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Should Electronic Engineer be called a scientist?

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should biology be called a science?

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If you apply scientific method to your work, and discover new things, which you can prove with repeatable experiments.
Even if you work as a librarian, you're doing science.

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"Physics is the only real science. The rest are just stamp collecting."

-- Ernest Rutherford

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Should a Physicist be called a scientist?

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then nanotech and cybernetics are not science as well? as it's the branch of elec. eng.

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Not really. He shouldn't be seen as any less reputable though, and the whole elitism thing you get here is retarded.

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I hear this from social science profs all the time... unfortunately for them they are not scientists.

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wrong, applied physics, please try again

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Every science is applied physics. Maths is not a science.

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Depends if you do research in a relatively original problem. Not all physicists are scientist

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I know a guy that is one and all he does is go to concerts, pretty fun job. He doesnt deserve the mantle of engineer though

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Let me rephrase that.
At what point should a physics major be called a scientist? Grad school? During his PhD research?
Also is someone with an engineering degree doing physics/chemistry/material science research be considered a scientist?

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Scientists are practitioners of science: People using the scientific method. It doesn't matter what they're studying, if they use the scientific method they are a scientist.

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Do you wear a lab coat? if yes, then you are, if not, no

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Of course fucking not.

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That is fucking bullshit, and faulty reasoning. According to you, I should call everyone who knows how to "add" a fucking mathematican..LMFAO.

A scientist has a Phd in a field of science.


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Does he do research? Than sure

If he makes circuits for buildings, no

I would call those working on adding more transistors to chips scientists

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science is a method

nobody here knows what it is

you can't learn science

you have to do science

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and the method doesn't even exist

it is actually multiple research programs that all differ and there is no essence linking them all together

evolution research is much different than atomic physics research...we call both science, yet they are about as related as Law is to Sports

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>>3560197Scientists are practitioners of science: People using the scientific method. It doesn't matter what they're studying, if they use the scientific method they are a scientist.
I agree, I mean Johann Wolfgang von Goethe studied law yet no one would hesitate to call him a scientist. But at what point can someone be considered to be "using the scientific method". Anyone can claim to to be using the scientific method without a proceeding knowledge of science. Isn't there some sort equivalence for researches to be recognized as Scientists like the P.Eng (professional engineering degree -or whatever the equivalent is in your country- received from professional engineering societies)?

Applied physics IS engineering you faggot dolt.

"Engineering: 1. application of science..."
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>Does he do research? Than sure

Then, not than. Illiterate dumbass.

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