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>a hard science

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Pick one.

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Pick one.

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pick one

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>Tight muscle ass
Pick three.

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>implying this image isn't true
>implying this thread isn't created 10x a day

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> >>3700234
>a philosopher has difficulty seeing the mathematician with a telescope from way right

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no more like they are all philosophers since science is a branch of philosophy

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I couldn't resist adding this.

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Although I apparently could resist fixing the size. Woops. Here's an amended version.

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I like your version of the comic.

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So, I take it /sci/ doesn't really have anything to do with science, it's just insignificant childish bickering among between some technically-oriented people with extremely small penises.

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>implying my penis isn't huge

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Cheers, thank Microsoft for the brilliant tool that is paint.

Mostly true, but sometimes there're good threads.

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>small penises

That's because here are only whites and asians.
Black guys can't into science.

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>100.000 additional leukaemic cancer stem cell patients in glorious Fukushima in the next 20 years
>I'm a biologist, can get any japanese chick I want

>not a faggot

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>get any chick you want

choose one

Thanks for affirming OP's statement.

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>I'm a mathematician
>Can get any Japanese Chick I want

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>Hard science

Pick one

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Was there a point to this exercise?

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Are you saying that we're restricted to picking one and no more? There's only one option then, since hard sciences involve mathematics, picking hard science involves picking mathematics, so mathematics is the only possible choice.

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>implying i know how to draw

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>trolling /sci/

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You can tell he's a philosopher because he's too lazy and too stupid to do even a half arsed job of his picture.

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you can tell he's a scientist by the way he's an unemployed loser that spends his time drawing anime on MS paint

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>donald duck

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Is it not clear to you that it was a copy paste job? The added words were 'pure' and 'applied'. These already appeared (and if you look at them they match exactly the previous occurrences). The pure guy is just the physics guy reflected and with a blacked out version of psychology guy's glasses, etc...

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