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Hi, /sci/.
I'm trying to make my own tiered chart of the math types, but I'm not really sure how. What I'd ideally like to do is make something from its most babby mode, like say, "Numbers are symbols, here are the symbols and what they mean, this is positional notation and how it works", to "this is how addition works/subtraction" to "this is how to multiply" to "This is how algebra works" and so on.

Unfortunately, I can't really juggle all these subjects, and the vast majority of them I've never even heard of before. I don't know how to tier them and make them flow in a tree away from the most basic and rudimentary of math subjects, because I've never approached them before.

If you were to make a tiered or treed list of mathematical subjects, ones with fundamentals and laws and rules from which further subjects of math were predicated on, how would you do them?

I never got far beyond pre-algebra and I'm trying to make a clear path for myself to know where I am, where I go from there, where else I can go based on what I know, and where that path will lead me to.
Who knows, it might help other people in the same boat I'm in.

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Math is far too interconnected to do that.

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Bullshit. That makes absolutely no sense.

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A typical course of study would go from pre-algebra:
To Algebra I
To Geometry and Algebra II
To Precalculus=Introduction to Analysis+Trigonometry=Algebra III
To a calculus class that looks a lot like AP Calc AB/BC
End HS

Then you're looking at linear algebra and then abstract algebra. At this point just go to any given college's website and find their course of study.

For example, for my math major I will take: Linear Algebra, Abstract Algebra, any number of electives, real analysis, and topology. For my electives, I'll probably take Number Theory, a second semester of real analysis, complex analysis, and an introduction to numerical analysis

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