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Reminder that math is really applied philosophy. Mathematicians are technically "philosophical engineers." All mathematicians do is plug things in and design logical systems according to axioms.

Why don't you switch to the major that actually requires original and creative thought, where you get to make the rules?

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If you're so creative, why don't you post something original?

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Of course it is. Also Philosophy = Reason = Logic > Mathematics.

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wow you really persuaded me or something

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Because the undergraduate philosophy major at most schools doesn't require original and creative thought, maybe even less original and creative thought than undergraduate maths? (You can get an A on philosophy papers for pretty much remembering arguments and critiques from the book/class and then adding some of your own "reactions").

Or because maths is better for jobs.

Or because /sci/ is for science and maths.

Or because maybe I am a dual major in maths and philosophy, did you ever think of that?

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>Believing in field hierarchy.
Silly reductionists, when will you learn about parallel processing?

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>design logical systems according to axioms
actually they design the axioms and then derive the systems using logic. But hey it was sorta right.

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[schizophrenia intensifies]

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Goatology is the ultimate science. All knowledge is merely a shadow of the form of the goat.

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Nice bait

If Math is just applied philosophy I'm sure that you can use your more theoretical philosophy to explain trivial (for you philosophers) things such as complex analysis, topology and abstract algebra.

Just like a mathematician could explain using mathematical tools why various laws in physics are consistent. Just how a Physicist could describe various chemical interactions... and so on.

But this guy is right:

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Philosophy isn't the same as logic, OP. There are SOME mathematical concepts that can get really philosophical. You can also have some pretty philosophical answers to some math questions. Ex: Why is zero factorial 1? Because a factorial can be defined as how many possible ways you can arrange a set of things. If you have zero things, there is only one way you can arrange it. (btw, I know that you can mathematically prove that 0! = 1. but this answer also works).

However, MOST philosophical studies aren't really logical, and you can't apply them to math or physics. I'm a double major student studying CS and math, but I have taken some sociology and philosophy classes because I'm not a pretentious fuck. My favorite Socrates quote is: "Strong minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, weak minds discuss people." This quote is absolutely mind blowing. If you look around you, you can tell it's true. Look at all the idiots in your college classes, they spend all day on Instagram and discussing dating drama with friend. The average kids are talking about the party they went to, or a game they watched. The smart kids are discussing their future plans and aspirations. I think it's incredible that Socrates was able to notice this pattern in human behavior during his time, and how it holds true for today, in 2015. So we established that it's true, but now what? We can't apply this knowledge anywhere practical. Most of philosophy is just that, ideas, they can be true or not.

Logic on the other hand is different. Let's take the basis of Trigonometry. If we have two connecting lines with a set angle, we cannot change the length of the third line without changing either the length of the other lines, or the angle. Now what is the relationship between all of this? Pythagoras. That's logic not philosophy.

So OP, I do agree with you that there is an even purer form of Intelligence that Math (pic related), I don't think it's philosophy.

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>I've taken some sociology and philosophy
>Becuase I'm not a pretentious fuck

Oxymoron detected.

>Take a class of philosophy
>Not being a pretentious fuck
Pick one and only one.

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>he thinks philosophy is inherently pretentious

o i am laffin at ur self-perpetuating ignorance

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It's pretentious when you only take philosophy. As in, you're a philosophy major and you will probably end up as an elementary school staff with a philosophy blog on tumblr.

I took a philosophy class because it interest me. It's refreshing to just step back a bit and reflect on your own life with relative objectivity. Sociology is also fun, I see it as group philosophy, and philosophy is individual sociology.

Either way I didn't really take it to not be pretentious. I genuinely enjoy it. It's just that I'm going to be a software engineer and hopefully a math teacher, my future is guaranteed and secured. I'm graduating from a top 20 American uni. So I do feel pretentious sometimes, and steeping back to reflect just kind of eases the stress.

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Decent bait, but no bump.

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Any system of thought and understanding is philosophy, shitpost somewhere else

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>Why don't you switch to the major that actually requires original and creative thought, where you get to make the rules?

you mean physics?
philosophy split into what we call philosophy now and physics - the latter of which is now responsible for practically all new insights into the mechanisms behind our reality.

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