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Wondering about some mindfucks in science and shit

What if Max Tegmark's idea of the "universe ensemble" is proven,show how, to be true?

Basically, it speculates that their is not only an infinite number of UNIVERSES but an infinite of MULTIVERSES, with each universe having their own laws of physics!


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<div class="math">\bigotimes \rm DDDDDDD</div>

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what kind of sorcery is this?

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And? I've been on this board for some time, and I've seen this stupid posts (lol schrodinger was the biggest troll evar.What if universes have universes inside more universes lol xd xd xd mindblown.) What the fuck is wrong with you? You can't simply control your stupid actions? You discover something you think it's new (When it was actually proposed more than half a century before you where born and it was described in other ways by other people in a non scientific manner many centuries ago) and come here to show how you are smart just because you watch The big bang theory and could read one of those "7 Crazy physics theories" from Cracked.com? Seriously go fuck yourself you cunt.

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Bitch I don't think I'm smart at all I can barley read and do math

I just like mindfucks of science

and last time I check TBBT is COMEDY show not an PBS BBC special

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So there IS a universe where I can become a superhero? ;_;

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What are the real implication of infinity?
Does it even exist?
If so, then everything that is fictional is possible cause if there is an infinite amount of time and space and matter....who knows

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double click to view the source

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oh its the the x men symbol
damn pic is me

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If it is infinite then there are an infinite number of universes for me to be a superhero in. Excellent.

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