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How do you deal with retards who dont understand that mars only has 1/3 earth gravity?

People seem to grasp the unbreathable atmosphere just fine.

People just think its a red earth.

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I asked this on another thread but received no response. Why can't we just add weights proportionally to each part of an astronaut's body, so that their muscles have to exert the same force to move as they would on Earth?

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Who the fuck are you, carl sagan? You call people who don't know about Mars "retards"
It's not knowledge that's supposed to be commonly shared. People are too busy dealing with their fucking jobs and bills to care about other fucking planets gravitational forces.
I bet you don't know a lot of shit about various things but we don't call you a retard.

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I'd call him a retard

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damn, i triggered the shit out of you.


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>tries to act smart
>namedrops meme scientist

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If Mars were colonized and regular travel to earth not a common occurrence it wouldn't matter. Because earthlings would just be stupid strong there. A person on Mars wouldn't suffer from the gravity difference unless they came to earth.

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>How do you deal with retards who dont understand that mars only has 1/3 earth gravity?
You tell them that Mars only has 1/3 (actually, more like 0.4) of Earth gravity.

Come on, man. Use your words. What is the actual issue you're talking about? In what way do you think this is significant, that people aren't understanding?

Don't start a thread with such a half-assed post.

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just the very fact that you had to take 30 seconds of your day to be mad on the internet made the post worthwhile for me

I can feel your anger. stay mad

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Are those elevations grossly exaggerated?

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Yeah I saw you post the exact same thing on /tv/. Why don't you go back there, and stop posting your half-backed shit on here.

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lmao op confirmed for faggot

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so...so upset

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Fuck /sci/ and it's academic arrogance. People have other things to think about besides Mars you know.

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Muh space colonisation.

People don't want to aknowledge that Mars' conditions are bad and keep bringing up terraforming as if we can magically shit out a magnetosphere and extra mass for an entire planet.

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Or just eat more. Americans rejoice!

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How is Mars One hypothetically going to deal with that?

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>How do you deal with retards who dont understand that mars only has 1/3 earth gravity?
You present it as one of the positive aspects of Martian colonialism.

- You won't die if you fall down from a ladder.

- You can jump higher.

- Parachutes can be made smaller.


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lel, no

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>mfw my friend thought Venus was smaller than Mars

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He doesn't seem mad but you seem like a truly colossal faggot

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why don't we just drill to the core and set off a nuke? seems simple 2 me

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Why would a scam have to deal with that?

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We can, it's not a problem at all
however it'd require us to wear a suit constantly and it's not like we NEED the muscles in Mars, it'd only be required to people who come back and physical rehabilitation is probably cheaper

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To be fair usually smaller planets are closer to the star

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We don't even know if it's a problem for long term exposure. We know zero gravity makes problems, we know normal gravity is fine. We don't know about anything in between.
The ISS was to have centrifugal module to test that, but it was canceled.

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Why the fuck would we do that?

Once you got the gait down, think of how fast you could run

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What is there to "deal with?" Why would not knowing that bit of trivia make someone "retarded?" Is simply stating that fact somehow ineffective?

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because you are a simple person

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whoa guys I know you're all hard into the sciences and math but try to understand how complicated kinesiology is, 'just add weight' is a notoriously uneducated concept to how the body's muscles and bones function.

you add weight to suits and expect people to survive? the body will change completely, everybody will have ligament atrophy and back problems.

humans =/= G.I Joe dolls.

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Shut the fuck up

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>muh radiation
Mars actually has a really weak magnetosphere. Also, research into health effects of cosmic radiation show people often overreact to this problem. Spending 3 consecutive years exposed on the surface of Mars wouldn't even take you over NASA's own conservative safety dosage of radiation.

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not him but you need an active core to hold onto an atmosphere
maybe that's what he meant

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>not him but you need an active core to hold onto an atmosphere

It took millions and millions of years for Mars to lose its atmosphere.

It's not like it will blow away in a couple of days.

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Can we build an atmosphere faster than it will blow away?

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Suppression isn't scientific.

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Yes. Building an atmosphere would take hundreds or thousands of years, not millions.

The hard part is protecting against UV radiation, since you need oxygen to get an ozone layer, but the plants that would make the oxygen would be killed by the UV.

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How does that response come off to you as mad? It doesn't to me, just sounds like you're trying to look better, because someone is actually questioning you.

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Manchildren getting BTFO ITT.

Mars will never be colonised by humans. The only planet in our solar system that will ever have human colonies is Venus, and they'll be a mile or so underground.

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Wanna know how I know you're a NEET?

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Why not floating cities?

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Why not magic dragons that fly us to other galaxies?

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Why not killing urself? :^)

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Sorry reality doesn't work like your vidayo-gaymes.

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new pasta

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Not really that hard. There are organisms like Lichen that can produce oxygen, even with UV radiation.

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Nice troll man. Almost laughed

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Laugh all you want, won't change the facts.

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the fact is you are a dumb fuck

they cant even land rovers on venus because the 900F temperature will melt the solder on the circuit boards, and the pressure will crush them. the Russians landed shit there that melted down after an hour on the surface.

how are we supposed to get humans underground on venus if we cant even get them above ground

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Obviously the only solution is that everyone has to lift. The only way to survive on Mars is to get swole.

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>The ISS was to have centrifugal module to test that, but it was canceled.
I bet the jews did this.

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If you weren't a worthless piece of shit you could just educate them and do something good for the world instead of calling them retards and shitposting on 4chan

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you would have to wear a suit constantly while outside anyway

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>to be mad on the internet

He wasn't mad. He made a perfectly reasonable request.

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Maybe its just...

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