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/sci/ What should I learn if I want to know the mysteries of the Universe, math or physics?

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stupid question

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I know, but I'm kinda new here, and I'm really asking you. Can you be kind and answer me, please?

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You have to learn maths to understand physics.
khanacademy dot org your welcome.
PS everything is free.

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It's a stupid question because "mysteries of the universe" is a meaningless phrase. If you mean you want to learn about "absolutes", things that are external to human beings then the argument for physics is strong, whereas philosophically it's debatable whether math deals with universals or simply products of human imagination.

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Mathematics is a tool used by physics and other fields of science to model the universe. Mathematics has no tangible relation with the real world apart from its application in science.

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Double in physics and:

Astronomy for solar system, galaxies, cosmology
Math for theoretical, string theory, elementary particles
Computer Science for quantum computing, modeling

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Not necessarily stupid, just ignorant. No one knows the mysteries of the universe OP. You also can't learn physics without knowing a lot of maths. Physics as its name implies is the study of our physical world ('world' would include the whole universe). Maths doesn't necessarily have anything to do with the study of our universe.

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Thank you to all of you, good information

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Unfortunately, no one can offer you some kind of pamphlet type introduction to these topics (not a meaningful one anyway). It takes life long commitment, dedication, and repetition to formulate what I believe it is you are looking for. Tbh, school/college is a great place to start. Don't get caught up reading about pseudoscience on the web and fooling yourself into thinking you know something about anything. You won't learn math unless you crack open a textbook and start cranking out equations.

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read Lockhart's Lament.

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Is this legit?

Jesus 'science' Christ!

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I have a question
If i were to endeavor to learn diff eq and linear algebra (third year chem fag here, none of these are required for uni suprisingly) would it be better to use ocw, khanacademy, or some third source?
So far this summer i was lazy and only outlined half my quantum book and two chapters of analytical. Looking into diff eq and linear to expand and strengthen my math skillset

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I meant it's a stupid question because OP (like most of /sci/) assumes that math and physics are the only avenues for uncovering the mysteries of the Universe.

OP, math and physics is cool, but it's not the only way if you truly thirst for knowledge. Try learning other subjects too.

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I know what you mean, and actually I was not that much into math and physich until now.

Do you have any suggestion to know more about the universe?

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if you know math well, you could just pick up any book on physics, neuroscience, engineering, etc and learn that shit in no time

math is the basis of every science discipline

hell you could teach yourself economics and finance in a short amount of time if you were very good at math

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I'm a math major who picked up a QM book (Shankar) and just casually read the first few chapters that explained the theory. It was cake. Maybe the rest of it rapes face?

A warning: If you go down the math route, you will rage at physicists. Twice. Once, because they're being sloppy with their mathematics. Then, again, because you know that they're still right and you're just being pedantic.

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and you don't need to start "cranking out equations" to learn math. math is conceptual. you learn concepts and you can apply them whenever you need to. math is transcendental

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Are you saying this based on what? your experience?

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math majors are scary
physics majors are nerdy

engineers just like money

how do you want to be perceived ?

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I'm not going to study to be perceived as a human stereotype. I want to study to achieve knowledge.

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yes you ponce
I'm a mathematician. lord

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acquire knowledge on your own

go to college to get skills and make $$

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Implying concept building and cranking out equations are exclusive.

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physics for the mysteries of the cosmos. mathematics if you want to learn the language

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them and philosophy

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Computer science is the way to go. Math is close, but the universal truth is based on algorithms, not definitions.

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And you are saying this based on what? Matrix?

I'm not kidding, I'm really asking you.

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