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>tfw no one here studies math this advanced.

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there is a futurama episode with a theoreme of permutations group.

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Can you find anything on it?

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Also, they did something with symmetry groups

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There is a "math in the movies " site that lists these

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It's the episode where Farnsworth makes a brain switching machine in one of the more recent seasons. In the show, the machine can transfer brains from one person to another, but two people can never exchange brains twice (or something like that). The equation was published afterwards by one of the shows creators and shows how to get any arbitrarily large and mixed up group of brains back into their original bodies, using at most 2 other uninvolved people.

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fucking sweet

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Pretty cool

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What? This is super basic modern abstract algebra.
Like any grad degree in math requires a whole semester of this diagram chasing garbage.

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