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Is the universe mathematical? Or is math just a tool? Just a super naive question but i wonder why math is used for almost every fields right now, i guess the actual tech level would not be possible without the application of math so why the fuck it is so powerful.

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pic related

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>mfw the logician is looking at the lowly mathematician through binoculars from a lofty mountain top

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>nearly 2013
>using logic without supporting it with mathematics

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Define "universe"

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Define "define"

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What are you retarded? Mathematics is defined purely by logic. You cannot make a mathematic statement without it being underpinned by a logical argument.

You trying to troll me goof?

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Mathematics is a language we utilize in an effort to describe things. Because we can project and apply it doesn't mean everything is restricted and yields to it...

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You mean philosopher, and he wouldn't be looking at them. He'd be looking at the stars.

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The universe allow logic and demand that we constrain our thought processes to those which are logical if we wish to model it, surely that mean something.

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Math is different from language though, Language describes something but math IS what it describes. If you throw a rock in a vacuum the trajectory is exactly (f)x^2

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> Is the universe mathematical?
Maybe. If it is we have nowhere near the understanding of math. For a simple example, there is no elementary closed form solution for the motion of a simple pendulum, but "the universe" doesn't have any trouble with it.
> Just a super naive question but i wonder why math is used for almost every fields right now
There's really no such thing as "math." It encompasses so many ideas most of which *aren't* used. Where it works we keep it, where it doesn't, we don't, so you are looking at it from a kind of point of confirmation bias. We use addition on marbles, but not clouds. If you only look at marbles, then you think everything is addition, and it always works for some mysterious reason. But the reason isn't that mysterious; if it didn't work, we'd not use it (or use some other kind of mathematical operation which did).

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Look at the nearest wall to you. You associate the word "wall" with that object and the things it does. Now stop calling it a wall, don't describe it in any way using words or a language. You will see that the wall does not change properties.

Repeat for the universe and maths, which, like Englush, is a language.

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>If you throw a rock in a vacuum the trajectory is exactly (f)x^2
Move along, troll here.

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