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all I know is Algebra.

Whats after algebra? and after that and after that, etc.

What is the top part in the Hierarchy of mathmatics?

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it is a tree not a stack

also, since only integers exist, everything is algebra

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What should there be after algebra? Application of algebra in any context. Algebra is pretty basic. Knowing what groups, rings, fields etc are is needed in nearly every other branch of math.

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show me this based tree anon please !

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Not a tree, but a good compilation of math topics.

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oh my fucking god... what the fuck.. so many different types of algebra... I don't know which one I was studying

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oh wow...

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I remember when this was posted for the first time.
This is absolutely horrible.

>yellow text on light background
Ya dun goofed.

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I did not follow every branch but it sure looks like a tree to me.

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They eventually get 6 = A(x+1) + B(x-1)


But then they solve and get A = 3 when x = 1 and say that no matter WHAT x value we put in there A will equal 3.

But if I put in x = -3 then 6 = -A - 3B. So let A = 0 and B = -2. This ALSO solves the equation. Why?

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>modal logic
>categorical logic
>no women logic
welp, no wonder most of us are still single.

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welp... can someone direct me to a "buisness" board? I can't seem to find a board about buisness. 4chan should make a /bui/

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That's not a tree.

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wow these suck, and you guys all suck at answering OP's' question. has anyone else even done math at a college level?

here's the sequence you're looking for:

Typically the grade school/high school sequence goes like...

algebra-->geometery-->algebra II-->trigonometry-->calculus I

then you go to college and finish the calc sequence, taking calc II and III.

around this time you also have enough knowledge to learn proof techniques, and math people also typically take linear algebra. Then math people also take abstract algebra, which is like a formalization of algebra built from the basic axioms and using proof skills. Then there's also Real Analysis (or sometimes called Advanced Calculus) which is the same thing, except it builds up calculus from the basic axioms and using proof techniques.

These are basically fields unto themselves, and you can go on in whichever you like best in graduate school.

then there's also more computational and less proof based math like statistics and differential equations (a topic that you'll first see in calculus)

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A tree can't have merged branches, you're thinking of a DAG.
It's not a DAG either because Commutative Harmonic Analysis and Distribution Theory are interconnected.

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kool thanks.

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Your world is very small. I feel bad for you. I hope this changes in the future.

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I feel like I'm reading XKCD in here.

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an actual tree, although the other graphs are more informative.

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> vague insult with no rational behind it

yeah i'm so offended. you must be such a math god and know so much more than me. All that stuff you mentioned there, wow, I've never even heard of it. feels bad man.

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I heard real analysis is the hardest math class you can take. Im in calc 3 currently. ill betaking linear algebr after this

My face when i have 80%-90% of these topics memorized

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>I heard real analysis is the hardest math class you can take

Hahaha, oh wow.

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>real analysis is the hardest math class you can take
Real analysis is baby math. You just keep using the triangle inequality.

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>What is the top part in the Hierarchy of mathmatics?

Algebra and Analysis, you can't study anything else in real mathematics without them.

After that, it's a completely connected graph with no sources or sinks

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What about vortex math?

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sorry i meant hardest course as an under grad
can you give an example of something harder than real analysis

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>can you give an example of something harder than real analysis
Functional Analysis

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>sorry i meant hardest course as an under grad
Still wrong. It is the first course you take your first semester as a math undergrad.
>can you give an example of something harder than real analysis
Anything that comes later than real analysis. Differential topology, complex analysis, functional analysis, category theory, ....

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Real analysis is a first year course in any decent mathematics-program, there are way harder courses.

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>Real analysis
with Rudin? or a "baby's first calculus & easy ass proofs" class for idiots?

Most places have it as a second year course. The only place where they start with it in the first year is "Math 55: Honors Abstract Algebra and Honors Real and Complex Analysis" at Harvard University. Also know as the hardest math undergrad course in the country.

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>Most places have it as a second year course.
It looks like someone has never been in an european university.

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Where I come from Real Analysis is Hilbert Spaces in connection to L^2 and is a last year course.

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Well, you can take it second year if you want but the standard progression scheme puts it last year.

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I don't get it. If it is a last year course in burger land, then everything needing it as a prerequisite has to be graduate level material. In europe it's a first year course and immediately followed by other courses being based on the knowledge. So yuropoors learn in undergrad what amerifats learn in grad school. How can you guys even compete in math, if we learn objectively more than you?

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I live in Scandinavia, show me any university that has a class that covers Hilbert Spaces and its properties in the first year. Documentation or don't bother.
I'm almost certain you are referring to a course in babby's first analysis that covers sequences, series and maybe metric spaces if you're lucky.

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>I'm almost certain you are referring to a course in babby's first analysis that covers sequences, series and maybe metric spaces if you're lucky.
Hilbert Spaces are metric spaces.

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Yeah, but metric spaces aren't Hilbert Spaces... And you therefore know some awfully general properties of Hilbert Spaces but the point is to find properties locally exclusive to Hilbert spaces.
This is all besides the point. As far as I know introductory courses teaching sequences, series and, maybe, metric spaces are not considered real analysis where I'm from.

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