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>be me yesterday
>family is in town for Thanksgiving
>driving my half brother somewhere
>made a joke about the sun because it was shining in our eyes, mention nuclear fusion
>suddenly he says "supposedly"

So he proceeds to go on about something called Electric Universe Theory (I had never heard of it until then) and how I shouldn't believe all the "bullshit they teach you in school".

I pretty much respond with pic related and he calls me close minded. I say no, I'm gonna need some citations on that shit you just spewed, because scientific consensus says the sun and other stars are made by nuclear fusion.

So we finally get home and he makes me look it up on my laptop. So I put it in Google.

First three sites are .info pages and the fourth or so is a Rational wiki entry

Top kek

I call him out on his pseudoscientific shit and give him several refutation citations against his theory and he just gets mad, tells me I'm fucking stupid and doesn't talk to me the rest of the day.

My family is full of morons.

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> My family is full of morons.

Most people are fairly dumb. Don't fall for the assumption that the average intelligence is in any way sufficient for the challenges facing Humans. Given the nature of our challenges, and given the clear incapabilities extant in the average person, only a few percent of people are able to fully face the present and future.

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My dad always mentions popsci physics articles he has read to me. Since I'm /physics/ except he doesn't know much about physics so I tell him to just read about basic physics that he can understand before moving onto the 'cool' stuff.

Anyway one day when he was telling me one of these things I told him to read the chapter in feynman lectures on physics about gravitation. But he told me he already understood gravity and that it was caused by the rotation of objects. He refused to believe that any mass has gravity and that if he was in the middle of space and there was nothing around him but a spacestation it would be exerting a gravitational force on him.

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I wouldn't say most people are dumb, they are just content with having no knowledge on lots of subjects.

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My dad once told me he invented a perpetual motion machine to run his car.
Quote: "I'm not breaking the laws of physics, I'm just finding a trick"

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Yeah, these people exist, unfortunately. They don't care how many cold, hard facts you put in front of their face, it just doesn't "feel right" to them.

I'm related to people who don't "beleive" in evolution because they think evolution=a chimp spontaneously gave birth to a modern human. Yes, they actually fucking beleive that's what evolution means, in it's entirety.

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Haha, a trick to break the laws of physics. Nice trips.

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>> My family is full of morons.
>Most people are fairly dumb.
LOL, I feel your pain.
I can't convince my wife not to pour gasoline on a fire (lighter fluid actually, but this shit has really come up), but she won;t leave the can-opener plugged in when we aren't home because "fire hazard".
So he tells me her friend's arthritis pain is fixed by a mix of lemon oil and pepper oil.
"So why hasn't Bayer (or somebody) bottled this shit?"
"Why is your daughter's insurance company spending thousands of dollars a month on pain meds for her arthritis?"
..so now I'm sleeping on the couch for the last few days.

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This girl I go to grad school with thought that fraternal twins had identical DNA.

She gets all As thought so we think she may have been pretending to be retarded to throw people off their guard though. She thinks this is law school or something. This isn't law school, you study biology.

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>question her bullshit
>gets angry and makes you sleep on the couch

What a vindictive bitch. A real keeper you got there.

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Did he share the details? What if your dad is actually mankind's greatest unrecognized genius?

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>I wouldn't say most people are dumb, they are just content with having no knowledge on lots of subjects.

Being content with very limited information when there's a pressing need for education, is the very definition of "dumb.

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My brother tried to convince me that light bulbs don't emit light, that they are "dark-suckers". Yes, I tried explaining how it actually works and he looked at me like I'm the idiot. So now, occasionally he'll say something stupid or what have you and I just call him a dark sucker. Being the moron he is, he always replys with "hey i wrote a paper about that in high school!" Like he's some fucking intellectual who has some esoteric understanding of the universe. Shit makes me lol and furious at the same time.

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>My family is full of morons.
Scary fact: half the population is less intelligent than the average. This statement makes a lot of people freak out.

>Quote: "I'm not breaking the laws of physics, I'm just finding a trick"
That is a common explanation used when they want to file a patent application.

>she may have been pretending to be retarded
Some do that to stay below the radar. They just don't want the attention.

>he always replys with "hey i wrote a paper about that in high school!"
The US is a funny place. The only country to put astronauts on the Moon it is also full of people like this. This really is weird. Mind you NASA had a generation change and not in a good way. And I see the same pattern also in other countries.

What went wrong?

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>My dad once told me he invented a perpetual motion machine to run his car.

Ask him why you're not billionaires?

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>Sister is dating a guy in med school
>Still eats gluten free and takes excessive amounts of vitamin C when she gets a cold

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>excessive amounts of vitamin C
Linux Pauling lived to age of 93, not shabby.

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>tfw dad is programmer with 140 iq but was also a fireman, photographer, rock climber, etc with all kinds of experience
>tfw uncle on moms side with 165 iq and 2 PhDs
>tfw lawer cousin
>most of my family is pretty smart, so i dont have to worry about retards
feels good mayne

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The high temperature of the corona is a puzzle to solar physicists since the bright 'surface' of the Sun is only about 5700 C and therefore not able to heat the corona to over a million degrees by any of the known thermodynamic methods - conduction, convection, radiation.

The thin region of temperature increase from the chromosphere to the corona is known as the transition region and can range from tens to hundreds of kilometers thick. An analogy of this would be a light bulb heating the air surrounding it hotter than its glass surface. The second law of thermodynamics would be broken.


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I just have to deal with generic Christian mom dimness which isn't too bad. She doesn't believe me when I say how far away the sun is, because
>it's the same size as the sun
And how nasa's pictures of nebulae and stuff are fake because
>god created everything beautiful for us here on earth, it's photoshopped

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>tfw uncle on moms side with 165 iq and 2 PhDs
Yet he was retarded enough to get two PhD's for no reason, or more likely you're lying and just parroting a hollywood/reddit meme of "le super-genius scientist guy with crazy hair has 3 PhD's and 4 Master degrees, must be souper smart xD"

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he did a math PhD then a stats PhD. he works from home and payed for his last two SUVs in cash

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That one trick scientists don't want you to know about?

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Yes but I was going off what we currently know, my half brother was just spouting some already debunked pseudoscience. That was the point of the post.

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>My dad always mentions popsci physics articles he has read to me. Since I'm /physics/ except he doesn't know much about physics so I tell him to just read about basic physics that he can understand before moving onto the 'cool' stuff.
You're a douchebag, there is nothing wrong with reading pop-sci. Why the hell would you tell someone who is only casually interested in physics to grind through a dry as hell mechanics book?

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Blame pop science. Because prople have liked I Fucking Love Science on Facebook, they now think they are scientifically educated.

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I left Reddit a few years ago to escape the smug circlejerking....
We're better than this thread /sci/

>inb4 hullo newfriend

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You're right there's nothing wrong with it. But it's stupid to try and understand what a black hole is without knowing what gravity is, or fusion.

And reading popsci is dumb because it almost always makes fake or exaggerated claims. Also if you ever read the feynman lectures you'd know they aren't a dry mechanics book at all.

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>mom always buying overpriced water pills
>dad always derailling physics and space discussions with selfmade borderline religious theories

you are not alone , but i admit your half brother is awfully retarded

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>nothing wrong with reading pop-sci
you're pop-sci a shit

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The electric universe people propose to be electrical engineers of one description or another. They have a hypothesis about how electrical fields are more relevant than science currently gives them credit. Fair enough. Just because your half brother takes their word on face value does not necessarily make him stupid. Science is about challenging the conscensus viewpoint of coming up with new concepts and seeing if they work or if they fail. It is not a game of one upmanship like you and a great number of idiots on this board believe it to be. And it could be that electric fields do play a more intricate role in the break up and formation of stars or the tails of comets for example. We know so little about the suns magnetic field anyway, why not go out on a limb with a new theory for a bit, especially if it gets you away from the same tired rut; it might allow you to see things from a different angle or point of view and thereby progress. You fucking idiot.

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Except it's been debunked already you goddamn moron.

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they hate it!

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One guy from my work, when he first started, and I were talking one day. Something about atoms came up and he said "I don't know about those, some of the guys in physics say those don't even exist." I just looked at him and said uh huh. He has a degree in philosophy.

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>Electric Universe Theory

I feel so sorry for you.

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Pro-tip: don't say that in real life

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>dark sucker
what the actual fuck

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I modeled an environment (segment) in a story / game I'm make after something similar to this idea. It shifts throughout a cycle, you carry a lantern and it creates darkness on whatever you're shine it towards, which reveals what's truly there.

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I could not help but notice your png was not optimized anon.
I have optimized your png.
Your png is now optimized.

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>And how nasa's pictures of nebulae and stuff are fake because
She isn't really wrong. Very few of NASA's pictures are "true color". Most nebula shots will be taken in just 3 limited wavelengths, so the astrophysicists can study how the nebula is structured and what not. So it isn't something a human eye would see in the fashion presented. Still pretty though.

The other fun fact is that most shots of the heavens that are true color are done over an exposure time of tens to a hundred hours. So again, most of the items that are true color still can't be seen by the human eye, even if you could get a strong enough telescope to look at it directly.

For many of the beautiful shots, they might as well be abstracts created in a 5th grade arts class on the computer. Scientifically, they have great value, but humans would be disappointed trying to see what appears in the picture using their own eyes.

So--- high level of processing = photoshopped in normie jargon.

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How is it stupid? A great many discoveries come from people on the outside trying to understand and come up with a fresh insight that is more correct then the current accepted science theories of the time.

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