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Psychology is not a science. It's mind games and arm chair theorizing.

Psychiatry is psychology + drug companies trying to sell drugs. These drugs aren't different from what your local street dealer is selling. They have many adverse side effects

Did you know a 'disease' called 'passive-aggressive' syndrom exist? Think about that for a second. Isn't that a bit ridiculous?

Psychiatry is a tool of power. Read this paragraph about Hemmingway: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ernest_Hemingway#Idaho_and_suicide

Am I denying 'crazy' exist? No, I'm just saying crazy people might often be the ones writing the diagnoses

*Disclaimer: this has not been written by a scientologist.

*Further reading:




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If crazy exists, but psychology isn't valid, then who diagnoses crazy?

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Can you be more to the point.

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captcha: the compop

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Somebody either completely missed the meaning of OFOTCN or really hates the weekly therapy sessions his parents send him to.

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would you like to tell me the meaning of that film? i watched it several times, and apart from having a nice story i cant think of any meaning.

this also reminds me of writing all those essays in english about "WHAT THE AUTHOR WANTED TO [imply]", ahh good old times

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Everyone does that for themselves.

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As someone who does have a few screws loose, has visited a number of psychiatrists, I can say the following:

-Some of them don't know what they're talking about. This is true of all professions. You get idiots in all jobs, just get less idiocy in some professions, more in offers.
-Most are quick to diagnose and are generally over confident in their diagnoses.
-There are competent psychiatrists, but of the 4 I've met, 2 were mediocre, 1 was awful, 1 was rather insightful.

Basically this- there are fuckups in all professions, who make mistakes, misunderstand concepts, etc. Yes, its irritating, but its just a part of life. Should something be done to put this idiocy to rest? Yes, but unless you've got something specific in mind, its a moot point.

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Take out the middle-man from drug acquisition, then idiots can only hurt themselves instead of being able to prescribe a cycle of a hurt and dependence.

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Crazy is deviations in thought patterns and actions from the general public in whatever society you are put.

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Emasculation, sex, nature vs. civilization

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Only children, idiots and the completely insane (ie. hospitalized) are incapable of giving drugs an accurate assessment.

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>Psychology is not a science. It's mind games and arm chair theorizing.
>this is what L. Ron Hubbard actually believes

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I'm not sure you understand the meaning of the word "science".

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I haven't believed in mental illness for years.
Average people are lightening fast to tag themselves with a mental illness label to relieve themselves of any kind of responsibility.

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If you are holding down a steady job... you ain't crazy.
Keep up with the latest research.

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Human thought and behavior is a phenomenon. If you apply the scientific method to learn more about that phenomenon, then you're doing science. That's what psychology is. Psychology is a science. It is not "mind games and arm chair theorizing."

That's not to say that it's never been abused, or infiltrated with pseudoscience. Arguably, it *started* with pseudoscience. However, to make a blanket statement that psychology is not a science is irrational and ignorant.

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its alright, couple bad assumptions id say though


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Regardless of your disclaimer, I approve of this thread.

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No. I'm serious... you can have psychotic episodes.. but unless it causes you to miss work... you aren't 'schizophrenic'.... as long as you get the coal out of the mine.. you are only 'odd'.. NOT crazy.

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Victor Frankl, an Existential Analysist, broke it down like this: everybody's crazy to a greater or lesser extent, but if we can get even raving schizophrenics to a high degree of "functionality", then it's all good.

Whether it's a science or not is actually beside the point, since nobody has a clue as to what "normal" might be.

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>These drugs aren't different from what your local street dealer is selling
Lithium and haldol are exactly the same as heroin?

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'Normal' would be whatever behavior or characteristics are in the middle of a Standard Distribution...
if you can't measure it or quantify it.... it probably isn't real.

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real, pure heroin is the best shit there is.. do you have any???

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interesting that you mentioned lithium, dispite the fact that it apparently works, no convincing mechanism of why it works holds up to scrutiny

so at some point some guy thought it was a good idea to experiment on crazies with all sort of compounds to look for a miracle solution, why crazies can't complain

you now also realise a lot of medicine is just guessing

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We didn't know the exact mechanism of action for Fluoxetine either, but it works. We understand it better now, but that's long after it was profitable and has since gone generic. Turns out there are likely epigenetic factors in addition to its receptor antagonism.

Fascinating shit, really.

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Physics is not a science. It's mind games and arm chair theorising.

Physics is Math + CERN trying to sell news, This news isn't different from what your local FERMIlab is selling. They have many adverse particle fluxes

Did you know that a "particle" called a "Bottom Quark" exists? Think about that for a second. Isn't that a bit ridiculous?

Physics is a tool of power. Read this paragraph about not being argumentative: http://www.wikihow.com/Stop-Being-Argumentative

Am I denying "particles" exist? No, I'm just saying that hadrons might often be the ones writing the diagnoses

*Disclaimer: This has been written to prove a point

*further reading:




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U mad cos I stylin' on u wit' your own style

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psychology is the only religion that the courts feel doesn't violate the separation of church and state.

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i dunno man, i work with psychology professors on a daily basis (i'm working on machine learning and computational neuroscience) and they got some pretty solid stuff going on, even if it's just... biology. we'll get more accurate with the drug stuff in the future.

as for your own personal whiny issues, fuck off, no one gives a shit about your life

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Sort of this. Psychology is filling in the gaps until biology and chemistry can explain our behaviours better.
But then ofcourse there is the social sciences that are even harder to understand.
Just don't go expecting definative answers in humanities

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Psychology includes biology and chemistry.

This is what's wrong with people who talk about psychology, they don't even know what most of psychology is.

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>Say you are sorry for the argument and that you fell you should not have said what you did.

Say you fell! Just to get out of the shame of having been argumentative? Now that is low. Also why would the person believe that you'd fallen if they'd been talking to you for the last 10 minutes arguing?

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>>well-known Scientologist

Hey OP, go back to reliving your clam past lives.

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who is the man in the OP picture?

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Don't know what that shit below psychiatry means, but psychology also includes those sciences. Especially addiction and behavioral psychology. Behavioral neuroscience is a large part of psychology in many fields

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nicholas cage

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>asks question
>gets insulted


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There is a lot more to psychology than the clinical aspect. Many fields of psychology are in fact susceptible to the scientific method.
Szasz didn't really believe that mental disorders existed, but didn't do anything to try to discredit psychology as a whole.

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that is not Nicholas Cage. That is Mickey Rourke.

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Don't ask questions. You will only get answers.

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FFFFuck education, bitches

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dont listen to this anon, it's Benjamin Disraeli

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god damn it you guys are stubborn

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what? just because you don't recongnize one of the foremost british prime ministers of the 19th century?

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Lol that's not Churchill idiot.

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Oh, Billy!... You have no idea HOW stubborn. They let me be alone too much as a child.

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NO it's Lord Plamerstone

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Idiot it's Alan Turing. Fag.

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that is CLEARLY Danny DeVito from 'One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest"

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It's Jack from "where's johnny" the TV drama.

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