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Who is the smartest man who's ever lived?

My vote is a tie between pic related and J.S. Bach.

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>everything is bait

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Is believing Isaac Newton is one of the absolute top smartest minds in our history really bait? Genuinely curious as to why that would be.

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is there anyone else really ?

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>tie between pic related and J.S. Bach

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Henri Poincaré obviously

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Da Vinci was supposedly very bright. Obviously, he does have a pretty impressive renome.

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Okay, maybe I'm wrong and yeah it is difficult to compare two individuals in different fields but the degree to which both have accomplished work that no one else could is staggering.

Anyway, I was hoping people would actually throw out their opinions.

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I feel it's a tie between Goethe & Maimonides.

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Gauss, for fucks sake Gauss.

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Feynman, Gauss, Aristotle, Leibiniz. Take your pick

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Would you say Gauss has a more impressive record than David Hilbert and Srinivasa Ramanujan? I wasn't a math major so I'm curious how mathameticians stack up against each other. There's no list like Landau's list for mathematicians.

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Well, there are a lot of different fields and each great mathematician did their contribution to some fields while not making progress in others.

I think Gauss was great in a ton of fields,

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>people not posting John von Neumann

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This. Just look at his "Know for" column in wikipedia:


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>No Euler
I come to /sci/ once a week to see if the community has gone further than first calc class in College.
It hasn't every time :^)

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Nigga was boss, but does he stack up against Newton/Maxwell/Einstein? Gauss, Euler, Hilbert, Gödel?

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probably one of the bullies who beat you up in school, nerd

street smarts >>>> book smarts

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>draws on windos

>kisses window

>rubs nipple against window

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I think it's a tie between Richard Dawkins and Neil "smoke de grass" Tyson.

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>smoke de grass


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I've seen Gauss called the best mathematician ever (as well as Newton).
I've seen Riemann, Hilbert, Poincare and Grothendieck described as the best mathematicians of their eras.
And Archimedes and Da Vinci as being way ahead of their time.

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Probably some random guy nobody knows about who had a quick reaction time and thought very well on his feet.
People like the ones in OPs pic just have more free time and resources than anything else. There is no guarantee they'd be smart in any other situation. We don't have readouts or histories on what these older geniuses actually had as far as their abilities to critically think went. Just that they spent a lot of time secluded and studying shit.

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Actually, didn't Isaac Newton discover physical laws and mathematical theorems as a side hobby? I thought his main day job was studying religious texts.

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It depends what you're asking. If you mean smartest as in the person with the highest IQ/brain power then it'll probably be someone like Von Neumann. If you mean the person who's had the greatest consequential impact on their field then people like Newton, Darwin, Da Vinci and Einstein are the smartest people ever.

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Gauss is easily above Hilbert IMO

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He was very dedicated to both theology and natural philosophy, though no one really cares about his theology any more

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It simply makes no sense. How can you compare a monkey to a man? (Not necessarily respectively)

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Perhaps by the degree of their rational abilities?

I'm not saying you can compare them apples to apples, but you might be able to compare them by degree to which they used rational faculties to invent or discover.

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It's obviously Imhotep.

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What's the most useful tool ever?

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The one who did not care for fame and lived a happy life with his wife and kids. They are legion . . .

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Bitch Please, Nikola Tesla

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by this I mean me

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Archimedes and/or Apollonius
come at me bro
Agriculture? doesn't count
Hands? doesn't count
Fire? doesn't count
...Spear? It's all about accelerating a tiny pointy body as fast as possible to hit something you want to stop moving amirite?

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Did nothing except make a spark machine.

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The correct answer is either Euler or Gauss. Possibly Cantor if you're into that kind of thing

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Neumann is a high contester. Just look up his biography. Pretty much everyone at Los Alamos said no could outdo him.

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I am.

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I'm tempted to go with the von Neumann fans, but I'll go with Élie Cartan instead.

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I'm with you OP Bach is up there

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>Mostly mathematicians
Fuck off /sci/ stop circle jerking around your babby puzzles.

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And here is another one:

André Weil, without hesitation, named[2] Siegel as the greatest mathematician of the first half of the 20th century. Atle Selberg said of Siegel and his work:
"He was in some ways, perhaps, the most impressive mathematician I have met. I would say, in a way, devastatingly so. The things that Siegel tended to do were usually things that seemed impossible. Also after they were done, they still seemed almost impossible."

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What makes Bach so smart?

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This. There are also lots of very smart--as in, lightning fast thinking and reasoning--people today and in our history, but they either didn't get enough opportunities/resources as anon said or also weren't very motivated to work in STEM and help the world progress in those fields. Maybe they were interested in law or something instead.
Pretty much a big quality all these famous scientists have is having enough drive and dedication to achieve the success by which we judge them--which was impacting their field and doing enough to stand out in history . They clearly had to be some kind of smart to do their job, but success really is mostly about work and dedication (and a bit of luck) rather than genius.

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Really good at composing music I guess

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Also by this post I was basically just implying that people choosing "the smartest man that ever existed" are choosing from a limited bank of people who had achieved fame.

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/sci/ which movie star do you think would have the biggest cock that ever fucked?

My vote is a tie between Brad Pitt and pic related

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Brad Pitt is actually below average. Biggest is Liam Neeson or Jared Leto.

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What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I’ll have you know etc. etc.

Can we delete this retarded thread please..?

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Nicole Oresme is the only one here who was about 500 years ahead of his times. He came up with a theory of functions, imagined plots & graphs before Decartes, and considered the ideas of domain and ranges before anyone else.

And his reward was to be forgotten by all by select nerds

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Honestly, he does. Both as a conplete savant, socialite, and contributor to an extremely wide range of mathematics.

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They're possibly the smartest living, but not the smartest that ever lived.

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Da Vinci was the greatest polymath but he wasn't the smartest.

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I don't know. I think that Michio Kaku is probably the smartest living person. If you watch The Future of the Mind you'll see that he's contributed more to physics than probably anyone in the past 150 years.

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I guess it depends on how you define intelligent.
I see it as nine types of intelligence:
- Naturlist Intelligence
- Musical Intelligence
- Logical-Mathematical Intelligence
- Existential Intelligence
- Interpersonal Intelligence
- Body-Kinesthetic Intelligence
- Linguistic Intelligence
- Intra-Personal Intelligence
- Spatial Intelligence

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"logical-mathematical" intelligence is what matters the most. It's the greatest test of intelligence.

>- Naturlist Intelligence
>- Intra-Personal Intelligence
>- Existential Intelligence
You might be joking but there are retards who actually believe shit like this.

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You all seem to forget
> the king

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> so much fucking implying it hurts

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Define "smart"

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>Hey guys, i never met any of these people i'm talking about, but i know they are sooooo smart

you want to talk about newton? Look up christiaan huygens, that's the guy he got ideas from, newton nor leibniz inveted calculus as much as they just built on huygens discoveries and ideas to develop the,

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I didn't even use green arrow buttons. So try responding to the correct post next time moron.
Also, Michio Kaku developed the idea that we might have consciousness that can quantum communicate with multiple realities. I'd like to see someone like Einstein or Hawking come up with that.

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> implying that makes sense
> implying that there has been any quantitative evidence to support that
> implying he's just another Dr. Oz type who likes to dangle shiny things in front of the TV for money

>> No.6647154

Oh so since you are incapable of understanding it, it doesn't make sense?!? Well then explain his argument: if we don't have consciousness that transcends our four dimensions of space and time, then how could we imagine a God that is outside our universe. Even if there is no God, doesn't the ability to imagine one prove quantum consciousness?

Also, he's not a god damned Doctor Oz. Anyone who is anybody in physics would tell you that he's the world's leading researcher in things like teleportation, free energy from the soil, and infinite hidden information density. If we focus hard enough, the multiple realities can be mediated by our quantum consciousness and we can absorb scientific information from the quantum aether and send it into our minds.

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My power rankings:
1. Newton
2. Euler
3. Gauss
4. Turing
5. Michaelangelo
6. Kepler
7. Faraday
8. Fermi
9. Rutherford
10. Tesla
Power gap
9000. Watson and Crick
90000001. Dawkins
9.9999999e8 me

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i'm really thankful that you were actually trolling now

it annoys me that people out there actually consider this science

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If you include Faraday you must include Maxwell at or above him

>> No.6647163

Whatever, you can blow me off as some conspiracy nut. I don't really care. It's all in his book. You can look it up or ignore it. Your loss. This conversation is pissing me off, so I think I'm heading to bed.

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Buddha and Lord Shiva

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>not mentioning one of the greatest physicists of all time, Ettore Majorana

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That kind of thing, dont be lewd anon

>> No.6647334


>You ain't rustled one
>it annoys me...

Not even that guy, but you can't hide the truth, anon. Or in that guys case, from it. :^)

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>you want to talk about newton? Look up christiaan huygens, that's the guy he got ideas from, newton nor leibniz inveted calculus as much as they just built on huygens discoveries and ideas to develop

>If you include Faraday you must include Maxwell at or above him

john warner backus

dennis ritchie

other electrical/computer engineer people I dont know

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Kurt Gödel

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Von Neumann or Ramanujan

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Does anyone remember the case of the guy who got in late to a class in gradschool, and wrote down the equation the professor had on the wall, and came back two weeks later and showed the answer to the professor, and the professor was just like "I put that on the board as an example of a huge problem that nobody has solved"

This thread just made me think of that guy.

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Actually he wasn't even a late student he was a janitor.

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it saddens me that nobody wants to talk about this brilliant man

>> No.6649346

This guy gets it

This guy doesn't get it

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Newton's approach to quantifying the rules that govern the natural world pretty much laid the foundation for all of modern science and the industrialized world as we know it.

Vote goes to Newton.

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> believed in turning lead into gold

well, can't win 'em all

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the kid who learned portuguese or something in one day, he died already

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Not his fault that the discipline of chemistry was pathetically unrefined at the time.

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> chemistry circa the 17th century

>> No.6649542


Totally agree, Euler should be at the top or near the top of any list of influential scientists. The man stuck his dick in literally ever field of mathematics.

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>this guy fell off a spaceship

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Euler is the only answer you fucking retards.
There are people, however, who are smart and are 100s of years ahead of their generations but will never publish anything to not add to this scum of earth.

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>> No.6649659

No Cauchy?

>> No.6649666

> misspelled euler

we're talking about #1 here

>> No.6649672

>implying Grothendieck did anything of worth
>implying sheaf cohomologies have applications
>implying smart people would stop research over petty anti-militaristic beliefs
>implying he's still alive

>> No.6649674

> road the galois train straight to crazy town

>> No.6649682


>> No.6649685

I vote me too

>> No.6649721


>> No.6649734


>mfw you've all handled my ass pennies


>> No.6649744

>implying they're not
They're really usefull in mathematical physics

>> No.6649746

>implying Grothendieck did anything of worth
>set the groundwork for Atiyah–Singer index theorem - one of the most important theorems in theoretical physics
>Weil Conjectures - Huge implications to all of mathematics
>Topoi - Huge implications to mathematical logic
>Constructed all of modern algebraic geometry

>implying sheaf cohomologies have applications
>algebraic geometry
>algebraic topology
>TQFT/String theories

Once you get out of baby tier mathematics you'll understand why he's a god.

>road the galois train straight to crazy town
>implying smart people would stop research over petty anti-militaristic beliefs
You gotta be schizo to be that smart.
>implying he's still alive
Nope, he's rotting on the floor of his shack.

>> No.6649773

Gauss doesn't have a "known for" column; it's a separate page.

>> No.6649785

You ought to throw in Michio Kaku to your list of celebrity scientists who have contributed fuck all to their respective fields.

>> No.6650040



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Jacob Barnett

>> No.6650303

Dawkins is actually a very celebrated biologist. His gene-centric model of evolution was very influential in the field of evolutionary biology.

Now you may argue that biology is for retards and I may be inclined to agree but that's his field and he has certainly contributed to it.

>> No.6650312

If we are talking raw analytical ability I think the bulk of math and physics professors simply outdo him - which in turn contributed to their fields as well, otherwise they wouldn't be in their positions.

>> No.6650314


Thank you for visiting /sci/, please come again after finishing highschool.

>> No.6650316

Of course. I wouldn't even consider him as a possibility of the smartest man alive, let alone all time. But the assertion that he contributed fuck-all to his field is just wrong.

>> No.6650611

Well any man willing to openly call the internet the toilet stall graffiti of a bunch of butt-hurt virgins most have some insight of the universe's inner workings.

>> No.6650832

Where would Feynman fall on a list of 100 most intelligent scientists?

>> No.6650840

Leonardo da Vinci was so far ahead for his time, void of any major education he is probably the most naturally gifted and innovative. Depends what is defined as smart.

>> No.6650868

Grothendieck is by far the smartest man still alive.

But I'd say Ramanujan, or Tesla

>> No.6650882

androcentrism anyone?

>> No.6650883

Pretty high up.

>> No.6650888

agriculture and hands are not tools. both are involved with tools, but neither are tools themselves.

fire is probably it, though

>> No.6650889

Bach did some really complicated stuff. They difficulty of his results is really comparable with the contributions newton gave to physics. It's just that mechanics is more useful than musical canons

>> No.6650890

So am I on the top 100 then since I have a higher IQ than him?

>> No.6650891

> mfw all those formulas are just random important facts from the Quantum Mechanics 2 exam that I passed a month ago
harmonic oscillator, density matrix for a pure state, statistical mechanics... just random fucking shit. This picture would look stupid to everyone with a physics degree FFS

>> No.6650895

I thought he was mostly an alchemist

>> No.6650897

I don't understand this fixation on tesla

>> No.6650900

he looks like a complete beta sperg though. Probably spent all day studying

>> No.6650904

They read the Oatmeal comic

>> No.6650913

lel for some reason my high school science teacher hated watson and crick. Why didn't you include Pauling though?

>> No.6650915

Matt Demon

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Oh, I'm sorry. The correct answer was da Vinci.
Da Vinci. That's going to cost you 200 points.

>> No.6650926

Feynman wasn't really super-intelligent, he just had unique points of view. That's how he could see things that other people didn't notice. Same as Einstein.

>> No.6650927

Why would it be between two musicians?

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von Neumann

He contributed to so many fields it doesn't even make sense.

>> No.6650956

I'd say that's the backbone of being legitimately smart, though. I don't care how much advanced mathematics you can do if you can't think of a novel way to use it.

That being said, both are important.

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When Albert Einstein was asked "What does it feel like to be the smartest man alive?" he responded "I don't know, you should ask Nikola Tesla."

>> No.6651009

Speaking of which, who is the smartest man CURRENTLY ALIVE?

>> No.6651011 [DELETED] 

Jacob Barnett

>> No.6651016

kim peek

>> No.6651026

Root for the underdog hero fucked over by the system mentality + conspiracy theories

>> No.6651030


>> No.6651163


Definitely Euler. Man was way ahead of his time, did things that no one even conceived of, and even when he started to go blind, he still churned out impressive numbers of mathematical papers.

Maybe in our time we'll see the rise of Grigori Perelman.

>> No.6651211

Euler... its pronounced oy-ler you fucktards

>> No.6651214

>Not picking Socrates

>> No.6651258

> hyeeuuunngghh-ler

>> No.6651261


>> No.6651263

Wait really? Von Neumann was a reknowned socialite.

>> No.6651266

> implying the inventor of the tinfoil hat is the brightest bulb earth has had to offer

>> No.6651270


>> No.6651273




>> No.6651287

Wait I miscalculated; I was thinking of someone else. Who is that guy who was a genius but was also a renowned socialite?

>> No.6651303

Richard Feynman?
Max Planck should be near the top of the list. Philosopher, musician and one of the founding father's of quantum mechanics.

>> No.6651682 [DELETED] 
File: 49 KB, 697x611, innovative god.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.6651686

No; I recall this man's wiki page saying he threw large parties and having citations for that claim.

>> No.6651695

The fugue. Don't forget the fugue.

>> No.6651715

wasn't that Neumann

>> No.6651734

It was, though I haven't checked the citations to see if y'all niggas are trying to dun goof me.

>> No.6651786

1 Ravel
2 Euler
3 Bach
4 Riemann
5 Gauss
6 Grothendieck

pretty sure there aren't any "smart" pursuits other than music and maths

>> No.6651802

Give me some Ravel superior than Bach.

>> No.6651830

Shinichi Mochizuki

>> No.6652101
File: 517 KB, 1536x2279, o-AYN-RAND-facebook.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ayn Rand. Smartest Man to ever live.

>> No.6652275

top kek

>> No.6652308

That reminds me of Aryabatta, except that dude lived in the Antquity. Glad to discover a new name still.


> void of any major education

He spent all his adolescence in the workshop of a reknowned master. That's an education many contemporary artists would kill for. And at the time that was enough to provide you the tools for making cutting edge discoveries in some fields. Notr denying that Da Vinci was smart, but our modern idea of education is just a very particular kind of it (and not necessarily the best).

>> No.6652351
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>Classical composers only
If we're counting music and lyrical genius then there's no greater mind than pic related.


>> No.6652485


Did no one else not notice the bait, or are you all more mature than me? Yes, I am mad.

>> No.6652496

Why is this fucking bait!? Explain yourself!!!

>> No.6652500

You're not as smart as you think you are.
Get used to it.

>> No.6652525

Turns out I was not goofed, it was Neumann. He was my nigga.

>> No.6652528

troll post..

>> No.6652720

And I guess you could do the same?

>> No.6652723

Tesla is the dream of every autist; become successful despite having 0 social skills. The fact that Tesla died penniless and is mostly forgotten by the public compared to less smart but more charismatic people like Edison proves this dream to be foolish.

>> No.6652729

I'd rate Faraday above Maxwell, he came up with all that stuff despite knowing sweet fuck all about the most basic of maths. Guy didn't even know how to differentiate yet advanced the study of electricity and magnetism by miles beyond what anyone had done before.

>> No.6652730

>tfw this is me
I used to think i was a supergenius until I went to some top university and realized I was bottom of the pile. My actual talent is being able to come up with outside-the-box ideas.

>> No.6652809

>Who is the smartest man who's ever lived?
Ettore Majorana ??

>> No.6652815

His harmonies and chord changes are much much more complex

>> No.6652821

God, of course, & his name is jesus. Oh sorry, wrong room.

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