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Hello, /sci/. If one gets a degree in Physics, with a mathematics minor, and has gone through the Navy's Nuke Power School, aka a Navy Nuke.. in the Navy (derp for redundancy), what additional training or classes might be needed to go into Graduate school to get a degree in Engineering?

Picture not related.

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>Navy's Nuke Power School, aka a Navy Nuke.. in the Navy (derp for redundancy),
>(derp for redundancy)

How the fuck does this happen?

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If it helps, my degree was in applied physics with a concentration in electronics.

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How the fuck does what happen?
"Navy Nuke" is slang from anyone in a "Nuclear Field" rating in the Navy. Specifically MM(N), EM(N), and ET(N).

By saying Navy Nuke in the Navy.. it'd redundant. I was being obtuse on purpose.

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Fuck my lack of grammar this morning.

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>(derp for redundancy)

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Your overqualified for being a regular engineer.
I suggest you sell your Nuclear Technology to the Chinese.

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>implying China doesn't have shit nuclear technology

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Well with a degree in Physics and a minor in math you could definitely go into Meteorology, and with engineering experience there are a lot of other things you can do other than a Doppler jockey like most operational fags are. Think field work, storm chasing to test designs or new structures.

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Its pretty much what I am doing but im focusing on severe storm prediction. We could work on a weather control device together.

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>a weather control device

in Brazil we call that a butterfly

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Did you just come from >>3627043 ?


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No I would never use a weather channel graphic.
I prefer NOAA or my college's Wx, its easier to figure out what is going on if I can see everything. Weather Channel is for soccer moms, and really only good for their local 8's. I do like their forecasting algorithms, but they never show those. Just over simplified colored pictures.

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So, why meteorology?

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Cauz' I love it!
Pic related.

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Why would you want to be a glorified fortune teller?

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>Bsc in Physics and Math
>Master in engineering

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1.) I enjoyed my time as a Navy nuke.
2.) I'd like to design electronics, machines, devices, et cetera.
3.) Kaylee is hot.
4.) Mad Engineering > Mad Science.

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I know she's a mechanic, but I had to throw it in there.

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Also, engineers are obviously superior.


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Bump for interest.

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>4.) Mad Engineering > Mad Science.

In fact, most "mad scientists" are actually "mad engineers," technically.

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Then they shouldn't be called mad scientists.

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They should be called butthurt scientists

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>butthurt scientist
>mfw another term for engineering
>implying engineers do science

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Wasn't that mentioned in some T. Pratchett's book?

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Yes, The Color of Magic.

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