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Why are you all so down on biology? It seems as if it's the field that gets talked about the least here. I for one think that it is the most beautiful science there is. Far from the distant and calculated mannerisms of chemists, or the semi-mystical exclamations of physicists, biologists seem to have a reasonable and yet enthusiastic love for their study. The wonder of life itself is remarkable, and it deserves constant attention. Of course biology can be construed as a simplified derivative of chemistry, but when studying biology you will find that it's much deeper than that. On the cellular level, there is an incredible complexity that leaves little wonder as to why some people simply give up on biology and chemistry to proclaim that everything was created purposefully by a divine hand. Real biologists aren't like that, though. The wonder in the mechanics of organisms and their love of life is enough to keep them interested in this enormous and rapidly-growing field. Biologists are some of the most dedicated scientists because of this.

So tell me, /sci/; why aren't more of you biologists?

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It's really dry and boring.
Mathematics and Physics are fun.

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It's interesting and beautiful.
But it's not science.

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because biology is not even real science. Every idiot can do that

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To each his own, I guess, because just the thought of a DNA replication complex and how smoothly it works makes me jizz.


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It started as a spamming samefag, and now the newfags have jumped on the bandwagon in a bid to fit in with this anonymous community.

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It's indeed amazing.
But can you imagine the time and effort it took to analyze DNA replication?
I love to see results of biochem, but I could never do such tedious work for months or years.

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>a spamming samefag

I was one of them. We were at least to people forcing the meme. Shit was so cash.

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inb4 grammar nazi

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I'm a biologist, OP.
Clearly you don't like jokes.

Joke hater.

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Because there aren't many biologists on /sci/ for whatever reason (and by whatever reason I mean that most of the people on /sci/ know little to nothing about their purported fields and it sounds more impressive to say you're a physicist than a biologist). Interestingly, one of the very few people I've seen on /sci/ who know their field on an advanced level is a molecular biology grad student.

There has also been some jackass trying to force a meme that biology isn't a science. He should be ignored because /sci/ is already shitty enough without unfunny forced memes.

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Biology is actually THE HARDEST SCIENCE out there. /sci/ is just butthurt because their lowest grade was on biology. And yes, Math and physics are EASY.

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>unfunny forced memes

If you don't like it, you can leave 4chan.

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the hardest science? Tell me: How is looking through a microscope and saying: "It looks kinda bluish" harder than solving differential equations?

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>How is taking easy qualitative data in biology harder than figuring harder quantitative data in biology.

How is finding all alternative splicing patterns within a gene not harder than finding the acceleration of a particle, given a function of its position in time?

Anyone can compare easy concepts to hard ones to make the same point you are.

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I meant,
>How is taking easy qualitative data in biology harder than figuring harder quantitative data in physics.

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Physics and Chemists are antisocial and butthurt. Hence their being 4chan etc etc.

Biologists aren't around to defend themselves. They're out doing their work and getting laid instead of sitting around being buttmad on here.

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proof that they are not real scientists

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>Implying finding all alternative splicing patterns within a gene is harder than finding the acceleration of a particle, given a function of its position in time?

Are you serious, or just retarded? Both?

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what he said bro. you need to consider the vast number of different fields that physics and math can be applied in. Biology deals with specimens as well as concepts such as evolution. Physics and math deal with the origins of the universe and concepts such as the existence of everything. Its hardly an arguement to say that biology is harder than physics considering so many questions have yet to be answered about the known universe, while biology is a study of life on one single planet.

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