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In 1847, R. Thornton wrote about the recent invention of a four function mechanical calculator:

“…such machines, by which the scholar may, by turning a crank, grind out the solution of a problem without the fatigue of mental application, would by its introduction into schools, do incalculable injury. But who knows that such machines when brought to greater perfection, may not think of a plan to remedy all their own defects and then grind out ideas beyond the ken of mortal mind!”

Did someone say Singularity? In 1847 !!

inb4 0/0 for disappearing up my own arse

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Do you think we'll be aware of singularity as it starts? Will there be any opportunity to respond to it at all?

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0/0 for disappearing up ur own arse

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singularity novels?

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If it hurries up and gets here I might not have to learn anything.

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