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So the first manned missions close to the moon were fly by missions. Could we by todays means and budget have a fly by mission to mars and back? I don't mean a landing but flying by in the gravitional field make a retro burn and fly back to earth. Can this be done and if so what would it take?

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>what would it take?
A spaceship

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no shit sherlock but could current technology cater for such a trip. A taikonaut, an astronaut and a cosmonaut perhaps. A system like SLS or the falcon heavy or does it need multiple extensive launches from eart to first construct such a ship in orbit?

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We have the technology for a manned trip to Mars' surface and back.

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>first construct such a ship in orbit?
Probably. Given the current state of Neanderthal fire cracker propulsion technology it takes ages to go to Mars and back. The EmDrive will change all that :)

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But not the resilience. Which is the main problem.

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Who wants to go to Mars? What's on Mars?

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Ancient aliens

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We could use nuclear fission rockets developed back in the 60s.

or use Project Orion

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You would never be able to create enough iodide pills to quell the shitstorm tinfoil hatters would make over a nuclear fission rocket.

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As long as we don't ignite it in the atmosphere, i don't see the problem.

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You will fuck up satellites though

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That's because you're at least marginally knowledgeable on the subject. Angry /x/ posters will scream about it, just like they do on GMOs, fluoride, and contrails.

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Orion? maybe

nuclear fission rocket? improbable

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It wouldn't be a problem, but good luck convincing people that it isn't. There were people in Murrica were taking iodide pills over the Fukushima reactor because they were worried about the nuclear fallout. If you say you're going to ignite it in space they'll start flipping out about 'omg it's going to enter the atmosphere though nuclear mactricluation condensation and kill us all.'

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What about a non nuclear option? How big of a rocket do you need to fly 3 people by mars and back? How much bigger than a Suturn-V does it have to be?

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I was referring to Orion.
Nuclear fission rockets are cool

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They will need multiple launches to build it in space
Then the spacecraft will need to use an engine with the highest isp (probably fission rocket)

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How much hydrogen and oxygen do you need to get up there to eliminate the nuclear option? Can we get launch costs under 1000 dollars a kilogram? And then how much will it cost? Sorry OP here sorry, maybe instead of prices can you just give me all the calculations I need so I can calculate it for myself that will suffice for my purposes.

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still better then the Chinese. They were buying and consuming massive amounts of iodized table salt during fukushima.

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At least they chose something cheap and abundant, they could have gone with something like tiger penises and wiped them completely out.

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I dont know much about calculations but I know this.
When it comes to launch costs, reusability is the key factor. Rocket fuel is not as expensive as the rocket itself. The rocket is very expensive. You are going need a way of dropping the rocket safely on the ground after it delivers the payload and then recover it, refuel it and launch it again in no-time instead of building it all over again from scratch.

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