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What's the learning route for someone looking to build up his math foundation?

Right now I'm kinda lost..it's all over the place...can you guys list the proper format to learn stuff?

Right now i am thinking along the lines of

Basic arithmetic
Pre algebra
algebra with radicals
basic trigonometry
basic quadratics
sequences series
intermediate trigonometry/graphing quadratics
linear algebra
differential equations

I am really confused by the latter half...i need to know where to go next, i dont know where linear algebra lays, and right now im looking for where to go right after pre algebra

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go to khan academy and patrickjmt and follow their programs.

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That's what I'm doing, but it's not very linear. In algebra there are advanced videos, in arithmetic there are advanced videos (complex numbers and such). I am just trying to learn one thing after another as they would do in a school. There is no flow chart or anything from what i can tell from both sites

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bump. sorry to make a thread but im really just looking for someone to post something along the lines of what the best/easiest route of learning/expanding on things is. Right now i am looking at linear algebra videos and i dont know what the fuck is going on, yet i have some differential equations/advanced trig under my belt

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okay im just now reading that linear algebra is usually taught after calc 2 is that right?

So i should go be just perfecting algebra/geometry before moving onto precalc right?

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You are an moron. The videos are in order. You go precalc-calc1/2-callc3/linear algebra/ode. After calc 2 which ends with the series chapter you can do calc3, linear,ode.

Start from the beginning and work your way up. You need to either buy/check out/pdf textbooks so you can follow a standard curriculum.

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Though in algebra and geometry there are topics that require a bit of knowledge about precalc...

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False, precalc uses algebra/geometry; not the other way. go pdf some books so you are not lost.

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ok thanks cool guy. yiou seem like you know this...

what is the best way to understand and retain the information i learn through going thru this? I know do all the problems khanacademy offers, but i feel i may forget it as soon as my mind is overloaded by the next sessions content

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yeah, this is one of the main problems I have with the Khan academy: It's not very structured, videos of a topic often seem to be thrown together without clear line

>I know do all the problems khanacademy offers, but i feel i may forget it as soon as my mind is overloaded by the next sessions content
unless you have a hard schedule then you'll probably do less math/day once the novelty wears off, which pretty much cancels out the problem of too much information per time

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im trying to learn up to calculus in a week or so, and not just memory, but understanding it all and retaining it for calc course soon

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Then you'll have to make compromises. Best start off with a calc video then and everything you don't know you look up. It's not the best way but the only one that can be done in 1 week

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i cant backwards learn. I kind of exhaggerated but i have roughly 14-20 "Full" days where im not working to learn all of precalculus. So if I study 6-10 hours a day i think its possible with utilities like pjmt and khanacademy now.

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Well, then, good luck

I also hate backwards learning but you should keep the option open so you know what kind of things will be useful to learn
would be pretty bad if you waste 5 days on something that's not used in the calc course at all -and then the time is missing elsewhere

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well everyone in the calc course will have just graduated from highschool with the precalculus courses, so nobody will know more than i would if i learn precalc.

coulda explained it better, but im taking an intro calc class which still counts at 3 credits. basically first year math for any hard science

what does intro calc entail? like what knowledge is really required and what knowledge isnt required but will be taught

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The figure shows the prerequisites for different sections of math

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simple calculus must be before simple differential equations(probably until linear second order), after that the sequence become trickier

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