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/b/ has been given a puzzle.

It is either a huge trolling effort, or a nice challenge. Either way - I'll just leave it here.

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No idea what to do with the pattern.

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Work from there scrubs.

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Also, this was decoded from the inside of the file:

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It looks like The Game of Life for some reason.

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Nope, go away.

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If you open the image in notepad, the last bit of garbage says:

CAESAR says "lxxt>33m2mqkyv2gsq3q=w]O2ntk"

But, my work day has ended, fuck off.

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does look GoLish, i can see a glider

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This message shows up at the very end when reading it as Hex. Fuck if I know what that means

> UTIBErIVS CLAVDIVS CAESAR says "lxxt>>33m2qkyv2gsq3q=w]O2ntk" .

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>>4217657 http://i.imgur.com/m9sYK.jpg


Linking to image


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he's a redditor

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Guys. The message within the text is:
Tiberius Claudius Caeser says ... then the code.

A caeser cipher was used to decrypt it to the url given:

The duck image then left us confused. We aren't sure if its an ingenious troll, or a genuine puzzle.

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convert the hex to ascii? there should be some online converters, or just post the hex here in a way we can copy/paste it

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TIBERIVS CLAVDIVS CAESAR says "lxxt>33m2mqkyv2gsq3q=w]O2ntk"

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>message has m q k y


delete your tripcode

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ceaser shift by 4
lxxt is probably http

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Obviously referring to the Caesar cipher.

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>We are looking for highly intelligent individuals.

>Post this on /b/

either troll or retard.

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You must be new. I used to post weekly cryptography threads on /sci/ when it was new and /b/ before that. They solved some hard stuff.

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What about it having to do the 4th emperor. He had a speech disorder and it does state that he SAYS it.

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I think the pattern has some significance.. Dunno what though

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looks like game of life, maybe if you draw it on game of life it'll do something

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The message is 3301 not this bullshit you guys are chasing

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>message hidden in this image.


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too many cells I think

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this bit in the code looks like it says mcgyver

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even so, 3301 is some vague shit, it could mean literally anything

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It's an encrypted RAR file. I opened it up and it was CP. (Reported, btw).

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nnope, all those spots will just disapear or become larger spots, nothing to see here

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nice try

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i recon its got something to do with this image, in that pink thing maybe, i'd do something, but this computer is so shit it can barely run chrome

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The dots in >>4217643

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The pink is just duck it seems..

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most of those are by themselves and would kill themselves in g2.

I doubt it has anything to do with the GoL

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looks so out of place though, must be something

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my thoughts exactly.
I can't find any message in the pink, though

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Not likely, the image is duplicated many places on the internet according to google, including the pink spot.

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It's still possible it's a cypher, just not a Caesar shift as we thought.

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we could convert this shit to hex like the other one, might even be another message

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maybe thats how the 3301 is relevant

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>too stupid to decode four numbers

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Tried, it's not as obvious as the last one at least..

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looks like shift 4 to me

h i j k l
t u v w x
p q r s t

i can only assume 3 is /

2 works out to be .

all fits in

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upload a pic, see if we can make something of it

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How are we supposed to know that there aren't also black squares under the text and that you've omitted them? Cleaning that up seems impossible...

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Guys It easy u just have to find out all Tiberius Claudius Caeser quotes and then try to compare.

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I was carfeul when I removed the text. All squares "inside" the text should be there. (there was some) They seem very consistent

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Veni, vidi, vici

This famous quote springs to mind

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Where are our torment players when you need them?

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>>4218058 Well I dont think that is the best solution, This shit is supposed to be I.Q test Not the test of general knowledge.

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there's gotta be something that ties all this stuff together...

capcha: CND netweak

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Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/base/python_runtime/python_lib/versions/1/google/appengine/ext/webapp/_webapp25.py", line 701, in __call__
File "/base/data/home/apps/ffnp/1.355550137027778285/number.py", line 196, in get
notes = db.Query(note.Note).filter('number_handle', handle).fetch(100)
File "/base/python_runtime/python_lib/versions/1/google/appengine/ext/db/__init__.py", line 2084, in fetch
return list(self.run(limit=limit, offset=offset, **kwargs))
File "/base/python_runtime/python_lib/versions/1/google/appengine/ext/db/__init__.py", line 2237, in next
return self.__model_class.from_entity(self.__iterator.next())
File "/base/python_runtime/python_lib/versions/1/google/appengine/datastore/datastore_query.py"
, line 2655, in next
next_batch = self.__batcher.next()
File "/base/python_runtime/python_lib/versions/1/google/appengine/datastore/datastore_query.py"
, line 2525, in next
return self.next_batch(self.AT_LEAST_ONE)
File "/base/python_runtime/python_lib/versions/1/google/appengine/datastore/datastore_query.py"
, line 2562, in next_batch
batch = self.__next_batch.get_result()
File "/base/python_runtime/python_lib/versions/1/google/appengine/api/apiproxy_stub_map.py"&#44
; line 592, in get_result
return self.__get_result_hook(self)
File "/base/python_runtime/python_lib/versions/1/google/appengine/datastore/datastore_query.py"
, line 2317, in __query_result_hook

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what the fuck am i reading

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So i used subsequent ceaser cipher decripts of shifts of 3 then 3 then nothing (for zero) then 1 (which leaves it unchanged)

This gives this url:


I don't know what = or ] could be

however I don't know what = and ] could correspond to?

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The answer

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Wasn't one of the smartest things people did in a long time, and by smartest I mean deductive smart, was crack the enigma code?

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So that's http://i.imgur.com/M=S]K.jpg

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Learn to read the thread. God damn. I'm not even participating and it's embarrassing to watch you.

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where 2 = .
where 3 = /

shits heading towards http://i.imgur.com/m9sYK.jpg

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Using the Caesar cipher gave the Imgur link with the duck.

Its either just a troll, a decoy or the duck is more important I.E the pink pixels.

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There are a lot of cyphers, and according to my Code Book (by Simon Singh) the Caesar Shift is one of the easiest.

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Who said it was pink and not perhaps purple?

in hex #3301 is=to a blueish color but one of the analogous colors of of this shade is #9a00, which is the same purple in the picture

So, 9a00, if you think it has any relevance. I don't

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its the sorta cipher you get with a happy meal

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Really guys this type of test suck, It privilege persons with good IT skills. HOW the fuck I am supposed to know what is Traceback,subsequent ceaser, etc... I am definitely not Math oriented. this task is stupid --> fuck that secret company or what is it.

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Is it Morse Code?

>> No.4218167

Has anyone run a steganograph program on the image yet?

>> No.4218169


its the only link we have to 3301, so its something

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>I am definitely not Math oriented
>posting on /sci/


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It would seem that the Tiberius Caesar part would be the decoy, leading us to use the Caesar shift, thus the duck.

Again, there are many more cyphers.

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Iam also able to prove that. I will give u another stupid task(I will use my native language, make u realised how hard is this shit for me) and if u solved it u will be able to trace my domicile.
Bydlím v zemi krásné
Pod velkým kopcem svatým
Vždyť je to přece jasné
V ulici, po umělci pokřetěným.

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So has anyone actually checked this image thoroughly? (the duck)

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I live in a beautiful country
Under the great hill saints
After all, it was obvious
The street, the artists pokřetěným.

google translate can fuck right off

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>, It privilege persons with good IT skills

The point is that's the sort of person they're looking for, not just someone who's done a few cryptic crosswords.

I know google have done this sort of recruitment before

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Two more considerations:
1) The notepad text led to the Caesar Shift duck - taken at face value, this could mean we should reconsider the 3301 and dot pattern and look in other areas

2) The duck may actually be a decoy, in that the image really is the next clue...

Question, has anyone tried the notepad trick with the duck image - the end text may contain the next clue...

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Just had another thought:

3rd consideration:

> UTIBErIVS CLAVDIVS CAESAR says "lxxt>>33m2qkyv2gsq3q=w]O2ntk"

this is not hex and would cause corruption within the image...

Maybe the purple on the duck is due to non-hex code corruption...

Find the code causing the odd color within the image - find the next clue - is my thought...

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>this is not hex

I get what you're saying, but all digital information can be expressed in hex

>> No.4218222

U know nothing lord Snow
2 more help from me. In this context mean pokřtěný name as( also babtised). Under the great hill saints indicated the place (village) But u are still fucked up

>> No.4218229


the non hex data was most likely just added to the file manually by the user, meaning the image won't be corrupted, hence the lack of corruption in the original pic

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this ^ part of the script might be a deep web link

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I take it that doesn't count?

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something of note in the duck image, right at the end in hex.

morse code?

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>>4218202 btw its not cryptic just poetic, but as I said u have no chance to solve it because u dont have geography info about my country. SEE?. They are also looking for high inteligent persons not for it experts

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That part is already solved. Pay attention.

How would we know what part it is? Edit and check for differences?

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Random thoughts...

3301 is prime... so an decryption key?

The duck has a purple colour on it: There is a cipher machine called PURPLE. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Purple_(cipher_machine)

find out more here http://www.hut-six.co.uk/purple/index.html

you can download a simulator and it uses a 5 digit key

again... doesn't look promising to me but I'm just posting it in case it makes sense to anyone else.

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I've found this string of letters in the original image. It's alphabetical and is done in upper and lowercase, too much to be a coincidence?

CDEFGHIJSTUVWXYZ cdefghijstuvwxy

>> No.4218273


could well be, where dashes are displayed as the squares im assuming?


open TOR and try and get to it

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I got some random artifacts while messing around with this, which I guess means that you messed up the colors on those areas, if that even matters.

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That bit at the end is probably hidden data. If it is another image, or an encrypted URL, I do not know. Someone should try to build an image out of it.

>> No.4218287

it's too repetitive and simple.

>> No.4218293

So does anybody here know Morse code off hand?

>> No.4218294


no I think that has to be 16 characters - there are only 15 there.

>> No.4218304


doubt it, but this is the internet, and moorse code is some old shit, it'll be on wikipedia atleast

>> No.4218318

Oh fuck. Yes I may have chosen the wrong color.

>> No.4218319


how do you open a program or image as a Hex good sir?

>> No.4218329


Morse code translates to:

CN/INN/INN/INN (/INN keeps repeating)

>> No.4218332

tried inverting it (you may have dots vs. dashes wrong)

>> No.4218338

morse code translation, looks repetetive:


Using the boxes as dash, dots as dots

>> No.4218341



>> No.4218352


doesn't look like its moorse code

>> No.4218353

Rotate the image and save it. Check the hex again.

>> No.4218354


With your favorite hex editor

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Don't what this means or if its even relevant but just chipping in a bit.

"Some reports say that the octal equivalent (3301) was the password to Xerox PARC's main computer."

That was from the wikipedia page of number 1729.


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I ran some advanced tracing algorithms.
I think you guy's will want to see this.

>> No.4218364

i lol'd

>> No.4218367


any program name you could recomend?

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Space invaders!?

>> No.4218373


lol'd hard

>> No.4218374

ghex in linux

>> No.4218375

Fucking lol.

>> No.4218378

I suggest Hex Workshop

>> No.4218380

Did anyone notice that there are four distinct bodies of text and four numbers at the bottom, Im trying to see if they are just trying to cue SOMETHING based on that line of thinking. So far doesnt seem to be yielding anything (Plus, in a counting system, 0 tends to create problems)

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File: 12 KB, 241x230, 1318874143968.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lol! you got me there anon.

>> No.4218386


hmmm... vignere cipher w/ PARC as the key? I'll check it out...

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File: 23 KB, 375x500, 1325641524681.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4218394


thanks, bros

>> No.4218395


you may be onto something

>> No.4218401

Im no good with number-systems, anyone know of a way to convert 3301 to something relevant and get rid of the 0? what does it look like in hex?

>> No.4218402

1033 = loss ?

>> No.4218410

get the fuck out

>> No.4218413

Have you tried steganography? Could try using the phrases you found as passwords?

>> No.4218415

3301 in hex comes out to 13057 in decimal and 0011001100000001 in binary. I dont think the binary is going to come out to anything interesting in Morse code, and the decimal notation still has that damn 0

>> No.4218418

Why is the zero bad?

>> No.4218423


3301 is a valid hexidecimal number

however the decimal 3301 in hex is ce5

>> No.4218426


>> No.4218430

If the caeser cipher was +4 (I think?), why not do the same to that number?

>> No.4218432

in steganography you sometimes rely on a counting system, and zero fucks up counting systems because it can either mean 1 (and every other number is +1) or another instance of the previous result.

Either way, the Third of the first two and the first of the last text block spells "leg" not much of a help. Thought I was on to something before I realized the duck pic didnt have a leg.

>> No.4218433

The image of the duck is from:
A carved decoy store. The duck already has the purple on it, it wasn't placed there.

>> No.4218437

That purple thing is of no value, that picture is likely (NOT DEFINITELY) to be a decoy telling you to go back to the original picture. Look up decoy on google, and you should find that exact picture.

>> No.4218439

doesnt really help much...

>> No.4218442


4 in base 16 = 4 in base 10

so its still 4

>> No.4218449

or maybe the text in the duck picture has the same encoding strategy as the original pic.

>> No.4218452


reported for not keeping up, enjoy your ban

>> No.4218453


>> No.4218458

I meant to 3301. And since the correction was made by an anon, that would be 6634?

>> No.4218467

Try rotating the image in 90 degree increments and the superimposing them on eachother to create an Aztec or boilerplate barcode.

>> No.4218473


could be, im thinking the ceaser cipher was part of a seperate puzzle though, it lead us to the duck, now we need to figure out what the fuck to do with the duck

>> No.4218476


>> No.4218482



>> No.4218485


I guess the decoy image is really just a decoy image. Although why that image should have a pink color is beyond me. It seems a little too useful as a means of sidetracking us to examine the decoy pic itself.

As to the problem at hand:

What cyphers work off a numeric key? The 3301 may not be part of the cypher itself, just the password.

>> No.4218488

Duck's hex color is #CC77DD, give or take.

>> No.4218498


same but ce5 http://www.color-hex.com/color/ccee55
hexidecimal representation of 3301 assuming 3301 is base 10

>> No.4218502

try 6634

>> No.4218503


>> No.4218505

The color was already there.

>> No.4218509

maybe purple is the name of the cipher machine and 3301 is the decryption key?

>> No.4218517

In case nobody noticed, the text blocks have 16, 8, 24, and 2 words respectively in that order. Seems too ordered to have no significance.

>> No.4218518

That'd be great if someone could do this.

>> No.4218524

? Page source is essentially blank.

>> No.4218526


thats pretty interesting

>> No.4218527

Maybe the pattern is (3301)x(1/2)x(3)x(1/12) repeated until you reach an arbitrary value (zero or one?) to create a hex code which translates to a message?

>> No.4218529


no the key is 5 digit. Also I think this simulator is way too complicated to run for it to be related.

Perhaps the duck really does have nothing to do with it - my bet would be concentrating on the original image. perhaps the duck really is just a decoy

>> No.4218533

Sad thing is, even though I proposed this, Im too lazy to do it, anyone here living in a place where the sun isnt about to rise?

>> No.4218538

you seem to actually know what you're talking about, what do you think of this solution? > >>4218527

>> No.4218541

How the fuck do we see what that transparent gif image is?

>> No.4218543
File: 368 KB, 900x1099, 3301line.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Shifting bits and bytes from around line/chunk 3301

>> No.4218544

The duck is a decoy. Duck decoy - Too obvious. Someone was saying on /b/ that the decoy images is a hint to what steganography tool was used to place a message inside the original image.
Steganography seems to make sense to me, if you look at images of before and after images of it being applied. The images get slightly pixilated, just like the background of the original image.

Anyone know any steganography tools that can be related to the decoy image?

>> No.4218548

Its nothing, if you open it its 1x1 pixels

>> No.4218551


that is the sorta thing id expect to see from shifting a small portion of an images hexidecimal data 4 chars

>> No.4218555
File: 29 KB, 509x503, 330a1a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wider chunk surrounding 3301. There's some neo-reader?? pattern in same place as 3301 but it's probably nothing. Though the exact same area highlights up quite often

>> No.4218556

do we have proof that this is actually related to this puzzle? because I just realized that if you use the 0 as an o with the method I used here>>4218432 you get the fucking URL

>> No.4218559


HA! lol no I don't.

>> No.4218562

Im just trying to unify our efforts. Ive been poking around with basic Steganography and Im getting what seem to be results. If you are a wiz with hex, mind giving this >>4218527 a shot?

>> No.4218576

Just tried chugging this out a little. It doesnt terminate at 1, and there are too many messy decimals to get any real info out.

>> No.4218577

Perhaps someone with tor should try this, worth a shot :)
(sorry for not keeping to date been paranoid with deep web)

>> No.4218578

is it just me or is there something purple sticking out from the decoy ducks wing?

>> No.4218580

# Cathetus, in geometry, "leg" lines that form angles or triangles
got this from wikipedia

>> No.4218583

convert this to hex and you get 22, 8, 36, and 2. Not really any pattern there.

>> No.4218584


gave it a shot `for you - didn't go anywhere :(

>> No.4218585

it was my idea, and i have tor, so i'll try
probably will get no results

>> No.4218586

Thanks for trying.

>> No.4218587

3301 Happens to be a Pythagorean triple :

3301^2 = 1501^2+2940^2

>> No.4218591

Ty for trying mate :)

>> No.4218594

shit, so now we have the infamous legs I guess? I have no idea where this is going.

>> No.4218595

What are those in binary?

>> No.4218596

15012940 mean anything to anyone?

>> No.4218597
File: 43 KB, 779x255, transparentgif.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Nice find.

Pic shows the contents of the transparent.gif file.

Question - why is there a webpage on the net containing only a 1x1 pixel image for no apparent reason?

>> No.4218602

Im trying to bend these numbers a little and find corresponding patterns in the text, so far nothing though.

>> No.4218603


lol I don't suppose mongooses have anything to do with this...?!

>> No.4218606


>> No.4218607

Tidbit: 3301 in octal is 1729, which is the smallest number than can be represented in two different ways as the sum of two cubes.

>> No.4218608

my tor didn't get the connection, perhaps someone with better internet than 5mb should do it and post results

>> No.4218613

those that sqaure that is broken down into four more squares looks like a gmask thing. However, four is not enough to mask anything, and you can manually solve that in paint. The only problem is, you can't solve it. There must be more bricks, and it would be a working Gmask.

>> No.4218614


Thats already been said

See >>4218357

>> No.4218615
File: 104 KB, 377x600, 1305054603549.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

go back to reddit.

>> No.4218622

dat thundertights

>> No.4218629

that is juju salimeni, she's from Brazil in case someone want sauce

(inb4 go back to /b/)

>> No.4218630

>not noticing dem quads

>> No.4218631


.onion domains have 16 character domains the one you're trying has only 15.

>> No.4218632

well, keeping the text divided into four fields, the first, fifth, (skip one), second, ninth, and fourth letters in the corresponding series are: h-e-g-e-m-d

for what thats worth.

>> No.4218639
File: 115 KB, 469x428, MrExpert_Trollface-Right.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This was posted on /b/

I highly doubt this was intended to have a solution.

>> No.4218645

I really feel like the whole 16-8-24-2 thing has some merit to it

>> No.4218646
File: 13 KB, 590x267, wolframalpha-20120104220245347.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

wolfram alpha results for 3301

>> No.4218652

For all the fellow pattern hunters out there who are still fixated on the actual letters, the lettercount (as best I can manage) for each block is : 76, 32, 98, 8, and the wordcount is 16, 8, 24, 2

>> No.4218655

leog.net look at the bottom of your screen
when you inspect that element you get



>> No.4218656

The duck-thing worked out so Im assuming there may be some validity to this puzzle.

>> No.4218659

Shit, I didnt even see that.

BTW, where the hell did this site come from anyway, I cant manage to find the point at which it is related to the original puzzle.

>> No.4218660


I really wish I knew more so I could help you guys out better, I've been following from the OP.

I googled 16, 8, 24, 2

The first thing that came up was about colour depth, could this be related? It only spoke about 8 16 and 24, no idea what it it means but I guessed 2 would probably be black and white?

I may be miles off so feel free to ignore.

>> No.4218662

Yeah, you want to try to find a system; a rhyme to the reason so you can decode whatever the fuck is going on here.

>> No.4218663
File: 8 KB, 216x234, 1285944553601.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you shift the image to the right using these patterns and then transpose the image matrix, then you get the answer.

>> No.4218669

well, Im done, Im starting to see patterns that I can quickly prove dont exist. Time to pack it in.

>> No.4218671


Disappointing as it may be... I think I'm also done for the night. Good luck... if it does turn out to be soluble, please archive the result thanks.

>> No.4218710

I'm working on it still.

>> No.4218754

any luck?

>> No.4218761

I've spent the last 20 minutes reading about everybody else's efforts and have been ignorantly following along.

>Employ your time in improving yourself by other men's writings, so that you shall gain easily what others have labored hard for. - Socrates

>> No.4218805
File: 9 KB, 245x189, man.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Alright, done.

I can't solve it with what I know. Whoever is hiring is probably looking for somebody with a lot more knowledge when it comes to computers and/or coding than me - and that's not saying a lot.

>> No.4218811

fake and gay

>> No.4218826

I'd also like to know how this site was found.

>> No.4218857

>Employ your time in improving yourself by other men's writings, so that you shall gain easily what others have labored hard for. - Socrates

Pretty much all I've done this thread - as well as summarizing current efforts here and there for the benefit of newcomers.


---------------- >>4218233
Yet another observation - if 33m2mqkyv2gsq3q may be an incomplete deep web address, the 3301 may provide a clue as to the last digit. A 7 or a 0 or perhaps a unicode symbol...

This is unlikely to yield results, since the tor address thing is a long shot at best and surrounded by conflicting data...

>> No.4218869

σ is 3301 in unicode... Anyone got some info they would like to share abut that symbol?

>> No.4218875

In QM, we use <span class="math"> \sigma [/spoiler] for the Pauli matrices; in EM we typically use it for conductivity; and in statistics, <span class="math"> \sigma [/spoiler] is the standard deviation.

Not sure how that helps you lol.

>> No.4218878


> using python

not using based perl

>> No.4218885


OP is a fag.
brb, throwing on some nice clothes, combing my hair, and heading down to the gay club to interview for my new high-paying job!

>> No.4218890


Lowercase greek letter sigma - 18th letter in the Greek alphabet.
Corresponds to r as the 18th letter of the English alphabet forwards or i backwards.

As a symbol:
(mathematics, statistics) The symbol for standard deviation.
(linguistics, phonology) The symbol for a syllable.

>> No.4218897

could it have something to do with 6-sigma maybe? just throwing that out there, and if it's a company that might have significance.

>> No.4218899


If σ is meant as an 18th letter, then the tor address may be 33m2mqkyv2gsq3q(r) or 33m2mqkyv2gsq3q(i)

Personally I believe the CAESAR text holds the real point of this problem. It led to the duck with a caesar shift, so the question is what it may lead to with other approaches.

>> No.4218900

3301 is the steg key. remove #000000 from the image, and decode the various 8x8 pixel blocks based on position of color #010101. i thought you guys were smart

>> No.4218913

it's the symbol used for minimum distance decoding in algebraic coding theory

>> No.4218914


And? Post results nigger....

Personally I think we're thinking too elaborate. A simple Caesar shift led to the duck image... What other forms of cypher could be used - especially ones based around the number 3301?

>> No.4218915

but the duck image says
>"just decoys THIS WAY, looks like you can't figure out how to get the message out"

meaning that method will only lead to decoys, and there's somethig else to be extracted

>> No.4218922

3301/sigma is probably just the handle of the guy who made the puzzle; it's his signature

>> No.4218924

Lets start fresh, what could
CLAVDIVS CAESAR says "lxxt>>33m2qkyv2gsq3q=w]O2ntk"

be besides a Caesar shift?

>> No.4218928

Intelligence allows people to make educated guesses, in reality the greatest discoveries come down to luck. Intelligence only increases your luck in the discovery.

>> No.4218932

I would have to say that intelligence can DRASTICALLY improve the likelihood of discovering something. For example, professors that publish in Nature / Science often tend to do so fairly consistently, whereas most are lucky to get one in their careers. But yea, luck's definitely involved.

>> No.4218934

Also what test did the people who you are going to meet have to pass to prove their intelligence? Did they simply assume they are of the high intelligence required or does the secret simply lead to some kind of place in which the people you are meeting are your fellow puzzle solvers?

>> No.4218938


>> No.4218942


Possible ciphers - monoalphabetic substitution - casear shift - Vigenere cipher - from then on they're rather complex and I don't fully understand them myself...

On one hand I think the caesar message is too important to be discarded - currently as the only approach that has yielded results of any kind...

On the other the wording of the decoy image:
>looks like you can't figure out how to get the message out
is ambiguous but could be taken to mean that pursuing the caesar message is wrong and there are other approaches to extracting the right info, or that the caesar message is the correct path but using the wrong approach to the message, indicating the need for another type of cypher.

>> No.4218945

a Vigenère cipher based on the letters of "CLAUDIVUS" "CAESAR" or both?

>> No.4218952

Can't believe haven't thought of that yet, workin on it now

>> No.4218954

TIBERIVS CLAVDIVS CAESAR says "lxxt>33m2mqkyv2gsq3q=w]O2ntk"

>> No.4218958
File: 8 KB, 512x496, flip.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

90/180/270 rotate plus horizontal and vertical flips

>> No.4218962

Nobody seems to have realized yet that the string at the end of the image file is:
TIBERIVS CLAVDIVS CAESAR says "lxxt>33m2mqkyv2gsq3q=w]O2ntk"

There's also "Tiberius" in there - that could make a difference!

>> No.4218973

Just tried all 4 as keys with no luck, gonna try substituting the V's for U's, on a related note what language did they speak at that point was it italian or latin? and if latin how many letters are in that alphabet and do you guys think that might play a role in the encryption

>> No.4218983

OK, I've gotten to a point where my head hurts. This seems to be related in some way to the RSA algorithm. I've extracted a private key, decrypted a jumble of letters and numbers in various ways that I either: don't understand, or it's just a jumble of letters and numbers that could be put together in various ways. My only conclusion is that there's WAY more beyond the initiation phase of this puzzle...

>> No.4218994

Also, I believe that this puzzle was constructed to find individuals that excel at observation as well as math logic.

>> No.4218997

How did you extract a key?? And also, how do you know it's a key?

>> No.4219007
File: 22 KB, 479x422, 09inokl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A puzzle within a puzzle.

>> No.4219013

I doubt that if it's a deep web link the emploment would be anything close to legal anyways.

>> No.4219017


I've tried many different primes, an inversion of 3301 (1033) seemed to make the most sense. I also might not be looking hard enough.

>> No.4219025
File: 16 KB, 711x351, Vigenere.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Attached are the results of mucking around with Vigenere found on http://rumkin.com/tools/cipher/vigenere-keyed.php

>> No.4219035

www.3301.com ?

>> No.4219037

No. It's shit.

>> No.4219050

You're just mad because you probably have a prestigious degree in some money-making field, but can't solve an easy image steganography.

>> No.4219054
File: 17 KB, 1100x395, Wjjfk049MMNJFkj456.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You guys.

I made this over a year ago and posted it to various places of the web/deep web. I am crying right now I swear I am fucking crying I can't believe nobody has been able to get it. I can't believe the emptiness I experienced finding this on /b/ today. The solution is defunct and was as of 6 months ago.

>> No.4219062

This is either part of the puzzle or the creator(s) aren't too smart themselves.

There shouldn't be a comma after "Find it".

>> No.4219063


Forgot to give you a link.


You can also just google it.

>> No.4219064


What happens if you rotate each quarter by 90 degrees... and hit it with a QR code scanner? Just curious.

>> No.4219069

That comma isn't necessary, but isn't nonsensical to be there.

>> No.4219070


Then post it solution or it didn't happen and fail troll is fail.

Interesting filename too: >Wjjfk049MMNJFkj456

>> No.4219071

could not be the case.
The duck image was uploaded to imgur 11 hours ago.

>> No.4219079

tried and tried. nothing. sorry.

>> No.4219081


Yes there should, grammatical newfriend.

>> No.4219086


Check this shit out guys - coprime numbers for a can be 3 and 1 - hence 3301....

Just gonna toss shit and see what sticks.

>> No.4219087
File: 28 KB, 406x391, 1188415731416.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Hmm.. Interesting. I see someone else thought of that before me.

This is entertaining.

>> No.4219091

At this point, I'm pretty sure it's just a huge trolling effort...

>> No.4219092
File: 8 KB, 245x251, 1308979335811.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone else remember Operation Falcon Punch?


>> No.4219105

read the thread.

>> No.4219146

That is some of the most ridiculous bullshit I've ever seen. Reading it has made me lose all interest in even trying to decrypt OP's message.

>> No.4219162

>implying you're not just using that as a half-assed excuse so you don't have to admit you're too stupid to figure out the puzzle

>> No.4219168

>implying you ar...

>> No.4219175
File: 24 KB, 366x301, aragorn-aragorn.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>implying you aragorn!

>> No.4219179


>a Vigenère cipher based on the letters of "CLAUDIVUS" "CAESAR" or both?

There may be a clue in that name, since that's the wrong emperor. Gaius Julius Caesar invented the cipher. So our puzzle maker may have just messed up, or he may have used a different emperor to make it stand out as a clue.


>> No.4219188

Did Tiberius Claudius Caesar have a cipher that you know of?

>> No.4219196

The image can only be found on 4chan. It was only posted on 4chan. It wasn't posted anywhere else - you can check yourself.

"They" are looking for intelligent people on a Japanese image board.

Cute idea, but this really belongs on /x/.

>> No.4219212

I figured this out!

Answer is th...

>> No.4219213

check for clues based on Roman numerals of 3301 and the other sides of the Pythagorean triple.

>> No.4219216
File: 27 KB, 482x321, laughing-women-friendship-greetings.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>intelligent people

>> No.4219219


This joke worked slightly better before captchas.

>> No.4219224

>The point ---> .
>Your head ---> o

>> No.4219281


I spotted this... And yet the Caesar shift cypher led somewhere... AFAIK Tiberius never invented a cypher.

>> No.4219315
File: 108 KB, 509x503, out.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You missed some squares.

By the way, the reason it's being done in 8x8 squares has to do with the way the JPEG format works. If you tried to encode a message in scattered pixels, JPEG's lossy compression algorithm would it.

I suspect what's been done is that the DC component of each 8x8 block has had its last bit changed. In that case, the picture here, made by converting (0,0,0) to blue and (1,1,1) to red, will also be missing some of the squares, because the text obscures the effect. I'll look into it and see if this is what's been done.

is probably correct. If so, the problem then reduces to finding the right steganography program to extract the message. We need to look for any hints in the image as to the program used, and test the image with various programs that hide data in JPEG files (especially ones whose algorithm is similar to what I described).

>> No.4219329

someone mentioned earlier on in the day that the duck might have something to do with the steg tool does http://i.imgur.com/m9sYK.jpg remind you of any steg tools by any chance

>> No.4219401

this image here not sure what it means or if its has anything to help but ive noticed that there is 16 number letter combinations for both rows and 16 characters corresponding on the right seems far too coincidental to me.
Also that the first numbers in the row corresponding the upper-cased characters are 2 lower than the other row might be something might not.

>> No.4219406


Yeah it definitely looks like the Caesar text is a dead end - stego is next up - I'm trying a tool now.

Could you explain it to a noob? Do I need a specific algorithm or will any stego tool dealing with the jpg format contain the right algorithm anyway?

>> No.4219412

You need to use the same program that was used to hide the data in the image. Every program does it differently.

>> No.4219438


Soo... we hunt through exif data? Has that already been done?

>> No.4219439

www.3301.com leads to www.novagraaf.com
so what they are recruiting /b/ now?

>> No.4219470
File: 247 KB, 1366x768, dumbass.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you fucking idiots. crack the code.

>> No.4219477

You are obviously not intelligent enough to participate

>> No.4219485


However, in latin, V was used where we now use U

so by replacing V by U we get


Coincidence that this is a valid link?

>> No.4219492

also, faggots, read up on your JFIF http://www.jpeg.org/public/jfif.pdf

>> No.4219498


>> No.4219505

Those eyes...

>> No.4219506


If you click on different areas of this link you are re-directed to different websites. What doest thisn't meanteth

>> No.4219513

about to check this image for some clues

>> No.4219542

<div class="math">\lim _{ x\to 3301 }{ \int _{ 0 }^{ x } } \frac { sin\left( \frac { 3301 }{ x } \right) }{ x } { dx }[/moot]

That should do it.

>> No.4219554

it says this for me:

TIBERIVS CLAVDIVS CAESAR says "lxxt>33m2mqkyv2gsq3q=w]O2ntk"

>> No.4219556


>> No.4219561

>TIBERIVS CLAVDIVS CAESAR says "lxxt>33m2mqkyv2gsq3q=w]O2ntk"

>> No.4219570

The image is actually a flash player with clickable sections.
These are the links I've found so far:


What is this shit - it can't be related to this puzzle...

>> No.4219578

The title of http://i.imgvr.com/m9sYK.jpg is http://i.imgvr.com/Z7HrB.jpg, which is the same flash animation. http://i.imgur.com/Z7HrB.jpg is thumbs for some anime.

>> No.4219579
File: 13 KB, 509x503, y-dc-lsb.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This idea seems not to have panned out. These are the last bits of the DC components of each 8x8 block, for the Y channel. In the blocks containing text, the # even > # odd pattern no longer holds.

>> No.4219583
File: 12 KB, 509x503, y-dc-orig.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Also posting a map of the DC coefficients.

>> No.4219586

I think it's a dead end, that picture was made 25/09/2011 so is too old, and I can't see how the puzzle creator would manage to get the "m9sYK" part of the url the same on both imgvr and imgur.

>> No.4219587


That's more like it... I had a look though - nothing seemed out of the ordinary. It's likely the clue lies in a specific clickable section of the flash object.

Anyone know how to capture and reverse engineer the flash object to find the clue?

>> No.4219588
File: 25 KB, 1379x829, histogram.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And here's a histogram. It doesn't seem to show any of the artifacts you'd expect from LSB steganography.

>> No.4219593


except the site called imgVr is a fake - or at least it's a one-off thing built as a possible clue for all intents and purposes...

Current clue sites/areas found
- the duck pic on imgur
- the www.leog.net transparent.gif
- this flash object on the imgVr website

>> No.4219596

imgvr is no good: http://i.imgvr.com/any_string_goes_here

>> No.4219597

Just glossed over the thread and I definitely feel like there's more to the

TIBERIVS CLAVDIVS CAESAR says "lxxt>33m2mqkyv2gsq3q=w]O2ntk"

than people are giving credit. Think about that, maybe consider things like Roman Numerals, Constellations, the fact that there are 3 names and 4 groups of letters.

Could the letters have something to do with chemistry?

Keep going it's fun to see the exact moment when a puzzle is solved, unless you're watching someone play Portal and they suck ass at it.

>> No.4219599


What bothers me is how this guy managed to anticipate every action we would take and then set up sites for them.

Something as obscure as the leog site find? Either the original creator posted it here in order to keep us hooked, or it's just a retardedly huge coincidence.

What's with these convenient one page sites just showing up.

>> No.4219601


Actually that makes even more sense - the website only expects visitors using the m9sYK.jpg link and thus it hasn't gone to the trouble of specifying the exact link - basically any string will redirect to the desired page.

>> No.4219602


The creator is obviously doing some samefagging

>> No.4219604


Can someone fully explain how www.leog.net was discovered?

I've read the thread and its seems "leog" was somehow constructed from 3301, I'd like to know how though.

>> No.4219606

I'm not convinced leog.net has anything to do with this puzzle

>> No.4219611

No, it shows that the website has nothing to do with m9sYK; entering any string in brings you to the same page, and we just happened to try that.

>> No.4219612

Other than the fact that it's the wrong Caesar (Tiberius didn't invent the Caesar cipher, Julius did), there is no way this string says anything more than the decoy duck url.

>> No.4219615

i got redirected to two.drawball.com when i moved my mouse such that eyes in the flash image were in the same location as the 4c4c4.jpg original

>> No.4219625

i found this link too, but in my case it was only sheer luck....
anything in this drawball worth our time? Because it would take ages to check every part if this picture....

>> No.4219635

The imgvr thing looks like it came from reddit, so it's definitely unrelated:

>> No.4219647

Great, I'd still like to narrow it down more though. Where did www.leog.net come from?

I think it's a mistake to make jumps of multiple unverified steps, we should have given up with imgvr for the sole reason there was no verification on the image.site that it was related to the puzzle. If you don't do this you could end up literally anywhere on the internet (such as searching drawball, lol).

>> No.4219650


Well... it seems this eludes us still. Where the fuck else do we find clues? Steganography seems to come up without anything as well...

Maybe tomorrow morning the first bunch of guys will be back and can begin looking at this problem afresh, and I can sleep without worrying about this thread 404-ing on me.

>> No.4219684

Got redirected to here from the flash image.


It asks to insert an image URL

>> No.4219718

Actually I mentioned that independent of reddit, though it is common knowledge latin uses v instead of u, so two people coming up with it is hardly suprising

>> No.4219727

I check all the image files so far. The 1px gif the duck and the original. None of them have any signs of steg

>> No.4219744

Checking the duck pic on tineye shows this: http://www.frostwaterfowl.com/products/carved_decoys/carved_wooden_decoys.htm
The full Sample Black Duck image at http://www.frostwaterfowl.com/products/carved_decoys/images/blackduck-decoy.jpg has the purple stuff, so it looks like it was a false lead (unless that site is relevant, which I doubt)

>> No.4219754

I think we are all complicating things too much, looking through images, searching them etc. These aren't smart steps, they're the obvious steps. We need to try and think more abstract, I think the duck is a dead end, I don't think it's a bluff. I'm going to spend an hour reading the text of the image to see what I can get from it

>> No.4219763

Everyone else got there hours ago, read the thread, dumbass.

>> No.4219787

Ausfag keepin' this alive.

>> No.4219856


>> No.4219951


>> No.4220078

Any progress yet? I'm excited-

>> No.4220145

Yeah we found the answer, turns out it was the wife who killed him

>> No.4220224
File: 49 KB, 1192x311, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have been staring at the hex all morning, all I see is cells of alpha-numeric data.

Messed with the god damned duck for a while.
I played with the stupid fucking drawball.
Checked out the eyeballs picture.

Looking back at the original possible troll picture, is it normal for images to list characters sequentially? Pic related.

>> No.4220233

Perhaps a new thread sumarising everything here is in order, since this thread is autosaging

>> No.4220275

as far as i know, no, an image should literally just be binary (displayed as hexadecimal) which relates to the image, all of that alphabetical shit shouldn't be there, meaning its gotta be something to do with this puzzle,

plus, thats not all, look at all those symbols with accents and shit, they're in order too..

no idea what the fuck it could mean though

>> No.4220297

Tiberius Claudius Caesar proposed a reform of the Latin alphabet by the addition of three new letters, two of which served the function of the modern letters W and Y. Perhaps this has something to do with the alphabet being placed "
randomly" in the image file?

>> No.4220309


could well be, the alphabet in the hex is missing:


dunno if that could mean anything, in the meantime, we need a new thread, this one keeps sageing

>> No.4220310

OP here. This thread isn't on /b/ anymore - we couldn't solve it, you guys have apparently come a fair bit further. Honestly, it is probably not worth your time xD

Thanks anyways :)

>> No.4220362

Im sure we could solve it if we were all in the same room with four laptops and eight graphing calculators. Its the slows speed of correspondence which is fucking with out synergy.

>> No.4220367

oh god, fucked that up big time, sry, gave up on the thread and decided to get drunk

>> No.4220483


I am sure I left out tons of shit...please fill in as necessary.

>> No.4221312

what's weird is I woke up this morning with a 3 day ban for "posting garbage".

I lol'd.

This thread still alive?

>> No.4221312,1 [INTERNAL] 

good thinking

>> No.4221312,2 [INTERNAL] 

are there any similarities between JFK and emperor Tiberius apart from the fact that they were both leaders of a powerful nation.

>> No.4221312,3 [INTERNAL] 

I clicked on this image: http://i.imgvr.com/m9sYK.jpg, and it brought me here: http://www.flash-gear.com/index.php?a.

>> No.4221312,4 [INTERNAL] 


>> No.4221312,5 [INTERNAL] 

Perhaps this will shed some light on the subject: http://www.reddit.com/r/codes/comments/o343d/weird_code_found_on_4chan_maybe_nothing_but_seems/

>> No.4221312,6 [INTERNAL] 

lmao just run the original 3301 white text image through Outguess

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