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Sci... I'm ignorant, even worst, considerably stupid.

South american, unemployed, 22 years old, high-school dropout, no goals, no motivation. In fact one could say that my existence is pretty much futile at this point.

As such, I believe that there simply isn't a way to repair the clusterfuck of failure that I have become. Thus, I present the following idea; I will become /sci/'s test subject. Given my current situation I can dedicate up to 16 hours a day into study, learning, reading and practice of anything that might expand or improve my intellectual condition and capabilities, I'm willing to dedicate a major portion of my life starting right now to study anything /sci/'s consensus might deem a vital or functional part in improving my intellectual capability, knowledge and more importantly, to improve my functionality as an individual, with hope of becoming at least a partially useful tool that could be used for the betterment of mankind as a whole.

So, what's /sci/ view in this proposition? Enough interest?
I believe we could find two answers from this experiment;

A; We can test if /sci/ can reach any remotely practical consensus on important topics, methodology and application, and
B; We can test if /sci/ is capable of curing a severe case of stupidity.

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- Study Physics
- Get up to date with your math; use Khan Academy and then later on textbooks
- Read uh.... Guys, where is that picture with all those /sci/-approved books, like, The Essential Sagan, Hawking and so on?
- Learn HTML and CSS
- After that, start learning C++

Just some basic shit.

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I you spend enough time, you can go to san fransicso where you can learn the complete anatomy of penises and how they fit in your ass. Within 12 months you'll be a pro. Within a couple years you will probably have a php in penis studies, which by the way is one step up from women's studies and black studies.

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Start off with learning how to basic maths before you move on to anything like algebra 2 topics.
Learn gramatical rules and work on vocabulary.
Start reading books. I reccomend you start with something that gives you a good feel on how to really put yourself into the book. Stephen King's The Dark Tower series is a good start. Throughout the series you can get more into the story, he is known for his visualization.

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yeah just learning programming is the best choice
its something you can get into more easily (good luck getting an engineering job without a degree) and doesn't actually take that much smarts despite its nerdy associations

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Sounds fun. Keep a journal of your progress. Make a blog, possibly use google or blogspot and repost this as soon as your ready. Don't put whiny bullshit about how horrible your life is, just your previous education and your goal. That's a decent start, then we can track your progress and keep you guided.

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OP can you be more specific on what country you are currently living in. You don't have to specify the city or town.

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Alright, will do.

Got it, and as for the language, I learnt it on my own since the most "advanced" English I saw back when I was in school was something in the lines of "the pencil is red", ergo I really need to keep working on it.

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I think you should be the perfect specimen for the "sharpie in poopie" experiment we're planning

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You should set a goal. These are three mathematics competitions in your country. Perhaps you should apply to take part in them ~2 years from now.


Set an extreme goal like.. being able to get a score above the average or 50th percentile. You could do this for another field, but its going to be harder to stay on task if you have no goal in mind other than "I wanna get smart".

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I've seen that particular experiment several times already, I doubt repeating it would provide any new relevant data

>Inb4 but op, do it for SCIENCE!

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These experiments have been made by /b/ and /p/ refuse to spy on them, we have to make our on database on this critical subject !
The future of humanity is up to you, now go get some camera and sharpies !

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Yes, that seems like a good idea (compared to trying to use /sci/ as a personal blog and evoking a shitstorm over myself)

That's also a good idea. Looking into it right now, and you are right about staying in task without more specific goals.

Thanks for the feedback so far everyone, much appreciated

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programming is a good idea OP. You really can learn it on your own, but you have to be patient and willing to put up with constant looking up tutorials before you're fluent in the language.

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how is your social life? Actually, how are your social skills on a scale of 1 to 10. 10 being highest.

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Got it, including it to the potentially infinite list; also what would you recommend for a first language? I've been thinking of Python since for what I've been reading lately its quite accessible, that and that I might be capable (eventually) of implementing what I might learn from the introductory course the Stanford uni is giving for free.

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My social life? pretty much non-existent, I don't really like being around people, or rather I don't feel comfortable about it.

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OP we need more information. Can you support yourself financial/are you supported financially? Are you looking for a job, college degree, or just self education?

Important topics to learn:
Programming/Computer Science.

Algebra based physics

Medium Mode:
Calculus based physics

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the best stuff to learn is
-C (not C++ fuck that shit)
-enough assembly to understand whats going on if you were to open up a section with the debugger
-do everything in linux so you can use all the linux tools. Always use either emacs or vim

That way you'll understand both high and low level stuff. Then maybe go on to web stuff, but that shit is booooring

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Ok, so what is important to you. Are you looking for a good contribution to society. Name some things that make you happy.

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> recommends emacs
> chooses python over a lisp
why y do this

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must be fun having to hit escape all the time when you realize you didn't type the right number of parantheses

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I don't know what's been suggested in the thread so far, but don't study more than one subject. Da Vinci said it best: "As every divided kingdom falls, so every mind divided between many studies confounds and saps itself. "

Other than that I would just suggest that you don't judge yourself by your intellect and try to be smart just for the sake of impressing others.

Do what you love and you can't go wrong.

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Nope, if you really want to get on the cutting edge with science, you need to read research papers. Dated books like those from Sagan and Hawking will only get you so far.

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Learn commercial languages, OP, not stuff like Java, Python, and other toy languages.

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I'm surprised all you guys jumped on math an phys. my first instinct was to recommended op learn languages. he has a knack for them and communication will open the door to future learning.

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Yes, my current financial situation is good enough to concentrate entirely on studying and learning without having any setback.

And I'm mostly looking for self education, if I can apply it in a good job I wouldn't comply of course, so of those 3 my last priority right now would be a college degree; but then again chances of getting a "good job" without one of those are rather small.

Got it.

What is important to me? In a somewhat specific sense I would say that technology used to improve people's life distributed freely and evenly is important to me, or rather having the capability and required skills to be of any help to that. In a broader sense I would say that improving myself so that I might create, improve or help with something that might make even the smallest change in people's life. It's not about fame or accomplishment but rather knowing that I did something relevant instead of just consuming resources and providing no return for it.

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As I'm a vimmer I of course don't hit <ESC> all the time because I've mapped the sequence 'jk' to escape, which, as I've also done it on vimperator, was irritating to type.

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alrighty, lets see..
find a good study place where you wont be distracted.
if you find you can study well at home, then go for it, but I find myself checking 4chan too much, so i go to the library.

I would say first try to see if anything jumps out at you as interesting in science/engineering fields. If nothing specific, then just start on your math.
algebra, trig, precalc. before you take calc, re-evaluate what you want to do. if you want to do engineering/science, you'll have to go through 4 calculus classes. for anything else, probably just 1.

You'll probably want to look at what jobs are hiring before you go much further. accounting? programmer? doctor? just pick something that's in high demand.

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>You'll probably want to look at what jobs are hiring before you go much further. accounting? programmer? doctor? just pick something that's in high demand.

Do this before you start. And go make some fucking wordpress blog or tumblr or some shit.

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Yes. Do something in programming

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Why are you all suggesting programming? Explain this to me, pl0x.

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>even worst

Kill yourself.

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portable, analytical, requires complex thinking, tends to be quite profitable, much can be learned on your own

OTOH if you're not interested then you're not

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you're asking a science/math/engineering group. most ALL of us use it. or the ones who don't are doing it wrong.

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Because there are going to be alot of jobs for hackers in the next few years...ALOT....

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I'm looking into that now, as for a blog i made a wordpress called scisubject, (placeholder to the core but it will have to do until I get my shit together)

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Oldfag reporting in with some advice on the side -

- everything I regret doing had to do with pursuing things that I didn't really love

- everything that I pursued that I love or loved, I'm still happy I did

- figuring out the difference between what I really liked and what I **thought** I should like was difficult. This is a subtle but important point though. What do you go to again and again for joy, versus what do you do because you have to, or because you think that's just part of who you are? Go with the things that get you happy.

Even if you don't make money at it you'll still be happy, which is winning 90% of the time.

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On a very unrelated note, that's a very gay theme you got there on your blog. You should get into engineering.

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What's why /sci/ and engineers' sexual orie.... nevermind, disregard that question (something tells me I don't really want to know)

And hey now, I just said it was a place holder

I appreciate the advice kind anon; and the same concept is what got me to create this thread to start with, so thanks again

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oooo me too, OP! I want to be /sci/'s test subject too!

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Study whatever you find interesting. If you're poor try to get a free ride at some school where you live.

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Read Euclid's Elements.
Read Euclid's Elements.
Read Euclid's Elements.


Read Euclid's Elements.

There is a reason why it was the de facto introductory geometry/theoretical math textbook for nearly 2000 years. But more than just an intro math text, it is an intro to logical thinking and teaches you some really neat reasoning tools.

It works by starting with 5 simple statments about the nature of lines and point (e.g. given any two points, there exists a unique line that connects them), then proving properties of shapes. Next, Euclid uses these shapes to prove equations; lengths, areas, and volumes are essentially used to represent numbers and prove equations and theorems in number theory.

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Alright OP. What's the last math course you were able to understand?

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Added as well, thanks.

Algebra, but that was quite a long time ago so I take for granted that I need to go over it again

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OP, keep us updated. Perhaps post a list on your journal once you figure out what you gonna do.

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Yeah I'll do that; I'm going to start by defining what I will be studying, in what order, an approximate schedule of how it will go down and some goals and keep it up to date in the blog. And I say approximate schedule because I fear that coming up with an extremely solid and detailed schedule might hurt my spontaneity a bit which might as well be shooting myself in the foot. But I will post a list as soon as I come up with a basic structure

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Is this you http://scisubject.wordpress.com/ ?

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Are you planning to go back college like CC or Open University or whatever you got there in Argentina?

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OP here's the deal. You have to devote your time to this and you can't let up. Actually spend your time learning instead of loafing around, even if it's painful.

Get a schedule and stick to it like crazy. Once you get into a routine it becomes easier.

It's good you've decided to try though.

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Alright. In order to progress faster through math, use khanacademy.com. Everyone posts it as a reference to learn math and science related things. It's not overrated and they added a new system (as far as math is concerned) where your able to make a free account and can pass off and learn different sections of math from basic arithmetic to calculus 1. Make an account on that site, and being trudging through the videos. Perfect your knowledge of the different areas. Usually you only need to get 10-20 answers correctly to pass off the section, but try going for 50 to 100 to really cement the stuff.

I'd say making a block time of... 2-3 hours every day dedicated to this for however long it takes you to pass off all the courses offered. That's made it quite fun, as there are achievements you can unlock for your performance as well.

Once you get through that work through free courseware material offered by Stanford or MIT in the areas of math. Anyways, 2-3 hours a day of math lecture and homework should do for lower courses, with a slight increase as you get further along.

So... next you need.


Try to break up every subject you want to do into separate hours of work each day. May I suggest physics or prog as a priority as they really show the practicality of math. Chemistry as a close second.

Pick a computer language and we can support the material.

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1. make a tripcode, so whenever you have question, we know its you, not some lazyass who's not even trying in solving his assignment.

2. the best source: http://ocw.mit.edu/courses/mathematics/
i always visit there in the semester break before teaching undergraduate.examples of quality lecturers. if you don't understand, come to /sci/ and maybe we could help you.

3. if you want to learn programming, i don't think /sci/ a great place to start.

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If I have the chance and find a good option for it, I would love to.

That's the plan; as for it being painful, i'll probably burst a brain-cell or two but I doubt I will find it painful, I didn't stop studying because I didn't enjoy it, on the contrary; I had several reasons but I won't continue to go over those because it would turn "I really want to do x" to "I'll be bawwing about y a lot"

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Yeah - /prog/ can still be a bit too technical for a beginner though.

OP - I happened on a great community for helping with math problems. I've never been put down by them and they helped solve my confusions with unbelievable patience. Download an IRC client and hop onto the Freenode server, head to the room called #math.

Amazing people they are.

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1st, Math..

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Thank you for the link and suggestions, as for programming; I think I'll start with something simple, Phyton + some introductory books + downloading source code examples.


Saved, thanks anon.

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