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>the master race

You know it's true.

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inb4 asians with white girls

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Al Gore's daughter marrying the right kind of person.

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asians have small dick

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dick size does not determine what the master race is otherwise niggers are the master race

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Prove it, faggot.

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BIG DICK --> Fuck more girls

Fuck more girls --> More reproduction

More reproduction --> More chances of maintaining your DNA going through the ages

More chances of maintaining your DNA going through the ages --> Master race

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So the starving AIDS babies in Ethiopia are members of the master race?

Get real faggot.

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Of course they're not you stupid.
They have small dicks.
Kid Bengala and Motumbo are members of the master race.

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>master race

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If you're a lizard or chimp, this may be true--plumage matters--but since humans have opposable thumbs, dick size and musculature doesn't necessarily determine likelihood of reproduction.

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If the biggest dicks = master race, why can't Africans into space?

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>inb4 asspained whites

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Why niggers fuck more girls than white faggots?

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Of course they have to make porn for it, since it doesn't exist in real life. :)

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>look at the pic

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Do they?

Besides, indiscriminate fucking has been proven to be a not-very-good-thing-for-your-health.

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>round eyes

choose 1

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White people need to just give up.

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fine, i choose einstein

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You'll never be as smart or attractive as us.

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>Implying the smartest man in the world right now isn't Russian

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>implying he's not batshit insane

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you disturbingly overrate yourself. so solly.

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Many Azn cultures seem to place a healthy emphasis on economic progress and cutting-edge tech and education, but they fucking murder the hell out of their own people.

The Japs, pretty much the most Westernized bunch (you're welcome, Nagasaki and Hiroshima) are the exception to this, since they internalize their bloodthirst until they go off innawoods and commit Harry Carey.

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Enjoy your shit tier race, whites.

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At least get s good-looking azn for your pic, isntead of that buttfugly mongoloid.

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>Implying that's true or that it even matters
>Only person to solve a Millennium Prize Problem
>Took rest of the community 4 years to understand his proofs

Errybody mad.

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Implying Ashkenazi Jews don't have an average IQ of 115 and aren't master race

Albert Einstein, Richard feynman, Paul Erdos and a couple other thousand Jews would like a word with you.

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The "Master" race has yet to be born, just wait, all you mother fuckers will be sorry!

people hate America because they have subconsciously identified the US as a threat, for they know deep down inside that one day the Neo Americanites will rise!

Future abominations in the eyes of the world. Your future overlords!

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I'm sure he's a smart guy, but at that level they could just be making shit up and we'd never know.

>23(ax)-45t x (uiqebh2373756)(uvvn-c0303-) 5*34-P-(randomnumbershere)
>Oh yeah, P, I know what P is!

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best race is russian, get over it slant

(r.i.p. zyzz ;_;)

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>implying gods are relevant to the discussion of mortal races

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Nope I'm a different guy. Also

>implying zyzz isn't Kurdish

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Zyzz isn't even Russian.
He was also a shit tier delivery boy

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I thought he was more russian than kurd

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Moar Asian

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>Master Race
>Not Jews

inb4 holocaust errywhere

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hybrid vigor.. I got no problem with it.

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Asian supremacy makes more sense than white supremacy.

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Imagine looking at this picture with the Jewish bellcurve at 115. Moar Jews

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amazing how the ones doing the ttesting appear tto be 'average'.


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Ma Yid

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Don't kid yourself. You're not Jewish. You're just another shit-tier white.

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am i supposed to be mad that white women can date asian men?

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He was an entrepeneur and a writer. He book was well met, and his protein powder was becoming well sought after.

What now pussy?

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They have no imagination. They lack the insatiable hunger for conquest. They are not aggressive enough. They make model countries, but they will never push the boundaries of mankind the way a white, male genius will.

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>Jewish ancestry as far back as anyone in my family can remember
>Know English so well because of my superior jewish genes.

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>hey guys i'm the stereotyping master race hurr

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I like these threads.

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Big dick != more reproduction
There are more asians than any other race. 60% of the world's population lives in asia.

Check mate bitches

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Must suck to not be Asian. Why do we have more students in top universities?

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ITT: White kids grasping for straws. Sorry you were born that way; lol can't help you.

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Master race? You guys are just over fucking populating the each. Stop having goddamn kids.

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I believe in the power of the angry, white, lonely, young male. 4chan is our child.

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>Master race? You guys are just over fucking populating the each. Stop having goddamn kids.
>the each

White intellect in action.

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Yup, no one can make typos. Idiot.

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Maybe from your inferior perspective.

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True master race reporting!

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>obvious troll
>still getting mad and replying

Oh boy, maybe white guys are really that stupid.

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Yet it was the Caucasians that used powder for weapons instead of homosexual toys like the inferior Asians have.
Notice how Caucasian is longer and more awesome that Asian?
Thats because it is superior.

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>big dick and evolutive success

choose 1

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>giving a troll what he wants


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>implying Asian men

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This man is not Asian, therefore Asians cannot be master race.

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Whites are fucking stupid.

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man this board is shit

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The main difference between asians and white:

Asians: Can troll effectively
Whites: Gets trolled effectively

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This man built the bomb that showed the Japs to show some proper respect.

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Did anyone say "master race"?

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Whats up with this internet trend of posting pictures/making slideshows of Asian guys with white girls? I mean, are we supposed to be amazed that there are couples like that out there? Arent there like almost 7 billion people on earth? Do you really need to bring this to our attention?

Seriously go on youtube and search up Asian guys with white females and you get a shit tonne of videos with hundreds of thousands of views and comments. Are westernized Asian guys really this fucking insecure? Makes me laugh my ass off tbh.

Tl;dr Get a grip asian community.

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Asians have an IQ 5 points higher than whites _on average_. And this is all DESPITE the implicit cultural biases in the tests. If you adjust for cultural differences, Asians are definitely 10 to 20 points higher than whites (and that's _on average_ too).

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yo niggas im wit yall chinese mufuggas here when u say dem whities are dumbasses. they aint go no place on this earth no longa, hell it shud be us master races only heil yea.

pic related its me, sucessful and black like a tru nigga mufuggas

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>This man built the bomb that showed the Japs to show some proper respect.
>showed the Japs to show
>showed the Japs to show

How do you even breathe on your own? Wow, you whites are fucking dumber than dirt.

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>implying the sentence is incorrect
>implying you can speak english properly
>implying what you say doesn't sound like garbled shit when you start talking fast

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This is the trial of fire that the aspies of /sci/ needs.
Resisting to respond to this is your first step, then we'll move on to the biology threads, and then finally, we'll try to tackle the RELIGION threads! Good luck people.

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Jealous of our high IQs?

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>implying your high IQ saved you when we dropped the fat man on Nagasaki

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>implying I'm Japanese

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>implying your low IQ saved you when your country's jobs got outsourced

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>implying there is a difference

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real master race reporting in

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I'm very disappointed with you, /sci/.

>> No.3577440

this; deal with it

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>compares jobs being outsourced to thousands of people dying instantly
Easy to tell who has the low IQ around here.

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>implying all you gooks aren't the same

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>replying to this

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There is one *
>All Asians, except..
>Not Koreans like Kimchee

>> No.3577463

Sage heter salvia på svenska!

>> No.3577669

You have a problem with kimchee?

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>Whites: Can troll effectively
>Whites: Gets trolled effectively

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>mfw every race has to post porn of their race with white women in a desperate attempt to compare themselves with the white master race.

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Nearly every high paying CEO and business executives have high emotional intelligence-- something Asians lack.

Also, White man dominates the world right now and will continue to do so if the Western nations are not over-run by third world immigrants and economically destructive policies.

Now end this stupid thread!

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>Now end this stupid thread!
>bumps from 3rd page

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