you aren't being objective

and that's besides the point

a major is a major

it attracts the people who want to take it for whatever reason they want

you can't just pick what reason they took it and take only those people

if i was to do the same for physics i would say take only theoretical physicists and remove everybody else

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Average person that loves physics is dumber than the average person that loves math.

Average physics student is smarter than average math student.

Pleb physics faggot go watch your pop-sci shit.

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>light frequencies
>literally exp(i*theta)

kill yourself my friend

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No, its Re{exp(i * theta)} which is just cos.

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which is 1/2(exp(ix)+exp(-ix))

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what the hell is mathfags gonna do with their whiteboards and their retarded hypothetical problems ?

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> mathematics is based on physics
Are you retarded

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Imaginary numbers have a large role to play in electric engineering therefore your argument is null and void

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math ends at 0 so i guess physics. i dont know much about them tho but i guess they're fun and interesting ??

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Not just null. Not just void. Null and void. Do you understand how completely you have to fuck up for an argument to be both null and void?

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> I remove all imaginary parts thus it's still imaginary
Nice try ;^]

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Take your pedophile cartoons back to >>>/a/, you degenerate piece of garbage.

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