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> a girl that actually does math

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Into the trash it goes

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are we supposed to be impressed?

This is the average engineer in europe.

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>claims to do research in particle physics and cosmology
>spends countless hours answering menial administrative shit


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Third paragraph is boner killer. She's just another SJW. >muh rights, muh oppression
No thanks

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why is it so hard for amerifucks to believe people have time to do things other than their jobs?

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It's 2016 and people are still seriously claiming to be socialist?

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Astronomy/Cosmology is a fucking meme http://i.4cdn.org/sci/1460504799119s.jpg

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when robots will do everything for us, the only thing left will be socialism.

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If robots do everything, there is no proletariat and no socialism.

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Socialism is the "rational" solution to the world's problems. The thing is, humans are nowhere near as rational as academics envision them to be. It requires a lot of stress and effort to be rational as the brain’s natural mode of operation is through the use of fast thinking/heuristics and biased perceptions to respond to any given real life situation. This ofcourse triggers a lot of academics and scientists; hence you’ll see why most of them are generally into socialism.

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it's neither rational nor a solution. it's just that people take capitalism for granted.

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have you already seen pierced feminist in hard science ? Does she belong to the first generation to be like that in hard science?

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because if you do your job well, you don't

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>because if you're slow, you don't

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what, you're doing as little as possible fast enough to fuck off?

then your job is shit or you suck at it

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>I live to work

I do my shit well. I just take the time to sleep and rest.

But hey, maybe you'll teach me how to live.

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spoiler is OP is posting in this thread

quit attention-whoring you literal nobody

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