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How true is this "comic?" I read about some medical research. And the gene code is being organized using mathematical "poligarithms"?

So is this comic true?

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math's at the core of everything, why is that surprising

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I'd say yes.

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It's true more or less, but without application a field is worthless.

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psychology being applied biology is a little off

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The only truth is that xkcd is the worst webcomic in existence.

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Mathematics is just applied logic.

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Psychology is a branch of primate behavioral science.

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Mathematics is a formal science that other sciences employ. Pure mathematics is just masturbation.

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Love transcends all these studies.

- Jesus

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if science is the discovery of mathematical structures and relations in reality then the science studying the structure of mathematical entities, invention, and discovery and the way that those structures are embedded in the mental faculties of beings makes you loop back to psychology

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People that say that are usually engineers/phycisists that have not understood math. Like the sci fi-nerd that has opinions about quantum mechanics.

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DNA=Medicine=Applied Math

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Everything was set in motion at some point and continues on the path it began as it has since. On a large scale this would be red-shifting and orbital patterns along with the coalescence of matter along the way as a result, on the small scale we get atomic properties.

Free will......

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Its not as true as this one.

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Never, ever ask /sci/ for a tier-listing of science. You'll get trolls, fools, the easily led, and more trolls.

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The chart explained.

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Lol, good pic. Trust a sociology lecturer to draw completely invalid and unsubstantiated conclusions without even pausing to think!

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trust an idiot to miss the intentional irony in both the picture and your post

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>irony in both the picture and your post
>Trust a sociology lecturer to draw completely invalid and unsubstantiated conclusions without even pausing to think!

Only trufacts here guy.

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"There is no certainty in sciences where one of the mathematical sciences cannot be applied, or which are not in relation with these mathematics."
-Leonardo da Vinci

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OP image is an insult to humanity

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You can see everything as a sub-field of physics. And Math is a tool that we use in all dicsiplines. The rest? Debatable.

>Biology is just applies chemistry

Uh... parts. Like tiny bits. But a lot of it is not.

>psychology is just applied biology

Again, bits yeah.

>sociology is just applied psychology


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>And Math is a tool
Fuck I hate people who say this. Of all the sciences (I'm not going to get into why maths shouldn't be labelled a science...) mathematics is the one which is least 'tool' like. The greatest portion of mathematics is done with NO intent of having practical applications at any point, mathematicians don't do maths so that it can be used as a 'tool', we do it quite literally for fun, nothing more and nothing less. Anyone who does mathematics with some goal for it is not really doing mathematics, they're applying mathematics to something else. It is music for smart people, the fact it has many useful applications is a happenstance, at its core it is a form of art.

Every other science, without fail is applied only as a tool with which to better understand the universe at some level, maths isn't like this, the universe isn't interesting mathematically, its much too complicated to even begin to consider mathematically, that's why we talk about polygons and numbers and morphisms. These things are sufficiently simple that we can think mathematically about them, the extension of this thinking as a method of assessing the universe is no longer mathematics, its using mathematics to model things.

Not that I dislike mathematical science, or the application of maths to the universe, its an interesting thing in itself, but for different reasons. I just get pissed off that everyone seems to think that that is what constitutes mathematics. If I'm to concede on the definition and allow mathematical science to also be called mathematics, this only slightly weakens my point as now only the majority and the fundamentals of mathematics are art, and the rest is a tool, leaving it still as the least 'tool' like science.

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