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So I saw this (attached picture) relationship on another thread .

Does anyone else have a similar illustration, which shows the relationship between different branches of maths ?


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That's the only one I can think of that makes sense. I do have this one, though (I no longer have the full version, but you should be easily able to find it using a quick Google image search).

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Also, you should check out the math atlas website, OP!

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>boolean algebra
>add quantifiers
Autism tingled

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what's wrong with that?
Is this compromised?

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A boolean algebra is a structure, you can't add quantifiers to that. You add quantifiers to the predicate logic which has a boolean algebra as part of its semantics.

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you add quantifiers, together with predicates, to propositional logic.

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Ok, but you add it to the logic not to the boolean algebra.

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haha, this

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It says to go fro. Semigroups to groups you add inverses but that's wrong you need identity as well.

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hahahaha keked

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fixed that for you

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The mathematical subject classification basically puts math into four layers:

1. Logic and Combinatorics
2. Topology and Geometry
3. Algebra and Number Theory
4. Analysis and Probability

no picture though

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Where do triple integrals on the barnett identity interval go?

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