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Biology master race reporting in.

Math and physics are pointless to learn, it's just a bunch of useless knowledge that can only be taught to more math and physics students in an endless cycle of idiocy.

Chemistry is just stretching the field of biology a little farther than it needs to be stretched, but I guess some chemistry is useful.

Engineers are necessary, but are the zombies of science.

Sure, I might not ever make as much as you, but how does it feel knowing that anything you study will never be as fulfilling and rich as what I have studied. When I die I'll know I studied something sensational while you braindead pencil-pushers spent all of your time sucking your professors dick to get a PhD.

Pic related, a mere glimpse into the glorious field that is Biology.

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I really hope you are just a troll.

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Oh that buttdevastation.

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nice copypasta bro, you could have mutated it a bit though. then again all biologists can do is recite lists, creativity is not part of their job.

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>Thinking biology is anything but pseudoscience

I sure hope you guys don't do this.

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> math and physics is useless knowledge
> oh I guess OP is of those hyperpragmatic fucks who reject inquiry for its own sake
> '...as fulfilling and rich as [biology]'
> fulfilling and rich
> nevermind he's just assuming his subjective view of what's interesting and what isn't is an absolute

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Copypasta is copypasta'd.

>Math and physics useless knowledge
>Chemistry is stretching biology

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hey guys geology here, am I ok?

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Chemistry is the most important thing on that list and contains a a lot of physics. Both of which are fueled by math. Engineers are gay.

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You are cool bro. biology is important too but don't come to be as stupid as op.

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My field is genetics, and I think OP is retarded. Also:


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Yup, at least you can make good money with a geo degree

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biology is fail

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All usefull science is essentially a mathematical model. Get over it.

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lol biology

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study biology
apply it to nothing (cause you don't understand mathematics, physics & chemistry)

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Studying biology at an undergraduate level requires knowledge in algebra, calculus, trigonometry and statistics. Higher levels of biology study require probability, analysis, and knowledge of logarithmic and exponentiation functions.

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You trollin' hard man, all these fields benefit humanity and strengthen each other.


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Biology is awesome
Science is awesome.

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That's why most biologist are incompetent. Most of them never actually learn any indepth mathematics.

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>logarithmic and exponentiation functions
>high level biology


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>logarithms and exponentiation
>implying they don't use integers
>implying it's not arithmetic, i.e. elementary math

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Finished my degree in Bio 1 year ago. Quit trying to show biology as something its not. The only math you actually apply are fill in the blank formulas that are served to you by brainless TA's. OMG MY P VALUE WAS >.05 THAT MEANS THIS ANS THIS. That is the only form of statistics you need to know in undergraduate bio.

FYI the hardest classes I took were ochem (retarded amounts of memorization), calc 1 for actually forcing me to understand shit for once in college, micro anatomy on real cadavers (more memorization than ochem but more understandable), and ecology due to it being the driest topic in all of biology with the most unorganized way of being taught in college.

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>the hardest classes I took
>calc 1

I didn't know biology education was that deteriorated.

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What are you doing now?

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Considering there are only two real fields to go into with a degree in Bio (teaching or research). I'm starting my student teaching in 11 days. I want to teach high school but I was placed with a 6th grade life diversity teacher which is considered middle school in the district which is considered secondary level oddly enough.

I'm the /sci/ example of what a bio degree can get you........a job teaching bio.

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Maybe if they took out the 30 or so credits of GERs and replaced with with 30 or so credits of degree related classes I would be more inclined to going all the way up to calc III

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>Biology master race reporting in.
stopped reading right there.

You got a degree in glorified birdwatching.

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Okay, time to clear some shit up.
All the trolling aside..
Mathmaticians and engineers, they're forcefed formulas, proofs, and learn how to work in their respective fields.
Biologists, and the related fields are forcefed occuring phenomena in living beings, learning how to work in their respective fields.
How would one try to describe a lifeform in a mathmatical way?
We're able to manipulate nature and we've just scratched the surface of something extremely large.
Indexing is just the first part of what we're doing.
One should also realize that fields like engineering and mathmatics have been around forever. While the molecular biology where we've been analyzing and seperating molecules to understand how they relate to life.
If you don't like how it works, simply because it doesn't involve the serious mathmatical stuff, fuck off, mathmatics isn't everything.
I really see the point of mathmatics (and when it's applied in certain fields) and I do think some of the shit it has spouted is extremely interesting; but not enough to start learning it on a higher level (yet). At the moment I'm more interested in life, how we work and what it's all about. Then I can start to worry about technology.

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So what happens when you apply sociology?

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>Forcefed formulas

And I even agreed with some of the things you said.

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>Math and physics are pointless to learn, it's just a bunch of useless knowledge that can only be taught to more math and physics students in an endless cycle of idiocy.

I believe you are mistaken, surely you were talking about English literature and philosophy.

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Hey, formulas, proofs and definitions.
Do you come up with all the proofs, formulas and definitions during the persuit of a degree in maths?
Every learning period follow the same pattern in my opinion.

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OP, why are you trolling your fellow /sci/entists when there are many more people far less friendly to troll? People who study sociology, philosophy, women studies, music studies, English literature, you know, all these things that are REALLY useless.

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As a math student I spend most of my studying time coming up with proofs for propositions and that is usually what my tests require of me. I don't have an habit of memorizing proofs with the exception of a very small fraction of them which are particularly relevant and helpfull.

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/threading right here.

All science is just applied logic. A logical person will excel in and advance any field, whether math, physics, chemistry, biology, or anything else.

That being said, it is easier in today's society for an illogical person to slip through the cracks in fields like biology or psychology. It doesn't really matter though, as they just end up being hands for the logical brains at the top.

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Alright, excuse me for making such allegations then.
Still, you have to know a shit ton of definitions and whatever the fuck to be able to apply certain steps in proofs, no?

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pic related, a mere glimpse into the glorious field that is astronomy

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Yes, the propositions tend to be about things which must be defined, but the idea is that the definition is just a name for a concept which you've (hopefully) already grasped.

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Babby's first opinion

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Then I don't understand what makes biology here so hated..
You could say the same thing about the things we have to learn.
By using them in the respective biological field (there are many) they come as a second nature to you in a matter of time, and soon you'll be able to handle yourself in a more useful way like trying to purify a certain protein, checking what gene causes this, certain implications this has, etc ..
It's just stupid that "we only have to memorize like braindead monkeys" when you also have to do the same thing in the beginning.
Like I've said; same patterns.
Then people could start with the argument:
but biology is so easy, all you have to do is look it up and you know what it is.
Duh, that's with everything.
Concepts are the easiest to grasp, but the details is what makes the one with the degree stand out from the one without the degree.

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>He doesn't know the difference between deduction and induction.

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I've decided that biochemistry is the best of both worlds. It doesn't require huge amounts of math like pure engineering or physics but it takes more memorization. It's a good middle ground because the chemistry portion has enough math so you aren't just hurr durr memorize errything.

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>Doesn't know enough science to understand how often both are used in all non-math fields.

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For the record, I wasn't attacking biology. I was only defending math.

Essentially I don't think there's much of a difference too. They're both just a colection of models you have to become increasingly intimate with in order to better comprehend what's going on. The only difference is that math is only concerned with deriving propositions from arbitrary postulates while biology takes it a step further and tries to find which system of propositions better fits with observations.

Metaphysics aside, the only relevance of this difference is that Biology requires experiments to check which propositions are "better" while from a mathematicians point of view they're all equally "good". Anyway, they both use reasoning in the same way to create their models.

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You can thanks mathematics that you have your computer and internet to make this troll.

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Your words:

>All science is just applied logic

How is that accounting for the use of induction?

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politics, history

>limiting yourself to one "science"
>not realizing that all science/engineering is the exact same thing just on different levels of abstraction and application

There is only one truth but many ways to learn it and use it.

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Finally some sanity in this place. Curse the day when people started specializing and forgot that all scientists fit the, now in disuse, cathegory of natural philosopher.

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You don't think science uses induction?

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Hey biofags, but who you gonna call when need resources, explore planets or need to research an ecosystem.

Geology, motherfucker, do you speak it!

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Of course I do! That's precisely what I'm saying! Are you trolling me?

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