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>computer science major
>mfw I need to retake linear algebra and physics on AC/RC/waves
>the course material will almost never be used in my field of study
>they just tacked it on because muh math requirements
>mfw knowing these things were useless as fuck killed my will to study for them which is why I failed them in the first place
>it's going to be an endless cycle until I get my retarded ass together

Am I wrong in my concepts of these courses? I understand linear algebra is used in networking and graphics but is it really necessary to have a whole course devoted to matrices where 90% of the material is fucking useless? this honestly feels like the college is just taking money from me for a bullshit course in my major.

as a programmer will I ever need to know these fucking formulas from physics? will I ever need to know determinants and eigenvalues/vectors?

as some background I have taken advanced data structure courses, finite automata, and software engineering which are junior level and have never once seen anything from calculus, linear algebra, or physics used.

what the fuck is this shit?

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It's a filter, to filter out retards like you. When someone highers someone with a certain degree they want it to mean certain things. Pass the mark or settle for your programing certificates. No use bitching to us about it, we all went through the rights of passage.

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not him, and not saying those subjects are useless, but what would be the meaning on hiring someone who passed filter courses who contribute to nothing relevant in his curriculum?

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>we all went through the rights of passage.

so they are effectively useless courses for computer science then? good glad we agreed you bitch nigger.

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If you can't breeze through Linear then you represent all that's wrong with how colleges are accepted people into ``computer science'' (code monkeying) majors.

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Everyone knows they are useless to all but a very few who specialise in specific types of programming.

Programmers end up all over in many fields and you have better than not odds of not ending up as a programmer for your career. Programming just gets you in the door.

They have schools specifically for people who don't like generals and want to focus more on the technical side, they are called technical schools. They attract lazy bastards like you who can't stomach mild academic rigor.

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>>computer science major
>>need to retake linear algebra and physics on AC/RC/waves
>>the course material will almost never be used in my field of study

Fucking kill yourself. You and your kind don't belong on /sci/

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gee, y'all niggas getting mad cuz this guy doesnt want to take physics and math. God forbid you dont like some subject.

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truth be told I am pretty shit at mathematics, albeit me failing linear algebra was due to me just being blatantly lazy about the subject and generally hating the course.

But how do I now represent all that is wrong with how colleges accept people into computer science? I have gone through most of the junior level programming courses and have yet to see anything relating to physics, calculus, or linear algebra suddenly my fault?

>They attract lazy bastards like you who can't stomach mild academic rigor.

you mean pointless shit that's meant to siphon money from students?

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Different anon here, but...

We're enthusiasts for science and mathematics, you know. Coming into this forum and saying 'lol fuck physics and math' or 'i don't like science/math' is like going to /v/ and saying that video games suck.

In other words: Why are you here?

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I am studying Maths.
I had to take "Basic Biology" in my first year.

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enjoy your worthless degree

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>worthless degree
>computer science

it's like you're not even trying anymore

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Can't you replace it with a physics or chemistry sequence?

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>Mistaking academic merit with salary.

Yes and business degrees are known to be utter god tier.

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>>computer science major
>>need to retake linear algebra and physics on AC/RC/waves
>>the course material will almost never be used in my field of study
Holy shit faggots like you are the reason comp sci students have such a bad reputation.

If you don't need even linear algebra (to be honest i know no field besides SE that does not need linear algebra) than fuck off the university and go to a trade school and learn your PHP/JS/HTML stack there.

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I have basic physics and basic chemistry too. They are all mandatory.
Well, as mandatory as they can get. I passed bio without going a day to class.

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What school is this?

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Spanish college.

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I had to take biology too and it will be pointless unless I take computational genomics(even then we learned jack shit on DNA which is the focus of genomics) which is an optional course.


I don't hate them necessarily I just hate that they are in my way and are costing me thousands of dollars with very little to show for it in my upper divisional courses and more importantly the fucking job market.

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>computer science major
>retake linear
>useless as fuck
>computer science

dude are you fivereal? ps-babbys first linear is easy af

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>>In other words: Why are you here?

He thinks knowing that if you take 10 pigeons and shove them into 9 pigeonholes that at least one hole has more than 1 pigeon qualifies as advanced abstract theoretical mathematics worthy of /sci/....

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College is not job training. GTFO

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>College is not job training. GTFO

True but college is instead a massive gate between getting a good job and a shit one.


short of networking and graphics what is linear algebra good for in terms of computer science?

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I go to a technical college for programming and they still had me take physics and a writing class, and other stuff.

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>short of networking and graphics what is linear algebra good for in terms of computer science?

Numerical Analysis, Modeling, Cryptography, Information theory, AI/Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Computation Theory, Combinatorial Optimization, Network Flows, Linear Programing, Image Processing, Data Mining, etc etc

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Adding upon anon's list just for fun, off the top of my head:

Supervision and Control (of Discrete-Events Systems), Game Theory (mostly when there is a finite arena), Stochastic Processes (in particular everything Markovian), Coding Theory (even though you probably included that in "Information Theory"), Signal Processing, Data Representation, Compressed Sensing, etc.

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Linear Algebra is the only really reliable and "fast" way computers can do anything relating to solving problems.

AC/RC/waves is for anything related to electronics and fourier series is how computers discretize fucking anything.

If both of those are "useless" to you than go to some graphics design trade school you fucking idiot.

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>he wants to be a programmer
>he can't do linear algebra or circuitry

good luck champ

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That is not CS, just bullshit maths and CompE

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another anon here.

Frankly, While I can see how certain kinds of programming wouldn't need physics knowledge...

Programming it's not just "Muh application development for some company" That's just a narrow part of the whole range of things you can do with computers, Just because you want to be a retard that makes application doesn't mean that the whole carreer should be focused in your preference, there's masters and doctorates for that... well, I really don't know if there's something like a master in "Look how good I'm in java"... I mean, programming is easy, and CompSci opens a lot of fields for you to continue in.. E.G robotics, ai, image processing, etc.

Many of these branches will require you to know a lot of math and be good with logic, because you want your program to run fast and efficiently. Some of these branches will require you to know physics.

the basic level you're whinning about is something that not only a CS should know, it's something that everyone should know. You should consider lucky that your field includes this knowledge.

Also, op, you're a retard, It really hurts me that people like you, without a pinch of passion decide to enter this field. It's perhaps because of people like you that nobody takes us seriously.

Leave the career, just learn ruby or python and try becoming millionaire with some random app, you don't really belong.

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You have no idea what you're talking about... Chances are you've never opened a good CS journal, been to a decent CS conference or entered a good CS lab. You're just one of the stinking dumbasses that think "CS" means software engineering. You know why "software engineering" is something taught at shitty universities and the graduate CS programs from top tier universities include courses in fields mentioned by >>6533358 and >>6533363? It's because it's what CS is about, you moron.

You know why there are people who put CS on "shit-tier" and people who put it on God-tier? The former agree with your definition of CS, the latter agree with the one in >>6533358 and >>6533363. Keep doing shit-tier programming and call it CS all you want, it's only gonna make real computer scientists mock you ever more.

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you've had a few people refute your opinion, but let me break it down a bit myself.

Linear mathematics help to describe to you in part how a binary computation functions. Physics on waveforms teaches you how the signal propagates in the physical circuit itself. Both are absolutely essential to the further knowledge of CompSci, and to dismiss them as nonessential ruins your basic understanding of the subject.

A boxer would not enter a fight knowing how to parry without learning first how to punch.

>I don't even belong on /sci/ and only come here for the theoretical debates and cool technology

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ay caramba!

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It really depends upon what you are going to do, but for the sake of getting a rounded look at the field, those courses are necessary. If you are going to work on a wireless data transfer project, you should know how the data is transmitted, what kind of noise it is likely to encounter, and how to correct for this noise. It is not entirely a hardware problem as the hardware still needs to be told what kind of signal it is looking for and from there the software will still have to implement proper corrections. It is entirely possible, and even likely, that you will never see this in your career, but this kind of things looks to be one of the bigger areas of CS research at the moment and so it is important to a proper CS education since it is meant to prepare you to do CS research, not to be a software engineer [that is what software engineering programs are for].

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You're talking as if I wanted to be a researcher lol. I do CS for the money. I want a degree for a job. Sorry, but not everyone is autistic like you.

>> No.6533658

>CS for the money
>Doesn't know what CS is
>Have fun making shitty websites or shitty phone apps

Seriously tho, OP, the other guy just listed topics that are required for upper div/junior-senior level classes after you get past noob CS stuff like SICP.

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Linear algebra is the best.

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>Linear mathematics help to describe to you in part how a binary computation functions.
This is gibberish. You're hand-waving at stuff you don't understand.

Linear *algebra* can be useful for computer science, as just about any math can be, but is certainly not "absolutely essential":
"Linear algebra is required in about half of the computer science curriculums and is optional or not required in the other half"

>Physics on waveforms teaches you how the signal propagates in the physical circuit itself. Both are absolutely essential to the further knowledge of CompSci
This is not what what computer science is. The physics of actual computer components is totally irrelevant to computer science. Computer science is about computation in abstract, about pure process, not about transistors and mice and how to get stuff on the App Store.

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>Computer science is about making websites and phones apps

This is what /sci/ actually believes

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I only get that from people who are majoring in some shitty liberal art.

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I'm laughing my ass off at all the autists and trolls pretending to be autists ITT.

Do you really believe linear algebra is important? No employer gives a shit whether you can solve a matrix. I'm gonna get my high salary for my expertise in programming video games. Do any of you even know any real CS? Do you know how to make a GUI in Java for example? I bet you don't.

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First, you're a computer science major, not a computer programming major. Being a science major means you need to have a broad general background in all the sciences. So yes, you need lots of math, and physics, and chemistry, and biology. In case you haven't figured it out yet, many of the interesting problems you work on in computer science come from those fields.

Linear algebra is a corner stone of understanding the math used in computer vision, much of AI/machine learning, and many optimization techniques. If you don't learn it formally, you'll have to pick it up informally along the way, which usually sucks. Good luck getting everything you need out of a linear programming course without it. Unless you were the type of child who taught themselves calculus when they were ten, and found an old textbook on the shelf when looking for a comic book, you'll have no chance of understanding anything non-trivial in computer vision if you don't learn it first.

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>I have taken advanced data structure courses, finite automata, and software engineering which are junior level and have never once seen anything from calculus, linear algebra, or physics used.
Then you're either not looking, not taking the right courses, or at a school that makes Phoenix online look like MIT.

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This is some piss poor b8 m8, even by /sci/ standards

step up nigga

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Do you know efficient algorithms for mapping a 3D world onto a 2D monitor? For determining which portions of that world are visible to the viewer? For determining which polygons need to be illuminated, and to what extent? Do your algorithms run quickly enough to manage 60 fps?

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>This is what /sci/ actually believes
Sadly, that's what a lot of first year CS majors believe. They get into the degree thinking the "science" part is an anachronism, and not something THEY will ever deal with. Those students generally drop out into something more their speed, like psych, or if they're really stupid, business.

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everything is pointless abstract shit used to siphon money, your not the first person to take classes that you will never ever ever use in your life time.

>> No.6533691

>No employer gives a shit whether you can solve a matrix. I'm gonna get my high salary for my expertise in programming video games.
I think the way you're trolling here reveals some actual confused ideas about CS, math, and game programming.

A lot of video game programmers are totally fucking elite applied mathematicians. SpaceX hired some game programmers to help them teach their rocket to land on its tailfeathers.

There are some video games that don't require much math, but game programming is not generally some ghetto of intellectual inferiority. It's a very competitive field where knowing lots of math gives you an edge.

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Unfortunately that's what they believe because that's what it often is, very few universities teach actual computer science

I'm studying computer science and they don't even cover programming because it's just assumed you already know how, it's all just the theory behind it

For example the first subject instead of being "intoduction to programming" is "introduction to sorting algorithms"

There is still a lot of money to be made in actual computer-science, but code monkey jobs are paying less and less every year

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Did I need Art History and English Lit etc. etc. for my major? NO. But I had to suck it up and knock that shit out anyway. They were a means to an end. Look at it that way.

>> No.6533709

Actually the reason why they went into CS in the first place was because they feared that a business degree would be too math heavy.

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I'm sorry, but come on

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Linear algebra, logic, automata theory, algorithms etc have nothing to do with CS. They should be relocated to the math department where they belong. CS students shouldn't be forced to waste time with things unrelated to their future jobs. In an interview no employer would ever ask about math. They want to see what you know about computers.

>> No.6533859

On the off chance you're really that stupid, and not baiting, see here:
>computer science major, not a computer programming major

>> No.6533860

>In an interview no employer would ever ask about math.
I take it you've never interviewed for a CS position then.

>> No.6533865

systems of linear equations at least are going to be somewhat important man.
that being said linear algebra is easy as fuck how do you even fail it? what did you not understand?

>> No.6533879

>algorithms have nothing to do with CS

>> No.6533885

It's true. The customer only sees the GUI and doesn't care what algorithm was used behind it. As a professional CS person I always get to hear things like "the software has to look like this and when I click the button it has to do that" but never anything about "big O notation". Deal with it, math nerd. Outside of university nobody cares about "complexity theory".

>> No.6533892

With today's resources and efficient hardware the choice of algorithm becomes irrelevant and all algorithms are equally good. The theoretical mathematical efficiency of algorithms isn't a factor anymore when our hardware can do any algorithm in 5 seconds. Moore's law, motherfucker.

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You obviously know your stuff.

>> No.6533903

> HUUURRRR Efficiency is out if date DURRRR

Get the fuck out.

>> No.6533911

>conflating academic CS research with a technical degree

>> No.6533919

CS students don't need to learn about complexity classes anymore. Soon we're gonna have quantum computers and on quantum computers P=NP=constant. A quantum computer can solve every algorithm instantly.

>> No.6533924

I am going to assume troll, but in case of retard, quantum computing is not a magic bullet for all NP hard problems and never claimed to be.

>> No.6534184


Here's how it goes:

- Scientists figure out that some NP-hard decision problems can be solved in polynomial time by quantum computers,

- General journalists ask about it, scientists dumb it down because they don't get the idea across otherwise,

- Journalists write a title that involves "P=NP?!" and "quantum computers", sometimes with a relevant explanation somewhere, sometimes not,

- Since dumb readers don't read the article and just read the title anyway, they think P=NP for quantum computers: note, the sentence "P=NP for quantum computers" doesn't even mean anything, but they can't think something like "NP hard problems can be solved in polynomial time by quantum computers" because they simply don't understand the notions in that sentence,

- Other dumb people read that and keep repeating it since reading article titles on Google "confirms" everything.

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What's the difference between an array or hash table and a vector or a matrix? There's not much. Your inability to do one is strongly related to the other, and it really makes you look like a pathetic programmer if you can't do something that's closely related.

Ways of thinking in other similar subjects translate over to others. You're thinking too small and not at the big picture. If you can solve certain problems in mathematics because you learned them, those same methods and ideas translate over to programming as well. If you're too short-sighted to see this, you are really no better than any other average fucker and are doomed to a normal life of mediocrity scraping by with the bare minimum with no real passion or purpose. Your loss.

>> No.6534241

>failing linear algebra
I literally forgot to show up for one of the tests and still passed the course. Apply yourself, anon.

>> No.6534318

I'm curious, what are the main differences between CS and computer engineering? And which is harder?

>> No.6534345

CS is the study of process in abstract. Mostly, you end up being a programmer.

Computer Engineering is about building actual computers. You often end up being a programmer anyway.

Software Engineering is about being a programmer. You generally end up a coal miner or lounge singer.

>> No.6534349

I remember when I took my first programming class I told my friend that arrays were basically vectors. He told me "not really." I think he was just being a dick.

>> No.6534356

Computer Engineering and Computer Science have some overlap, but they take different approaches.

If you want to know how a computer works, take Computer Engineering. If you want to see what you can do with a computer, take Computer Science.

Computer Engineers learn maths so they can understand computers, Computer Scientists learn computers so they can understand maths(Not really, but that's what's meant to happen).

Computer Engineering = Software, Hardware, Some Electronics, Systems, Networking (Usually)
Computer Science = Maths, Algorithms, More maths

Which one is harder? Depends on where you go to study, depends on what your skills are.

I'm studying Electronic, Computer and Communications Engineering, so my course currently has a broader focus than most would.

Computer Engineers will deal with microcomputers and chips and stuff. A lot of control circuits and stuff that many would find boring.

I think it's a shame that Computer Science and Computer Engineering don't begin as a shared course in most colleges, few students understand the difference properly and many regret their decisions.

>> No.6534364

>going to /v/ and saying video games suck
>implying they wouldn't agree

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File: 2.42 MB, 320x240, 1387861689432.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Computer ``science'' is a branch of mathematics.

>> No.6534382

Computers are tools designed for mathematicians and scientists, everything else that they do is secondary to their original purpose.

It's amazing that "computer nerds" don't realise this before they enter college.

>> No.6534393

I'd argue is several branches of mathematics.

>> No.6534398

Basically every branch of math is several branches of math, turdforbrains.

>> No.6534400

Shut up nerd

>> No.6534401

Computer Engineer here, is it possible for me to study Computer Science as a MSc after I get a BE?

All this talk of maths is making me horny.

>> No.6534402

Whatever, normie.

>> No.6534403

I really hate that meme. It's pure misinformation. Computer science is NOT a branch of math.

>> No.6534404

Sure, if the head of the admissions committee is also gay.

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>biology major
>have to take calc 3 + another math class + an applied math class that deals with biology
>never EVER going to use it
>the other campus does not even require these classes to get a BS

>> No.6534409

Sorry to disappoint you, but you won't find much math in CS.

>> No.6534415

Top implicatons.

>> No.6534416

>Engineering major
>mfw I need to retake Electrical Systems + Software Development + Calc 3
>I don't need to know any of this in my career
I only need basic arithmetic to count the dicks in my ass and mouth.

>> No.6534423

anon if you go to technical college and bitch about how your lazy ass can't get its daily, three hours of nude fresh-air time because you sit on it, I kind of feel sad for you.

>> No.6534453

That's not what I'm saying. I'm not saying it branches out in different directions: I'm saying it's several branches with no common "parent branch".

Admittedly, representing math as a tree is a bit short-sighted and it should definitely be at least a graph, but my point stands: CS involves a collection of small things that come from very different branches of math.

>> No.6534458

>people are actually getting CS degrees to make web apps and iphone games

>> No.6534459

It's not a "meme". Computer science is more math than science, and that applies to both the pleb and the academic definitions of computer science...

>> No.6534471

It is neither math nor science. Please educate yourself on what CS actually is.

>> No.6534513

⇒representing math as a tree is a bit short-sighted and it should definitely be at least a graph

Are you saying a tree isn't a graph?

>> No.6534536

>>You know why there are people who put CS on "shit-tier" and people who put it on God-tier? The former agree with your definition of CS, the latter agree with the one in >>6533358(You) and >>6533363. Keep doing shit-tier programming and call it CS all you want, it's only gonna make real computer scientists mock you ever more

To be fair I put <span class="math">graduate[/spoiler] CS in "Mid tier", maybe "Top tier" for certain sub-fields, but definitely never "God tier". This is for the graduate study of CS; undergrad CS is regrettably much closer to "shit tier" regardless of the quality of the university you look at.

>I do CS for the money. I want a degree for a job.

Then you should go to a trade school for a fraction of the cost of university. Programming bootcamps are popping up like crazy:
www.skilledup<span class="math">.[/spoiler]com/learn/programming/the-ultimate-guide-to-coding-bootcamps-the-exhaustive-list/

Universities are solely for academic pursuits.

>the other guy just listed topics that are required for upper div/junior-senior level classes after you get past noob CS stuff like SICP

Not really. Sadly many of those topics won't be seen by most CS undergrads and even if they are, it is usually at a very shallow level.

>> No.6534543

>>mfw I need to retake physics on AC/RC/waves
>>the course material will almost never be used in my field of study

You're not look deep enough. A RC low pass filter in physics is exactly the same mathematically as an exponential moving average in code.


Math is always useful.

>> No.6534544

Look into the requirements for different programs and see if you meet them.

>> No.6534546

>"It is neither math nor science. Please educate yourself on what CS actually is."

>implying that the computer programming that loser proto-neckbeards do can be considered "Computer Science"

>> No.6534582



And while their at it, Compilers and OS design should be moved to the CpE department. Everything else should be trashed and the undergrad major program shut down.

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modern gaming is dead

>> No.6534589

>Then you should go to a trade school
Nobody respects a trade school education in programming. Good programmers get tens or hundreds of times as much done as poor programmers, so nobody wants poor programmers.

Either self-educate (and do something awesome to prove you've got talent and skill) or go to college. CS, math, science (physics), or engineering (electrical, computer, or software) degrees are the only educational certifications that matter for programming jobs.

>Universities are solely for academic pursuits.
This is not just false, but ridiculous. College is the new high school. They let anyone in, they let anyone pass who shows up on time and is reasonably obedient (though not necessarily in every program), and if you don't get a college degree, you're shut out of most job opportunities. Some degrees are better than others, but any degree is better than nothing.

Trade school only works for narrow specializations, and only gets you good-paying jobs if you're especially talented or willing to work under dangerous conditions, in remote locations, or on a brutal schedule. And you're still fucked if there's a shift in the demand for your specialty, such as industry moving offshore or someone building a robot to do your job.

>> No.6534590

It's fairly common.

1st year graduate courses cover everything you missed in undergrad at a good pace.

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would a picture help?

>> No.6534672

No, I'm saying not all graphs are trees.

>> No.6534674

>implying a clique is richer than a tree

>> No.6534675

I think I've got it now: you're saying that all men are Socrates.

>> No.6534699

Only those who drink milk and don't have a cat.

>> No.6534710

Linear Algebra is one of the most important applications, if not the most applicable math field to computer science, once you learn to use it effectively, please don't dismiss it so easily so soon.

As for physics.... yeah, big waste of time for computer science

>> No.6534722

CS is doing fuck all for 4 years while sitting in daycare for autistic manchildren.
CE is the rigorous study of computers from the low level all the way up.

It's probably harder to keep your sanity in CS.

>> No.6534735

i mean if nothing else i think that everyone should understand PCA it's like a basic fucking important concept

>> No.6534876

Yup. It's hard to imagine anyone even remotely talking about AI, classification, machine learning, clustering etc without having a good idea about what PCA is.

>> No.6535189

I recently needed to search 5 mb a bitstream with various values, altering a bitmap for every true value or value within a number of bit errors.

8 bit math and lots of array shifts in c# took over 60 seconds

Changed it to 64 bit unmanaged memory, bit shifted a cascade of the search term; 120 ms, which was adequate for my needs; could have kept going and done multi thread or better yet open cl and gotten it. A decent fpga could do the search in single digit clock cycles.

>> No.6535220


What's wrong with a Business degree? My uncle aunt has a bachelor's degree in Business at CSULA, and she's making 52k a year.

>> No.6535221

*my aunt

>> No.6535225
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Hey guys, friendly CompSci major here, what's going in this...
Fuck off

>> No.6535231

52k is what I make as a "graduate student researcher"... I'd say maybe it's because we work in cities with different base salaries, but in both cases it's in L.A., so...

If your aunt is still young and just got her degree, I understand the salary, but if not, it seems really fucking low.

>> No.6535232


Yeah, she just got her degree.

>> No.6535253

Your job will be outsourced to maheja from derkistan.

You draw a picture of how the program should look and maheja can code it up in 30 minutes for a cut of rice.

>> No.6535254
File: 7 KB, 597x305, jpeg math.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Math completely useless to computer programmers.

You guys make me sick. Cant do anything thats not boiled down to pre cooked api's.

>> No.6535256

the babby abstract algebra part probably

>> No.6535259

Are you going to be okay?

>> No.6535266

>2D Fourier

fuck off

>> No.6535269

Not everyone wants to end up being a code monkey and make shitty apps for a living.

>> No.6535270

> Not knowing what an NP Hard problem is

I pity you, sir...

>> No.6535283

CS is math, not programming.

>> No.6535291

I actually hate that in our comp sci curriculum there weren't really any math like this and it's full of retarded manchildren who'll then bitch over the algorithms course because some of them don't even have basic understanding of math and only want to do programming (yeah, good luck with that).

Also feels like I'm left out of the real computer science and have somewhat wasted 5 years of my life (currently finishing my Master's degree), I feel so dumb sometimes, but I also really just want a programming job so I guess it's OK for that.

And yes, you do need a lot of linear algebra and eg. eigenvectors even just in 3D programming for example and a lot more with more industrial software, but you don't really need to understand the math behind them, just the basics and concepts, because the libraries always do the calculating for you. You'll never need to do this kind of a math tool method from a scratch.

>> No.6535295

CS is neither math nor programming. Please don't talk about CS when you clearly never studied anything related to it.

>> No.6535629

People like you, OP, and all other fags who think like him. You are the reason why society goes to hell.

>inb4 b-b-but why do I need stupid math. I mean math is stupid and I programmer and stuff (can't even fucking into English) ...

Nobody, and I repeat and emphasis this, NOBODY will take you serious! Just get lost.

>> No.6535645

A lot of people take OP and his friends seriously. That's why CS departments are catering to this audience. That's why the math in CS curricula is reduced, the classes are dumbed down etc.

>> No.6535662

this is why they need to get told that they are fucking plebs.

>> No.6535695

I call a vote to rename computer science to computational mathematics. All in favor?

>> No.6536132

It might be a better name but it doesn't really encompass everything. It is better, though.

>> No.6536379

OP, 15 year programmer here, let me be an ass:

Yes. of course those things are useful. Yes of course you can go an entire career without knowing them. I have used them in programming.

You wouldn't know because you're still in school. If you wanted to learn on your own you should have done that instead of going to school. You education is not going to convince me you're any good at programming either, so suck it up and finish your fucking class. The fact you can't seem to perform well on tasks that aren't immediately interesting to you is probably why when someone like me interviews you , you wont be given a job.

TLDR; suck it up everything is interesting in some way.

>> No.6537132

But that's a different thing.

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