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Great thread OP.

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OP's image is pretty real... if you want to arrange things by "purity" whatever the fuck that means. Hows about arranging things by application? Mathematics gives us the tool sure, but pure mathematics is just an exercise in academic wankery, without a real world application i.e. physics or engineering, it is worhtless

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Calm down Zeno.

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>I don't see why we need the guys in the head office. Here at the counter is where the burgers get sold!

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Arranging the fields by purity keeps politics out of the issue. "Real world applications" is not well defined and just leads to autists flinging shit at other autists in other fields.

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I lol'd.
Get that printed on a t-shirt. You'll look like such a badass xD

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According to Aristotle, pure science (like mathematics) is better precisely because it has no application, we don't do it in order to produce food or clothings but for the pursuit of knowledge itself, which, according to him, is what makes humans better than animals.
But this is a very debatable point.

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If you wanna go down by real world application then people mining iron is probably at the top, but nobody gives a shit about that

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Coming from my Comp. Science friend

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Cs major
150k starting
Mfw wall street (especially quant trading) is in decline and sillicon valley is booming
Physics PhDs who don't get tenure get to choose between working under lacrosse players at banks and cs majors in software

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I wish I were this deluded

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>facts are stated
>do not attempt to refute them
>simply >imply
>you are now winning the arguement

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About the money or the decline of wall street? My salary is unusually high. But Google fb msft all start in the low 100s. This is easy to look up. Start ups pay similar amounts but also offer a lot of equity.

For a quantitative person, wall street, academia, and sillicon valley are the best options for employment. Sv almost certainly has the best 5 to 10 year outlook.

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Computer Science is in the engineering college at my Uni. People flip flop back and forth between CE and CS all the time, but people are choosing CS over CE due to job prospects

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>mfw when CS majors pretend to know shit about fabbing IC's

How does it feel to know that you're entire field is defined by what CM physicists decide to create?

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it's the day before 420. everybody fuck off.

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>is using a computer to start this thread

/thread of the year

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>>is using a computer to start this thread

>CS claiming any responsibility for the hardware, interconnects, drivers, network protocol, or OS.

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without cs real scientist would use abacus

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>>drivers, network protocol, or OS

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>drivers, OS
Are you dumb?

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>Implying Computer ENGINEERS aren't the ones coding drivers
>Implying all the important features of the OS weren't designed by CompE first and latter ported/fork

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>People think they understand what CS is because they seen it the movie about facebook

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>implying CS isn't all about math and algorithms

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>implying that math isn't utterly trivial
>implying most algorithms aren't trivial

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Tell me what CS is. Tell me how hard your shallow introduction to automata theory or complexity was. Tell me how you struggle with logical quantifiers. CS is a joke.

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Computer science is hella legit

Most programs that call themselves CS are actually churning out software engineers though, much less legit

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>implying complexity == quality
What's your point exactly?

Nice projection m8.
CS is applied math. Pure and simple.
The only reason you can be a retard here or anywhere else on the internet is because of CS majors.

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bitches don't know about my quantum fourier transform

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>cs majors invented computers and the internet!!!!

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Nice strawman faggot.

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I agree

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>mfw Computer Engineers think they know anything about hardware

You're no better than the Computer Scientists. Enjoy your dumbed down high-level abstraction while EEs actually create the hardware at the transistor level

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I think that CS is as real science as Math and Physics. What's not real science is psychology and sociology. That's complete bullshit.

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/sci/, what are your thoughts on using CE and BCE to label years?

I grew up with using A.D. and B.C., so I prefer that system. I understand the desire of the scientific community to move away from a Western cultural ethnocentric viewpoint, but I think ANYTHING is better than B.P. (before present). BP is retarded, because the "present" changes every picosecond. CE and BCE are at least concretely defined fixed points in time.

What are your thoughts? Also inb4 this turns into an atheist argument. That's not what this post is about at all, it's about labels for years on the Julian and Gregorian calendars

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The only reason there are CS majors is because of Physicists... You should be thanking them.

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Because of some physicists, in the past. What is more useful to society now, CS or physics? Get with the program bro, you ain't fresh enough for this.

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this is very true

buuuuut...still there should be people proving physics in the real world amirite?

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>Implying physicists dont have extensive CS backgrounds.
>Implying CS majors have extensive physics.

My vote on the usefulness still goes to the physicists.

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Sure if you consider elementary sorting algorithms and basic data structures as extensive CS backgrounds.

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Because of some physicists, in the past. What is more useful to society now, CS or physics? Get with the program bro, you ain't fresh enough for this.

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So who wrote the programs for things like the LHC, ISS, ect? More than likely a Physics/CS dual major. Ask that person what he would like to be called... A computer programmer or a theoretical physicist (in terms of LHC).

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>The only reason you can be a retard here or anywhere else on the internet is because of CS majors.

Wrong. Actually the basics of hardware and software were invented by physicists. CS as a field of study wasn't introduced in most universities before the internet was created.

Check it out, here are two examples of well known people who are wrongly assigned to CS:

>He studied at Queen's College, Oxford, from 1973 to 1976, where he received a first-class degree in physics

>his pursuit of a doctorate in physics

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>Dijkstra studied theoretical physics at Leiden University

>Ritchie graduated from Harvard University with degrees in physics and applied mathematics.

As we have proved now, physicists and mathematicians can easily into CS. I have yet to see someone who solely studied CS contribute something significant.

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>Computer science didn't exist until 30 years ago
>See how all these people before then didn't have computer science degrees?
>QED computer science is dumb

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Computer science was a subfield of physics and mathematics. These people were able to make such inventions because they had the physical and mathematical background. Separating CS from math and physics as its own field of study was a mistake and lead to watering down CS to business tier code monkey imbecility. Someone who solely studies CS nowadays will not contribute anything to the theories behind CS.

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Probably the "best" mathematician I know is female, if such things are quantifiable, trust meh. Pic related.

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>tfw one girl in all my math and physics classes has a 97% average and she sleeps through class and does drugs all weekend
fuck this shit

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>tfw one girl in my uni takes 8 math classes simultaneously and passes all of them with an A
>tfw she's religious

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is her first name Jean?

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Hint: Mouth + Cock = Grades.


Anyway, this.

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Truth right there.

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I'm going to chime in because a few people have been talking about software engineers.

I'm a software engineer, and it's not particularly because I can't DO physics or mathematics; more because I don't want to.

I like seeing the results of the things I do, and having people use the products. I use products (algorithms) made by you guys though.

I'm not saying I could jump right in and do what you do; I'd need to spend a comparable amount of time studying, just as you would if you wanted to do the same work I do.

Hell, we could all probably pass a degree in medicine, if we had the effort (and didn't hate people so much).

tl;dr: too stupid vs. not interested.

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That's a logic and very credible argument, now it has a lot of sense, it's like the Biologist don't make computers aplications because they don't want, and not, because they can't

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