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>mfy I can't do math and want to be a programmer
>mfw I got through a CompSci degree and still don't know wf I am doing
>mfw wouldn't even know how to calculate $300k starting jobs

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yeah. programming doesn't really needs math. it logic. math is difficult because you need to memorize a lot of symbols. programming i just plain text. damn, I can understand math via programming rather from books or teachers

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They really should cut down the library GUI stuff and load up on math methods.

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the highest level of math used in professional programming is modulo arithmetics.

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How the hell did you pass classes like crypto and theory of computation?

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mathematical symbols are just shorthand for logical concepts. it's easier to write a summation symbol than a for or while loop.

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>Classes like crypto
By not having them. Didn't even go over the padlock analogy. It was mainly software development classes and only one general "Mathematics for Computing.

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>compsci degree
>only 'mathematics for computing'

Holy shit what kind of CS degree is this? We had to take at minimum 2 semesters of calculus, discrete math, linear algebra, statistics & probability. And that's all baby stuff.

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I'm guessing not a bachelor's? Probably some associate's shit 2-3 years or whatever. OP confirm/deny?

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I don't think it is easier.

/someone who doesn't know how to read summations or integrals or anything in common math notation

that feel when I'll never understand your luna runes and participate in math threads.

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If you don't understand a rune ask someone to explain it.

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That's why CS gets bad rep, shitty colleges teaching entry level, programming and saying it's Computer Science.

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your point?

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my point

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Nah it was a bachelor's. There was a math module each year, over the course it went over the stuff >>6415681 said. Touched on analysis methods, mainly looked at maths in terms of computable physical systems and graphics processing. Later there was some probability theory in AI.

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can more of these be posted please, they are great for making people butthurt

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What is it about science that makes it fundamentally require a higher intellect than math or computer science?

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Is the first subject economy? It's the only one I didn't get.

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I 笑'd

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What is this, reddit? You don't ask shit here, you just fucking learn the hard way, pussy ass bitch mother fucker tits cunt faggot.

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This is what happens when you don't check your work

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Also, the highlighted words are completely different in these.

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>>mfy I can't do math and want to be a programmer
And I read:
>>mfy I can't do math and want to do applied mathematics
OP, if this is true... I dunno bro...

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I think he meant to ask someone in the real world. People have to be nice to you there because they have to live with the consequences of being assholes.

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bullshit. As im typing this, im also working with algebraic topology (very abstract math) and its applications to image processing and computer vision.

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>its applications to image processing and computer vision.
You don't have shit on wavelets, you're honestly about 10 years behind. Let me guess? Babby's fourth year graduate project?

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>the consequences of being assholes.
That's a thing? I never considered an endless stream of pussy to be a consequence.

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i graduated from CS and knew how to do nothing
i took a year at Starbucks and dropped my hobbies to learn all the shit i should have learned at college
i wished they had failed me early on and having to repeat a class or two than to let me graduate an useless piece of shit
currently a mobile programmer on Android/IOS/Windows

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That's computer engineering, not programing

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A major skill in computer engineering is, essentially, programming. Be a faggot elsewhere, please.

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>Programming doesn't really needs math.

Technically speaking, mathematics includes all logical abstraction methods, so you'd be far more precise if you've said something along the lines of: "There are branches of programming that don't require algebra and geometry."

Programming is more a branch of mathematics than anything else.
Everything in it works because of maths and someone actually solving said mathematical problems before you (just the basic conversions of numerical bases are all maths).
Solving said problems, however, is more a thing for CE, rather than CS.

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It isn't though. That's the funny part.

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actually, it's more lazy than stupid.

>i'm pretty lazy, unless it's interesting.

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i feel for you op. Atleast its proof that maths is actually quite irrelevant, compared with english.

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>average college graduate ever.txt

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