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any good books that look behind our economy, how democracy really works, fbi killing presidents etc.?

stuff that makes me want to hate humanity.

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no im talking about real stuff not pants on head stupid. like the shit with the tabaco industry, all kinds of political *gates

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Read about history.

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>implying the study of human behavior isn't science

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>fbi killing presidents
>not pants on head stupid

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not fbi, but they were several presidents/country leader assasinated by the cia. deal with it

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>thought it was an econ thread
>was wrong

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Just read history. It may not be as sensationalistic as you would seem to like, but it's all there.

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>"behind" our economy
>how our democracy "really" works
>fbi killing presidents

Nigger, go back to watching your silly Zeitgeist videos.

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Oswald acted alone
I saw a documentary where people managed to reenact the sniper shot
He must have been the best sniper in history though
Either that or he was really lucky

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You ARE aware that the FBI and CIA are not the same organization, right?

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/sci/ is for science, math, religious trolls and the like

go to /x/ for your conspiracy theories or /b/ if you just want to hate humanity

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