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This image describes a theory of how gravity works.

The larger mass warps the fabric of space time, causing the smaller body to "roll" down the slope thus being pulled towards the larger body.

Isn't this inherently wrong though since the only reason things roll down the slope is because of gravity in the first place? It is like using a word in its own definition.

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It's an ANALOGY.

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You're thinking Euclidean. The geometry of the universe is more complicated

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I know that. It's what I have an issue with.

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Deal with it.

Things like these are meant to explain phenomena to stupid people with no knowledge of math. Don't like it? Learn math and write down Einstein's field equations.

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where are these comics from? they are amazing but i only see them on 4chan

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heh heh you said anal

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xkcd. I find most of them are shitty personally.

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It's a layman's analogy, designed for the common man. If you really want to understand what's going on, learn physics

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I made this thread yesterday with no replies

From my understanding it only makes sense mathematically

But yes, it's like saying electricity is like a stream of electrons flowing through a materical and calling it an analogy

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But that is an analogy. Electricity isn't ACTUALLY water

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this shit is golden

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No. Take a one-dimensional example:

Make a spacetime diagram of two objects initially at rest and some distance apart. The diagram just looks like two vertical lines. Now, if the surface of the diagram is curved, it's impossible to draw the lines parallel - by drawing the geodesic (shortest path through the the curved space) the two lines eventually intersect.

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I made a thread like this a long time ago OP. Got the same replies as you. The general consensus is that it's a completely stupid analogy which doesn't make any logical sense if you think about at all.

It's used in a huge amount of shows about space and shit though, you wouldn't believe how common it is.

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That's not true. It makes lots of sense.

See >>3496191

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SMBC > xkcd

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This entirely blew my mind, thank you /sci/

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this is now a comic thread

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Continuing from >>3496191

The red lines on this picture are geodesics. Pretend this is the spacetime diagram, time on the vertical axis and position on the horizontal. You can see that the two objects accelerate toward each other.

Draw the same diagram on a flat piece of paper - you just get two parallel lines that extend off to infinity.

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Well now I feel dumb. I was having a discussion about gravity with a friend, and mentioned that we don't know how gravity works. My friend responded that it's the curvature in space time, and I took that for true. Time for another science talk.

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Oh yai, philosophy with cute animals. whats link to that comic?

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The point of the analogy is not to show that an object will roll to the dent. It is to show that what was traveling in a straight line will now deflect.

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most awesomest comic on the interwebs

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Don't worry, the kind anon in >>3496191 and >>3496249 helped you out.

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gravity causes the curvature of space time.

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Exactly right. I guess these science documentaries don't do a good job of actually explaining the analogy.

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yay comics

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No it doesn't. An object's energy-momentum causes the curvature, and objects follow this curved spacetime. The whole interaction is labeled as gravity.

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In other words, gravity causes the curvature of space time.

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No, gravity IS the curvature of spacetime.

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I don't know about you but what bothers me the most on gravity is how to compute the energy of gravitational wave emission generated by photon as a function of time and energy of the photon (or in a simpler way to write down energy of a photon as a function of time).
It should be something of this form:
E_t1 = E_t0[exp(t/τ)]
where E_t0 is energy of photon when emitted,
τ is time constant - this is the bit which I don't know how to compute.
Any ideas on how to compute it?
Many thanks.

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ITT: people fail at interpreting science

more comics

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second most

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> complaints that a fundamental force is explained in terms of itself
> fundamental force
> fundamental

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This is my favorite Dinosaur Comic. It has found use in many threads on this board.

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They are all philosophy, you tard.

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Read the thread, you dunce.

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Why don't you read the thread next time?

Seriously, I hate you this much right now.

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How much?

I did read the thread. One anon answered OP very well, without resorting to "well hurr durr it's fundamental derp"

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>An object's energy-momentum causes the curvature
so something travelling faster attracts more ?

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