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hitler was religious, and that is partly why he hated jews. troll harder

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not an actual Hitler quote. In fact, the Nazi party was deep in occultism.

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Cool story bro.

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>thinks sage does anything

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If there were no religious people, there would be no need to kill the religious people. Obviously the presence of religion is causing violence.

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Actually Nazism was rooted in the scientific racism of the 19th century.

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>INB4 Hitler wasn't an atheist

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He was christian and the church cooperated with him.

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If there were no atheists, there'd be no need to kill them.

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No. It was rooted in the failure of the Wiemar government, the great depression, the fear of communism, a halt to most of the industrial activity in germany, and the need general racism which has nothing to do with science.

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Good point, atheism causes violence.

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Nononono. There were two kinds of anti-Semitism.

Old anti-Semitism was religiously-motivated and grounded in the belief that Jews killed Jesus

New anti-Semitism developed out of the scientific racism of the 19th century and was also espoused by those who resented Jews as symbols of capitalism and modernity (Hitler hated modernity)

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>obvious troll
>people still posting

For a science board, /sci/ sure is retarded.

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Sounds like the phrenology threads hatin' on niggers from /sci/ using 'evidence'.

Gee, i wonder how that turned out for hitler and the nazis.

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You know, if hitler wasn't stopped then a lot of people would have died. You know what else though? We'd probably have a base on mars by now.

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how old are you?

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In my 20s. Why do you ask?

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"The stated goal of Communism was global atheism"

InB4 but that was aCcommunism thing.
InB4 No no no, that was a religious thing not Nazism.

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Oh Quentin, you're such a cunt.

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Hello new Quentin! Let me tell you that, although I agree with you on many things, this is not one of them. God is not real. Religious people are crazy. Believing in spirits is one thing, but in God? No.

Anyway, keep up the good work making /v/ cleaner.

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Your life has to be pretty empty if you're one of the most well-known trolls on 4chan.

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Your life has to be pretty empty if you can recognize the "well-known" trolls on 4chan.

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EK in thread, saged, hidden, ignored.

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It's actually pretty amazing how few people actually understand your sarcasm/satire.

You're doing God's work, Quin.

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Why is this guy spamming every board with this trite shite?

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>well known
>implying by definition the majority doesn't know about it

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>yfw my email field

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He also hated capitalism, he hated the individual. Communist are atheist because they took anything that got in the way of the religion of the state as an enemy. Racism is rooted in science it's called kinship.

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You dont even know what "religion" means lol.

stalinism, maoism....state religions dude.

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> Yeah, the guy handing these out totally thinks he should kill all religious people.

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A leftover from the imperial German army.

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"Gott mit uns (meaning God with us) is a phrase commonly associated with the German military from the German Empire to the end of the Third Reich, although its historical origins are far older, ultimately tracing back to the Hebrew term Immanuel from the Bible. The Russian Empire's motto also translates to this."

cant really get much more religious than that...

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Correct; it was around long before the Nazis.

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And the nazis kept it because they were a country of roman Catholics.

Were you just speculating about an antique you know something about or were you trying to argue a point lol

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And if Nazis were anti religious they could have changed it like they changed so many other things.

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As atheists always point out, "God" is a totally undefined word. You could argue that it was not referring to the Christian god at all.

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Incorrect; Lutheranism was the majority faith in Germany.

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You quote me about a christian god when I was just talking about religion in general.

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I never claimed the Nazis were atheists. They were pagan occultists and friends of the sand niggers.

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Quentin? Why are you on /sci/?

Back to /v/ with you.

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Catholics are cooler


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>mfw I realized that if Hitler had won, he would've successfully created a near-utopian global society, but since he lost the victors got to write the history books and made him out to be the worst person in history.

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>no Jews
>scientific progress

choose one

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I've never been to /new/ and seeing as it no longer exists, I never will.

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Scientific progress...

>mfw operation paperclip

google it mother fucker

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my grandfather is a rabbi, so for one, i am glad hitler lost.

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So you're 1/2 Jewish or fully?

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Godwins law as the thread opener, and people still keep bumping this thread.

I'm calling samefag.

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>Post something in favor of Nazism
>Post a picture of a Jew (Jerry Seinfeld)

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Yes, but if he won, you wouldn't be aware that your current conscious doesn't exist, and consciousness would just manifest itself in a different form that you would call you. And that new "you" would live in an ubersociety.

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It would be safe to argue that religion has been 'evil' and causes violence since it's inception so I'm not sure what you're trying to argue against is valid.

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>>I'm calling samefag
>you bump

Yep, I agree with your post.

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not jewish. is on fatherside. need jewish mother to be jew.

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