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Why are sociology and psychology even considered sciences?

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Why are trolls not even trying anymore?

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Fixed that picture for you OP

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>biased physics undergrad detected

I think you misplaced physicists. They should be immediately after mathematicians.

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saged, reported, deleted browser history, erased my hard drive, and burned down my house.

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I'm a pure mathematician working in algebraic topology. None of the work I do is seen by anyone bar others working in algebraic topolgy (at least, no one outside a maths department has seen it)

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The physicist in your picture certainly couldnt be one of those that expend millions of dollars(That results in millions of humans dying) to find their fantasy particles?
You know just like the Inquisition that killed people because of their fantasy?

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Physicists are necessary to find the properties of matter and interactions for the engineers to do shit with.

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>That results in millions of humans dying
>implying any money should be spent on starving niggers

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QED, your field of work is completely fucking pointless.

What possible applications could it have it the everyday lives of the public?

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I don't know. I don't care, but that's sort of the point.

Not everyone does stuff for the greater good of mankind.

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Then that just proves that the egotism of mathematicians and physicists on this board is completely unwarranted.

Just like football players, you're a bunch of fucking posers who do neat maths tricks and get paid obscene amounts of money.

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just because his field is shit doesn't mean that every field is shit.

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>completely unwarranted

Why? Because unlike you they are smart enough not to care about a stupid concept such as "mankind"?

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Thats moronic.
Those players can and do divert the attention of the entire nation from important affairs.
The mathematicians just remain in their vaults writing proofs all day that has no major effect on society in comparison to a player.

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Name one area of physics or mathematics that has real-world applications.

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Edgy teen detected.

Go back to playing your cawwa doody 5 modern pink ops while the adults talk.

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I used to be like you complaining about much much sports players get paid for "throwing a ball around"

Then I thought about it and realized there was no chance in hell I'd ever be able to play like that, and neither can you

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it's under your hands.

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fluid dynamics
Most funded sector in UK applied maths
Professors constantly consulted by BAE and other big engineering firms for their expert advice because no engineering student studies to that level

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I'm probably way older than you are, kid.

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Most modern physics doesn't have current applications. But so what, neither did quantum mechanics when it started out, or electrical theory, or newtons laws of motion.

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>implying modern computing is the result of pure physics or mathematics

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You do realise that only the 10 year old autismals call everybody "kid," right?

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How do I transistors only existing because of purely theoretical research into quantum theory

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You do realise that only analincinerated asspies use autism as an insult?

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Because they use the scientific method to explain the world around us.

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Boolean algebra in 1854, the basis of modern circuit design.

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