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ITT - Request books in PDF form and if I have them, I'll upload them.
Only request PDFs that you have already searched for but cannot find!

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I've got three requests.

A better scan of Spivak's than the shitty one with a quarter of some of the pages missing that is usually circulated.

Actuaries' Survival Guide:How to Succeed in One of the Most Desirable Professions

The complete works of Bourbaki (I'll admit, I've not searched for this).

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Nope sorry.

No Spivak.
Uploaded your second request: http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=00039918867489937909
I also have the separate chapters pdfs, if you want those let me know.
As for Bourbaki, they will (obviously) all be in French, still want them (I do not have access to ALL of his books)?

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I also refer to Euclid's Elements a belonging to "him", even though there is no reason to believe that it is just one person contributing to the book.

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Hal Leonard Pocket Music Theory
or similar

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>Uploaded your second request: http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=00039918867489937909
Wow anon, thanks. I did not expect that - where did you get it?

>As for Bourbaki, they will (obviously) all be in French, still want them (I do not have access to ALL of his books)?
Ah, no thanks, I've got a strong preference for English.

Do you only have /sci/ books?

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The Art of Electronics, Horowitz-3rd Edition

I will be so pleased if you give me a link. I have only found the 2nd edition, and I had to add the chapter 1 monually (PDFRizator) XD

Thank you!

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Would be grateful if you have either of these:

Modeling and Analysis of Dynamic Systems (Charles Close, Dean Frederick, Jonathan Newell)

Fundamentals of Number Theory (William J. LeVeque)

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Canon TV Optics I, II, & III
If you only have one or two of them, that's just as good.

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The full titles are:
“TV Optics I,” The Canon Guide Book of Optics for Television System (1986?)
“TV Optics II,” The Canon Guide Book of Optics for Television System (1992?)
“TV Optics III,” The Canon Guide Book of Optics for Television System (2007?)

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Sorry, I don't have these.

I can get past some paywalls free of charge.
And I thought as much, I'm not sure if English pdfs of it exist seeing how it's already quite difficult to get English hardcopies.

Any book is fine, try your luck and I may have access to it.
Additionally, you may try your luck with requests on articles/published papers.

I honestly -should- have access to these, but I don't, sorry about that.

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Edmund Landau - Foundations of Analysis please, in german with english appendix if possible

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Thanks for the share anon.

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Kenneth Kunen - The Foundations of Mathematics, or Kenneth Kunen - Set Theory would be great.

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Can you get me this edition? I'm gonna need it for a class next semester but I can't find it online at all...

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The battlemaster by Christopher Rowley

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hey guys ive been really interested in getting an ebook, not from america but i can get one by my sister who lives in texas.

the problem is how do i record books in the ebook? only by buying them? or i can "hack" it?

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anything you have on genetics, PLS I BEG OF YOU, I'LL DO UNSPEAKABLE THINGS

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Statics and Mechanics of Materials by Bedford


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Calculus made easy

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No to all of these.

Is this it? Just googled for it, otherwise no.

Lots of stuff, I'll give you 6 to make up for the lack of successful requests in this thread:

If you have anything more specific (field wise) state it. Got over 2000 books in genetics to choose from.

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Ah, well, you tried.
I assume. thanks anyway.

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Thanks for the request nonetheless.

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Any book by Peter Checkland

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I refer to Noether's Theorem as "hers" even there's no reason to believe a woman did it

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Do you have David Colton's "Partial Differential Equations:An Introduction"? I'm amazed how no of my usual go to places for course literature has this one.

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>no reason to believe
theorems are not about belief, 'spergie

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Mathematical Chemistry and Chemoinformatics

Can't find this little fucked anywhere. Tried with the Russians to no avail.

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Disgusting, I can only grab you 60 pages (of choice) of one book by him.

Sorry nope!

They're not talking about belief in whether the actual theorem(s) are true or not.

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>They're not talking about belief...
... so tell me what they're talking about, Counselor.

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1) The books by Bourbaki were written by a group of mathematicians.
So saying that they were written by a "him" is actually incorrect.
2) The Elements of Euclid book may or may not have been written by one person, or a group.
Again, saying that the book was written by a "him" may or may not be correct.
3) For Noether's Theorem, I'm not too sure on the historical context so I can't say too much about this, but it is quite possible that the poster was being sarcastic and trying to push forward their belief that Euclid's Elements was written by one person.

This should clear up any confusion that you had.
The posts were talking about the authors of the books/theorems, not the context of the books/theorems themselves.

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"A History of Western Music" by J. Peter Burkholder and Donald Jay Grout

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General Continuum Mechanics by T.J. Chung
完全自殺マニュアル (The Complete Manual of Suicide) by Wataru Tsurumi [just morbidly curious]
Sony Design: MAKING MODERN published by Rizzoli

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Not OP, but I've found it anon:

(found using https://www.google.nl/search?q=intitle%3Aindex.of%3F+fundamentals+of+number+theory&oq=intitle%3Aindex.of%3F+fundamentals+of+number+theory&aqs=chrome..69i64j69i60j69i57l2.20259j0j4&sourceid=chrome&es_sm=122&ie=UTF-8#safe=off&q=intitle:index.of%3F+%22Foundations+of+Analysis%22+landau)

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fucking spam filter, can't post link whatever I try.

See QR code

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I've got these Bourbaki books, but I'm quite computer-illiterate, so I don't know how I'd go about to upload them

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What are good, translated introductory Soviet texts on electrostatics and electromagnetism? I'm not too fond of the presentation in the modern textbooks.

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You could use mega, or any other file hosting site,


It's really easy just follow the steps

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Infinite Jest - David Foster Wallace

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That's an amazing stash.
If you go to here:
you can just upload all of the files there.
Wait for them to finish uploading (there is no progress bar).
Once they have finished uploading, the page will change and there will be a link to the download which you just copy and paste here.

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Is this it? (I just googled for it)

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Queer formatting, but yet that seems to be it - thanks!

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Is there a better site than this? Tried uploading the first one but I got a message in Russian telling me the file was too big (>50MB)

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systems and signals using Matlab plox. University made an error and now the books will only arrive in 3 weeks. cba to wait

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Sorry, I didn't bother to make an errata to my post, but the post from another anon:
actually has a better site.
I suggest that you use that one.
If you have any difficulties whatsoever, just ask.

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Any more information on this?
There are similar books and I'm not sure which is correct.

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Luis F. Chaparro, second edition.
You are doing the work of god, anon.

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Concepts of Physics by HC Verma Volume 2

Please. I can only find volume 1 and the answers to the practice problems in volume 2

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Discrete mathematics
by Norman L. Biggs

>plz op, i'm too poor to pass this math class

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Hold tight anons, it's gonna take a while

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This was an easy find through google (took a while because I wanted to download it and make sure that it was indeed the correct book):

The first download link is good.

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Is this just a book of questions?
Googled to find:

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Have a meme

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Timequake by Kurt Vonnegut

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It'll be worth it, you're literally sitting on a treasure chest there.
How did you get such gems?

No problem, I hope your uncle treats you well too.

Nothing on this, sorry.

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No it's a textbook explaining various concepts in physics. It should look like volume 1 (which is pretty easy to find online). Although volume 2 is practically impossible to find

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Then I don't have anything for you in that case, sorry about that.
Maybe another anon comes by later and has a link for you (as has been the case in this thread so far).

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Yo bro I love you

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Ok, I uploaded the whole folder, now what? >pic related

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RIP libgen.
Could you post the link for that here?

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Maybe i figured it out on my own (srry for retardedness)

Link: https://mega.nz/#F!pYFGQIKQ
Key: !uhL2aRWTdSRn3L4iUGvdlg

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No anon, thank you very very much, this is glorious.

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Any of you got some biology (Medical/nervous system) related books?

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0/10 effort

epub, mobi or pdf?

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fundamentals of chemistry


chemistry: the study of matter and its changes

Both are by Brady and Holum

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Linear Algebra: The Decoupling Principle

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Plenty of stuff on it, anything in particular?

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/r/ heat conduction - kakac & yener

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Not /sci/ but Ill give it a shot

Merchant Kings: When Companies Ruled the World

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Checkmate tactics: Garry Kasparov, please.

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Nice, I didn't know of this fs software. Gave up on such programs since kazaa/limewire died and edonkey sucks dick. Cheer mate

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