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So here's a silly question, /sci/:

I have a BS in Biology and I've used it working in the laboratory and field. I've mostly done wildlife stuff with fish and invertebrates. I've done some technical writing, a shit-ton of statistical analysis, and a metric shit-ton of data collection in the lab and in the field. My job titles were usually "technician" or "taxonomist" or "researcher."

I went back to school and got an environmental engineering degree. I've had a couple of interviews and am getting offers for jobs working on designing water and wastewater treatment plants. I want to point out to the places I'm applying in salary negotiations that I'm not a 22 year old fresh engineering graduate, but do it essentially in a word. Something like, "I may be an entry-level engineer but I'm a mid-career ____."

But what's in the blank? I don't think I can call myself a "biologist," since I don't have a Ph.D., but "technician" falls short too.

Do you have any advice or mockery for me?

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>a woman


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"I may be an entry-level engineer but I'm a mid-career aquaponics specialist :)"

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>implying math is remotely difficult

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for women it is. 20% of my math major cohort are female, and 90% of them are terrible at math, but they use it as status.
>le nerd faec xDD
>last proof class ever, thank god

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I hope to god you're not an engineer

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You know what they do with engineers when they turn 40?

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biology technician?
biology researcher?
You're welcome

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