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Daily reminder

FACT: Biology is the most powerful science in the world

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reminder : it's not

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>is POTENTIALLY the most powerful science in the world

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So how come biologists haven't figured out how to reverse aging yet?

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biology is the foundation of evidence based medicine (along with chemistry), don't try and tell me that's not one of the most important things humanity has today along with modern engineering.

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>muh ethics and morals
>muh human life is worth some shit
Literally GMOing humans with some Jellyfish genes will do the trick.

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if that's true then why aren't biologist working on harnessing the most powerful energy source known?

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>mfw biology majors memorize that entire chart and think they're doing science

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just imagine: cloning random fucktards then experimenting on the clones

maybe I sound like a mad scientist, but imagine how technology would advance

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A serious treatment of biology is outside the scope of biology. Shit like Penrose's quantum theory of mind, the hard problem of the mechanism for memory, and accounting for the embryology of neural development (what specifies neuron interconnection? Hint: DNA is no "schematic" and not analogous to compression (only a few GB data in genome)).

People from Von Neumann to Freeman Dyson have though about the problem of mind as analog computation and otherwise. Hard shit, way outside the scope of biology as it's taught and practiced.

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>mfw Physic lunatics memorize this entire chart and think they're doing science

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you do understand that it is a choice to see this science as the most important ?

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yeah no.

I study biochemistry and can tell you every one of my bio classes could be better explained by a chemist. in the end, all of the concepts boil down to chemistry anyway, so you just end up staring mindlessly at the surface level problem as a biologist.

>here is problem
>how fix?
>well this does this, so do this

>here is problem, how fix
>well this does this BECAUSE this, BY this mechanism, so we can develop a drug to target this enzyme and etc etc.

I literally cant figure out how biologists study something without using chemistry.

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>Literally GMOing humans with some Jellyfish genes will do the trick.
Or just breeding people with better genes.

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>I literally cant figure out how biologists study something without using chemistry.

Maybe you're stupid or something

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Jesus OP, can you pick a less detailed picture?

>Pic related, the most powerful universe in the planet

Shit, at least show some 100 protein autophagy pathway or 25-enzyme, 75-coadaptor late endosomal trafficking paths

You have the nucleus but not ATP-GTP transversion models for protein and molecular import/export. Fucking pleb!

And Mitochondria. How simple, just following a 50 step process to convert H+ to ATP? Bet you didn't even know about it's absolutely distinct mechanism of DNA regulation or its roles in apoptosis or immune regulation.

Next time try harder to claim that biology is the most powerful science, preferably when you know a thing or two

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Chemists know everything AFAIK, like how NLRP3 has chemical residues that ascribe it functions as an adapter protein. No other functions for it right?

Oh shit, biologists found that it actually has gene regulatory functions. Shows us biologists for trusting you biochemists.
But her, at least that mechanism for arabinose as a mechanism for cellulose generation stood as a long-lasting model for biologists to follow. Still useful i see... oh wait, cell biologists found that to be a vital precursor for invasin protein regulation in infective bacteria

Shoot! Surely we'll find something useful for you biochemists to do. In the meantime, memorize some flashcards or something

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how is that different from memorising equations and concepts related to physics?

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>Hurr durr, memorizing == bad

>If you have to commit anything to memory you're a bad scientist.

Have you considered that memorizing critical pieces of data in your field is like income tax in any civilized country; the more you're worth the more you're expected to memorize

Or are you a part of a socialist shithole like physics where you can ride on the achievements of your priors and pretend like their efforts validate your own (i.e. scientific welfare)

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You didn't do shit, why are you taking credit from things others found out?
>Hey guys look at me I'm doing biology just like these guys who actually accomplished something did.
That's saying I'm a writer as good as Edgar Allan Poe because I'm a child rapist and a drug addict.

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Should be titled
>useless flow diagram with pseudo-information


>I can't believe it's uninformative!

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Reminder that biology is just applied chemistry

Reminder that chemistry is just applied physics

Reminder that physics is just applied math

Reminder that math is just applied philosophy

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Reminder that applied philosophy is just applied coding

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and none of that matters without engineering

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Humans of the same sex can't reproduce though

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if you're memorizing physics equations you're doing it wrong.

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sup purdue

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Ah I remember this chart from my HS Chemistry class, ironically

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Yea um, you are clearly thinking of biochemistry.

Biology is for women and gays

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>>7497201 fucking REKT

biologists confirmed for butthurt pansies that will always depend on chemistry

go back to drawing enzymes as little blocks with triangular openings for a triangular substrate lmao

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Reminder that philosophy is just applied thinking

Reminder that thinking is just applied biology

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that's super retarded.

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You only do that in highschool bio

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Or cause cancer.

A big reason we're not living forever is because we can't even get gene therapy to work right. It sometimes works, but it usually creates rampant cell growth.

It's hard to get cells to do stuff without fucking everything else in the body up. That's where ochem and biochem come in to make glycosides and other cell communicating garbage to hopefully make things better.

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Jesus christ, why are you guys bickering over this shit? Biologists and chemists are important. They often work together, too!

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>biology is the foundation of evidence based medicine
That's a funny way to spell mathematics.

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wtf is this?

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What biology majors study.

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Biology is cool at least when it comes to micro biology but there are some areas in every science that I just can't take to be 100% science.

Regards comupter engineer/scientist (computer science is not a science)

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A simplified high school demonstration of an enzyme catalyzing its substrate. It is just there to show the concept of an enzyme's role. I hope bio majors actually have more detailed chemisty details during their classes.

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guise how about we say all sciences have equal worth?

except political science

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.. bio fan here,interesting

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biophysics masterrace

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>interdisciplinary science
>master race
Nice try.

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The use of physics style thinking and techniques makes biology a real science.

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>muh pure
Have fun in your imaginary autistic wonderland

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I just hope this is not a linear scale. Because math would be infinitely far away from the rest. And from the perspective of psychology bio/chem/physics would essentially occupy the same point, speaking in relative distances

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>imaginary autistic wonderland

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Powerful? No

Useful? Yeah, probably

Physics is probably the most powerful but also the least useful.

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that's mostly because physicists are afraid of complexity. What can't be approached analytically or with some statistical approximation is "not fundamental enough". Of course the computational approach increases in popularity, but I think we're still far away from physics delving into the fundamental effects arising from complexity

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Most of theoretical physics involves computational approaches now

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A step in the right direction I'd say.

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Biology is in the process of becoming a legit hard science. Genomics, bioinformatics and neuroscience are leading the way. The rest is not far behind.

Chaos Theory and Graph Theory(with lots of computing power) are the drivers of this behind the scenes, we are slowly building up the math to
describe biology.

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Not that I expect anything from Sci, but Christ bring your need for reassurance and empathy about the degree you have chosen somewhere else

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>/sci/ is obsessed with immortality
>/sci/ has disdain for biology
Do you guys think you're going to find the secret to immortality by solving a maths equation?

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While reading /sci/ I sometimes think they really do. Or maybe they're just buttfrustrated over their career election, I would be as well, have empathy.

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Eugenics doesn't work you /pol/fag

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Just what we need, billions of Tyrones and Ranjeeps around the world living forever. Fuck off with your blind humanitarianism and read Malthus.

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>imaginary number
>not imaginary

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Chemists are the most autistic people in the world bar none.
Every single Chemist I've encountered in my life was smelly, creepy, and looked even worse than your typical /g/ autist.
What is it about Chemistry that turns people into that? Females get it even worse. Is it the sexual frustration?
I'm positive that no Chemist gets laid more than maybe twice a month.
I think god I chose Dentistry. It gave me a chance at a semi-normal social life.

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Kek wrong board m8

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See u in hell m8

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Enjoy being shut in autists making 30k a year while inhaling toxic fumes.
But hey, at least you're "doing what you love" right? I bet you love making a bit more than minimum wage.

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First things first.

> thank god I chose dentistry
> much better science field than chemistry mate

Top quality kek, thank you

Secondly, you must live in quite the silly country. Where I live chemists are all perfectly normal people with active social lives.
I'm going into chemistry myself next year, and having already been among chemists from the college I'm going to several times I can tell you there's something wrong with your stereotype.

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Computational Finance, thank you. Chemistry is a former love that's all. In any case dentists make a lot of their money off the backbone of the taxpayer.

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