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What do I need to study before I can go on to learn number theory?

Calculus, multivariable, diff. equations and linear algebra? More? Maybe analysis too? Or can I just jump right at it after calculus?

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complex analysis

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>complex analysis
And the prerequisites for that are?

Also can someone verify this?

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The prerequisites for number theory at my university are discrete mathematics, linear algebra, and multivariable calculus.

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Calculus shoudl be fine, and just have an understanding of how to do proofs.

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You can start before you even know calc.

Look up "A Friendly Introduction to Number Theory"
I'm still working through it now, so I can't say how expansive it is (in the intro the book says you don't need to know calc exept for a few chapters that can be skipped). It is at least a good starting point.

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You could jump into it now.


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Will I be actually LEARNING number theory or just grasping the concept by reading these books?

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you don't need any prerequisites for number theory.

previous knowledge of math techniques is helpful in case you need to apply certain things to problems but conceptually number theory is its own thing.

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Many of the proofs end up being glossed over since there is no way to prove them without higher mathematics. It's the same as learning calculus, though. First you learn the rules, then later you prove all the proofs.

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Good surveys of a subject are self-contained. The only requirement is mathematical maturity.

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Complex analysis (18.112),

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analytic number theory isn't the same as number theory.

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here's a hand prerequisite chart

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Because "number theory" is a retardedly easy class for idiots and cs majors

Real number theory is analytic. (Algebraic also exist but they are always seem to be playing catch up to analytic)

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>omitting logicians
makes me rage every time

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