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I'm a sculptor and I was wondering if anybody here could educate on *~MAGNETS~*

Basically I had this idea of sculpting a bust and then embedding a rather large magnet inside the cranium of my bust having it situated rather close to the skin.

Does anybody here know whether it would be possible to place an opposing ring-magnet directly above the other large head magnet and have them repel each other so that the ring-magnet floats like a halo? Like, would this work if you were extremely careful of the placement?

I thought it would make a fucking cool piece of work.

How about if the magnet within the cranium was a large ring-magnet with a hollow center the diameter of the "halo" magnet?

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> so that the ring-magnet floats like a halo?
it'd be wicked if we could do this.

here's some quantum magic to make you jealous

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So I assume every time I placed it it would just slide off?

And dayum I need some liquid nitrogen.

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Oh, one question.
If my theory is incorrect, how exactly do these magnetic globes function?

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Have several magnets facing with the same pole outward and upward.

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yeah you need some magnetic field cup for stability

also something about either rotational momentum or induced fields like this:
(I like how all of them have to show that there's no strings attached holding them in place)

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So I could arrange several smaller magnets in a circle within the cranium, and then place the halo magnet above the center of this ring of magnets?

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To get a somewhat similar effect to the superconductor, you could carefully balance the fields of the two magnets and introduce impurities into the magnet inside the bust for the ring to "pin" to. Without something for the pinning effect, the balance would be unstable and the ring would easily slip off.

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I think so.

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Eurgh fuck, I just watched your video... this was exactly what my tutor told me. That in order for it to work that I would have to keep the halo magnet spinning.

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Can the head be connected to a power source? Run AC through an electromagnet, and it will induce eddy currents in pieces of metal. It is possible to suspend stuff this way.

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3 seconds of googling

> But the base also has a little sensing circuit (electromagnetic or optical), which senses the position of the globe. If it is too low, it increases the current through the electromagnet, if it is too high, it lowers the current. As a result the globe levitates.

It has basic control theory.
This wouldn't be impossible to implement.
You should do some ampere's law to figure it out