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I just witnessed this lawls-worthy conversation. What are the thoughts of you /sci/entist?

Person 1 : But, anyways, comparing education sizes is like comparing penis sizes. It's cool that you're doing the physics scene. All the cool kids do math or physics. The wanna-be cools ones do chemistry, and the lame ones do biology.
Person 2 : I do psychology because being a psychology student is fun
Person 2 : math and physics are for masochists
Person 2 : engineering and bussiness are for people who like money
Person 3 said to Person 2 : i was gonna do Psychology at uni
Person 2 : and english is for lazy people
Person 3 : then i found that i hated it at A level, so i decided it wasnt for me :snap:
Person 1 : purity.png
Person 2 : OR people who can obsess over REALLY OLD AND BORING THINGS
Person 2 said to Person 1 : purity eh.....
Person 2 : *sigh
Person 2 : yep how to tell the difference between people who know what engineering is and people whose egos are too big
Person 2 : also
Person 1 : Big egos!
Person 1 : YAY! :twins:
Person 2 : philosophy is the most 'PURE'
Person 1 : No. You have to say "mathematics is just applied philosophy."
Person 1 : That's how that comic works.
Person 2 : I'm not a hipster
Person 2 : so I will never say that
Person 1 : :ohyou:
Person 2 : that said, every one of those schools was created by the human mind. Psychology is the study of the human mind
Person 2 : ergo all of them are applications of advanced psychology
Person 2 : which is an application of language
Person 2 : therefore every degree is applied latin
Person 2 : <broke his logic somewhere.....
Person 1 : No. Psychology is the study of the behavior and mental processes. Study of the human mind and brain is a completely different science.
Person 2 : see there is actually some debate on that issue

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Person 2 : brain-neurology, mind-mental philosophy/philosophical application of scientific knowledge as to mental processes, psychology-study of mental processes
Person 2 : mind is still psychology, just taken one step up or down
Person 2 : brain is neurology
Person 1 : OMG. You're right. It makes perfect sense! -sarcasm-
Person 2 : but the brain is a mental concept

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I personally think Person 2 is a complete retard.

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>engineering and bussiness are for people who like money

He got that much right.

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These make me believe he doesn't know what he is talking about:
>ergo all of them are applications of advanced psychology
>which is an application of language
>therefore every degree is applied latin

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>Ph.D. in mathematics
>Any job I want
>300k starting.

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>Physics is applied Maths
>Mathematics is applied Philosophy
>Philosophy is applied Sociology
>Sociology is applied Psychology
>Psychology is applied Neuroscience
>Engineering is applied anal lube

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there's something interesting about this debate, but not enough for me to reply

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Wher's that story with Feynman who didn't know how to get some liquid nitrogen, he had to call a teacher from a community college from Brooklyn. He said he was a theoretical physicist so he didn't know. It must be painful to know so much physics and not know shit about using it in real life.

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At least we can agree that biology is not a science.

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retards everywhere.png

math is subdivision of philosophy.

science is a separate subdivision of philosophy, which uses math as a tool.

physics is an experimental science whose causes can by speculated on by philosophy.

chemistry is an experimental science whose causes can be informed by physics

biology is a science whose causes can be informed by chemistry.

psychology is a science. Occasionally its causes can be speculated on by neurobiology, but generally it stands on its own based on behavioral experiment, like physics.

sociology is a science which uses the science of psychology as a tool.

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Tripfagging retard detected.

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More proof of retardism of Person 2:

>Person 4 : ... its 12:30 PM here :|
>Person 2 : its 9:30AM here
>Person 5 : 11:36.
>Person 6 : its 5:30pm here
>Person 2 : wow [redacted]
>Person 2 : you like, austrailian or somethin

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Person 2 was replying to person 4

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>Person 2 : but the brain is a mental concept
I think >>3602722 is right.

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This post gives me hope for the future of /sci/.

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Thanks, but it's more like normal /sci/ when it isn't summer.

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>psychology was invented by humans
>anthropology is the study of humans
>therefore, psychology is a subset of anthropology

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Why do people get bent out of shape over this stuff?

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