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I was on cracked.com earlier today, I noticed they talked about Sex Myths that were actually true, one was the digit ratio theory (the theory you can determine a person's sexuality by the length of said persons fingers). I began to wonder to myself, has this literally been supported by actual scientific means of research? I know that I got this from Cracked.com so I know better than to trust their word alone, so it there actual scientific research to prove this?

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OP: Kinda had a feeling. =/

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That's more estrogen and testosterone count, which doesn't necessarily mean gay or not, just how "manly" you do or dont act. It's all just chemicals affecting your psyche which most certainly isn't easy to predict how it can affect an individual.

Testosterone controls things like aggression and wanting to fuck women, so naturally people with less of it tend not to want to fuck women as much.

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OP: Ah. Makes more sense to me, fucking cracked.com; I gotta stop going there. -_-

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In a way it's true. The ratio between the index and the ring finger is partly detmined by the ratio of testosteron versus estrogen. And testosteron heavy men tend to be more likely to be hetero.

But a relatively estrogen heavy man can still have a bigger ring finger (it's not perfectly correlated). And a relatively testosteron heavy man can still be flamingly homosexual (it's not perfectly correlated).

So it's like saying that the width of the nostrils detmines whether you're a criminal. Because negroes have bigger nostrils, and negroes (in the US) are more likely to be (caught as a) criminal.

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So basically, there really is no way to tell.

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