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What is the limit to what a person with an average(100) iq can learn using only the internet as a resource?
What is the most complex subject that they can reasonable master?

I'm going to say multivariable calculus based physics is the limit.

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Oh would you fuck off already? A person with an IQ of 50 can learn something that a person with an IQ of 150 has learned, it will just take the person with the lower IQ a longer time.

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Seriously, stop this shit. We had fun with it for a couple of years, the joke's over.

Also, holy shit: >>7522266

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Your IQ isn't static.
You can raise it through that requires some effort.

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IQ only relatively effects ones ability to quickly grasp and act on log based concepts. Having an average IQ (aka, 100) would loosely mean you learn at an average rate. Even then, this takes into no account your studying habits, degree of topic immersion, and grasp of relevant material. Someone with high IQ, but bad studying habits, minimal exposure to a topic, and low understanding of related topics would potentially learn slower than someone with the opposite scenario.

Long story short, you're putting way too much emphasis on IQ when it holds little to no true bearing in relation to a person's entire lifespan with their ability or lack thereof to understand topics.

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thank you

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A 100 IQ individual (aka a pleb) can never learn how to make a good 4chan post.

A retard, <85 IQ or less, can never understand that 0.999... = 1

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Thank you for proving my point, retard :^)

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Meme math is stupid just like u

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Saying 0.999=1 is like saying 1=2

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it's 0.999...=1 not 0.999,0.999/=1
the [...] means it goes 0.999999999999................................................................... 999999...999...................

ya dingus

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Regardless, that number still doesn't equal 1.

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>restricting urself to your iq potential.
every single time u fucking retards

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Memez hehe

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ITT: People with low iq trying to defend it lmao

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iq means nothing, and if u think otherwise ure something worse than what in ur idea is someone with "low" iq

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*tips IQ*

Are you sudo intellectual

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>than ure something worse than what in ur idea is someone with "low" iq
I actually agree with you, but holy shit.

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It's a meme U dip

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IQ don't mean shit there are pornstars with high IQ that don't know there ass from a hole in the ground. I know mentally retarded people who have excelled far beyond what people would have limit them too. The human condition to have to quantify everything is moronic. As much as we would love to assign numbers to everything sometimes there are to many unknowns to get a accurate measurement.

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I don't recognize it from anywhere and its seemed too real to be satire, so I just assumed it was sincere.

Forgive me, Meme Master

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Needs more fuckin jpeg fam

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apt-get install iq

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Someone with a savant level in maths might still fail because they can't do their OCD exercises during the test, or something.

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Agreed, but the Smithsonian Institute called.
They want their artifacts back.

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Intentionally acting like a retard is the oldest meme in the book

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IQ is only useful as a measure of populations, or if you're assessing if someone is or isn't a complete retard. The difference in academic performance between a man with IQ 100 and a man with IQ 110 can be affected by anything from work ethic to nutrition to how much sleep they got last night.

>inb4 "hurr science-hating libruls"
The Bell Curve literally says in the first chapter that IQ is useless for trying to assess the performance of an individual. Using IQ in any context other than a discussion about population differences is just silly.

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