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A super magic wizard appears in front of you. He says you can become an unprecedented genius in any area of study that exists in the world. You have 10 seconds to consider it - what area would you become an instant genius in to improve the world for today's and the future's generations?

Personally, I'd pick Biology.

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Oh, wait, I can, you're nothing more than a silly troll.

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being a super magic wizard

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all posts after this have been trolled softly

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The question still stands.

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I'd pick wizard question answering. Cause apparently we're in a world where magic wizards show up all the time with bizarre time limits on their questions.

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Computer Science.

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Why not just go with magic wizardry? since apparently being a magic wizard means you can grant knowledge of anything.

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I'd pick physics.

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I'm seeing a lot of people choosing fields like mathematics, physics, etc. So i'm gonna go ahead and assume you're all pussy ass white boys.

I'd choose Psychology so I can get inside the minds of white people and develop a strategy to fight back oppression against African-Americans and black people in general, maybe i'd succumb to being drunk with power and start controlling the minds of people that aren't black, but that discussion is kinda off limits, since it's racist to some degree.

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>Mentions psychology on /sci/
>Implying niggers aren't stupid

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Oh, you little rascal.

Fucking children should get off their computers, are your parents supervising your computer usage?

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An area of study? Science.


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Oh, shit, I'm already an unprecedented genius in that field. Drat, I've wasted my one wish!!

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- Pic related

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>Hates niggers
>Must be child

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Would be amazing.

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[x]300k starting

Only good answer.

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>reading minds

Oh boy, I remember when I was 12.

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Ufology. With this info I would troll /x/ with so much misinformation that they would never EVER be able to truly understand what their bodies crave.

I fucking hate you /x/, but we should sex.

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Artificial Intelligence.

Good riddance, humanity.

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Finance (social science is science fuckers). That way I can manipulate stock markets as much as I wish.

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Molecular biology.

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I would consider this too.

Large fortunes can be made both with Finance and Economics.

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yeah, but i'd like to find a way to avoid shit like people in somalia starving while other people in usa dont pay taxes, despite they gain in one year what a person in colombia does in its entire life.

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Fuck improving the world. I just want the best deals on underage hookers.

Protip: In general, white people don't really give a shit about race anymore. If you quit bringing it up, the issue will go away.

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AI. I want my robot butlers, goddammit!

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>implying mathematics isn't applied logic

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>only with wizardry could your inferior nigger brain ever get you to the top of any field

Feels good to be master race :)

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Artificial intelligence.

We must hasten post-scarcity.

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Chemistry, so that I can make the purest meth around.

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That picture can't be real, surely.

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Psychology. I'd use the knowledge to form and disperse perfect memes that result in me ruling the world.

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Why is the fat goth chick giving me such a boner?

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It's the character "Walther White" of the series Breaking Bad. He's a chemistry teacher cooking a lot of pure meth.

Google that shit!

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Seeing as Valve has to release EP3 before HL3, nope.

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Geology because fuck that I'm not changing fields when I love the one I'm in.

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political science, I will rule the world.

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EP3 is now HL3.

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Seeing as most things are derivations of other things, I pick logic. That makes me a genius in every area of study, right?

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neuroscience, i would be able to control other individuals

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Medicine, all specialties.


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gonna have to say biology. that gives you immense knowledge in the subject and everything it encompasses (medicine, bioengineering, neuroscience, etc). biochemistry would also be in there so you'd get spillover knowledge of chemistry

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>Area of study

The universe.

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Not even close

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>vector of study

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From point A to Point B which passes through every single particle in the universe.

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Create friendly robot to teach me all science.

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insta-wizard in all subject even remotely based on the scientific principles

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